The Ultimate Christmas Food Face-Off

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Hey everyone! I’m so excited to write this post because I ADORE Christmas food. Today I’m going to pit against each other the foods that my family and I eat around Christmas and December to find the ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS DINNER PLATE. However, first I would like to credit the Wonderful! podcast by Griffin and Rachel McElroy, because this format is very heavily inspired by their Thanksgiving food episode. (And what a fun episode it was.)

So ‘how is this going to work??’ I hear you ask. Well, I’m going to be organising the foods I normally eat at Christmas dinner (or have eaten at some point in time) into their various categories and picking a winner from each to give me my final ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS DINNER PLATE. Let’s get started!


turkey v fish

(Listen, I didn’t know what to call this section.) If my vegetarian cousins come over then we have fish as well, but although I do try to not eat meat… I have to go with turkey here. It’s just such a classic Christmas thing for me and it is also EXCELLENT as leftovers. (But I love fish too.)



sausages v roast potatoes v stuffing v bacon

Okay, this is SO DIFFICULT for me. I like sausages, but I do eat them at other times so…sorry, they’re going. Roast potatoes are one of my favourite foods ever and I can’t imagine a Christmas meal without them — plus they’re great for leftovers. However, I can’t eat stuffing at any other time and both sausage and parsely stuffing are so tasty. I love the bacon that we put on the turkey because it’s just! So good and crispy! (It’s one of the first things to run out at Christmas dinner.) UGH. But I just love crispy roasties so much that it’s going to have to be potatoes.



carrots v parsnips v turnips v sprouts v sweet potatoes

I mean, vegetables are cool and all, but I thought they would get obliterated in the sides category, so. Carrots are such a good option as lots of people like them and they go well with everything, as are parsnips and turnips (which I can’t really tell apart, oops). Sprouts are not my favourite vegetable ever, but they’re so good when cooked well and absolutely ICONIC as a Christmas food. Sweet potatoes are also a solid choice, but I do eat them at other times. It’s a close one for me, sprouts are such an important part of my Christmas meal but at the end of the day I would prefer to actually eat carrots.



bread sauce v apple sauce v cranberry sauce

I never really have bread sauce so that can go immediately, oops. I do love both apple and cranberry sauce, hmm…. But I think that cranberry sauce makes the best leftover turkey sandwich.



christmas pudding v christmas cake v yule log

Anyone who has talked to me about Christmas foods can probably guess what I’m picking here, and that’s christmas pudding. The others are good too but dude, Christmas pudding. I love making it every year with my grandma, I love when you get to set it on fire (!), I love finding charms in your slice. Also it just TASTES SO GOOD. Especially with rum butter.


wild card

pigs in blankets v mince pies v bacon sandwich

This section is just the stuff that wouldn’t go anywhere else, haha. Pigs in blankets are great as party food, a bacon sarnie is a such traditional breakfast Christmas food for my family but I just love mince pies too much to let them go.


That leaves my ultimate Christmas plate as: turkey, roast potatoes, carrots, cranberry sauce, Christmas pudding, and mince pies as a wild card. I’m very happy with that! I hope you enjoyed this post, and that even if you don’t celebrate Christmas you’re having a good December. (It is VERY COLD where I am at the moment, brr.)

do you have a favourite food for a particular celebration? how is your month going?

Winter Hand Care

Just because there are clouds in the sky and you’ve got your warm coat on, you don’t have to also have the dry skin that could come hand in hand with cold weather. Here are some of my favpurite moisturisers – and some extra tips that I use to keep my hands soft and smooth in winter!

The Moisturisers…


My first is Atrixo Enriched Moisturising Cream: I have mine in a handy little tub which fits into your hand. I take it to school, and because it’s only about £3 from Boots or most other drugstores, you don’t have to worry that you’ve wasted your money if you do lose it.

It’s a good, reliable moisturiser that works. Plus, it has this lovely, clean…Atrixo smell, which is really nice.

Jo Malone cream

This next one is Jo Malone Lime & Basil, which I actually won in a raffle, but is £38 to buy. Personally, I wouldn’t spend that much on a moisturiser, so this was a nice surprise for me!

It has a really very strong smell, which at first I hated, but I now actually find it quite pleasant. It’s definitely worth smelling it in a shop, because it will put you off using it if you don’t like the smell.

The moisturiser itself is very nice. It does the job impeccably. The packaging makes it a little hard to get the product out, though, which is a shame, because otherwise it’s very good.
If you have a bit of money to spend and you’re looking for a good moisturiser, then I certainly wouldn’t rule this one out. However, for the amount you get it is expensive, and I wouldn’t purchase it with my own money any time in the near future.

Nivea soft

My final moisturiser is the Nivea Soft, which is £2.45 in this 75ml tube. Again, it has a lovely, fresh smell, although it’s less natural compared to the smell of the Atrixo.
The consistency is thick, and the tube is too big to carry around with you, so I mostly use it at night.

Well, folks, that’s it for my selection of moisturisers, now onto my tips!
1. Clean out the soap from in between your hands. I know this sounds strange, but it can make that fleshly part in between your fingers go very flaky and dry, especially in the winter when the taps are cold.
2. Wear gloves. The cold will only make your hands dryer, so get yourself a nice pair of gloves or mittens.
3. Don’t overdo it on the moisturiser: little and often is best. Although, after saying that, it’s also a good idea to put a little more on than usual before you go to bed.

Have you got any cold weather hand care tips to share? Are some of you having a sunny and warm December? Feel free to let me know in the comments.
I hope you all have a great December – Advent starts tomorrow!
Apple xx

What Do You Think of My New Theme?

You may have noticed that my blog has had a little makeover, today! I’ll be testing this theme out for a while, so tell me what you think of it! My previous theme was the Forever theme, if you were wondering.

My next post will be on hand care in cold weather and I’m awaiting another Superdrug delivery; stay tuned for more (in the true style of…I’m not sure, but you know what I mean)!

Keep looking & feeling awesome throughout winter

Winter’s coming up, so for many of us this is going to mean COLD. How can we keep looking and feeling fresh and awesome through all the cold days?

Stay looking fresh

In these days coming up to winter, I like to wear bright clothes, like cable tights and my lovely turquoise jumper. Try and have at least one bright item if clothing because it will freshen up your look even if you think it won’t. But don’t take it too far, because if you wear too many bright pieces of clothing it will just look gaudy and tasteless.

And blush. I love blusher so much. It’s ridiculous.

In autumn and winter I tend to put away the bronzers, bright nail polish and pastel eye shadows. Instead I tend to go for for classic nail polish like red, black or a calm blue or green, and mostly stay with neutrals for eyeshadows.

Myself, I prefer pink blushes in winter rather than peachy ones. If you have ‘warmer’ skin you might want to try a browner or more red colour. As for eye shadows, I generally just stick to browny neutral colours. Reds are also nice.

Feel awesome!

This is the season of colds, sadly…

I just love to drink hot chocolate and tea. Lemon and honey tea will help unblock colds or a sniffly nose. I recommend you give it a try (it also tastes nice).

Christmas season is coming up so there’ll be lots of sales, not to mention that the shops and streets will be all lit up. Treat yourself to something, and embrace the Christmas season. I vote for carol singing as soon as bonfire night and Halloween are over (I tend to sing Christmas carols in the wrong season!!).

I’ll be going away for 5 days on Wednesday and may or may not be able to access the internet. Stay tuned for more updates!

Apple xx