Snooping Around #2: Movember Express

snooping around

(I can’t believe I’m actually writing a number two in the title.)

Snooping Around is a series where I spot cool things on my travels and share them with you. This time, we’re taking a look at the Movember Express.

movember express

It’s a train! Made in Movember! Look! The internet informs me that it had a moustache on the front, but I was too busy running to the end of the platform to catch it to notice.

Movember is the name for the month of November (surprise surprise) when men are invited to grow a moustache to raise awareness of health issues. Many trains around the UK also grew moustaches.

Have you spotted any Movember trains around, even though it’s not November any more?

I’m trying a bit of a internet-free week at the moment, considering I’m away and I don’t really have WiFi to begin with. So far it’s not that different…? I’m basically just reading loads. I should be back to usual posting, commenting and whatnot at the weekend. Hope you’re having a nice week! 🙂

Looking All the Way Down a Train


I’ve just started to take a new route on the Underground and, lo and behold: the train doesn’t have any interconnecting doors. There are different carriages, sure, but there aren’t any actual doors between them. This means that you can see right the way down the train, technically. Usually there are some people in the way, and it’s hard to stand inconspicuously in the middle of the carriage whilst your friends are sitting down on the empty seats.

You can’t really feel when the train turns on the Underground, but when there are no interconnecting doors you can see when the carriages before you turn. It can give you a headache if you look for too long, but otherwise it’s pretty awesome.

Have you ever been on a train like this one? I didn’t know they existed until a few weeks ago!