What Do People Think of my Name?

Names; Blank Pages
I’m in the process of choosing a character name – I guess I’ve sort of got out of my writer’s block now – but I keep getting backtracked and musing about names instead. Names are fascinating. Certain names don’t seem to go with certain personalities, but then you think ‘What they were called that?’ because names seem to have a mind of their own. They fit to their owner.

Whilst I was sitting in an empty carriage on this little train of thought, I started to wonder what people think of me and my name.

I don’t think my name describes me very well. When it is used on book characters on other people, it sounds different. On me, it sounds sort of…stodgy. Like plain mashed potato. Or plain pasta. Or basically anything plain.

My name feels like mine, but it doesn’t feel like me. As I said before, names change for their owner. The aura I get from one name in a book is not the aura I get from that girl in my class under the same name. I could be making this whole thing up, considering I’m looking at myself from I inside and not out. I’m not sure.

But I wonder what people think of my name. I wonder what people think of me, as person. I wonder…

Goodness me, this train of thought really has taken a detour. (And my computer is STILL out of action. Gah.)

I’m Scared to Write

I'm Scared to Write

I’m scared to write.

I’m not scared to write poetry, or English comprehension answers, or long posts lamenting my writer’s block, but I’m scared to write stories.
I’m scared to write anything that means something in case it ends up meaning nothing.
I’m scared to write because there are a thousand different things that could go wrong and I don’t want to make even a single mistake.
I’m scared that by writing I will enforce the stereotype of bad young writers and therefore let down all the good young writers.
I’m scared to write in case I end up hating my characters, because it’s hard to hate something you’ve created and it’s even harder to write about people you both love and hate.
I’m scared to write because writing is one of the only things that reassures me, and I’m scared that if I write badly then the safety net will fall away.
I’m scared to write because when I think of a blank page, no ideas come to mind.
I’m scared to write because I don’t want to become a hypocrite by making all the mistakes I criticise in others.

I’m scared to write.

(N.B. I do have a Harry Potter Spells Book Tag post coming, but my computer is out of action at the moment and it’s been a bit of a nightmare to add in the pictures on my tablet.)