7 Things I Love About BBC Class

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This week has been long for me and for many others, I know. I was going to write a whole post about it, but to be honest I’m just a bit tired. Instead, I decided the best thing for me was to keep loving things and talking about the things I love.

So, in case you have missed my copious twitter flailings… I AM REALLY LOVING THE NEW DOCTOR SPIN OFF CLASS. It’s about some students at Coal Hill School and the aliens which appear there, in varying combinations. I believe it’s only showing on BBC Three for the UK at the moment but it appears there! Every Saturday! SUCH JOY. Because I’m enjoying it so much, and because I basically never talk about TV shows,  here is a post about all the things I think are cool in it.

(Also: before I finished drafting this, Michelle @ The Writing Hufflepuff also wrote about the awesomeness of Class… so shout out to her, go read her fabulous post!)

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1. Complex and diverse characters

Characters are one of the most important things to me in media — however good the plot is, the characters are what anchors me to that world and keeps me reading/watching/etc. I am just so in love with all the characters here; they each have their flaws and strengths and hidden attributes and ASDFJKL CINNAMON ROLLS IT IS UNFAIR I ADORE THEM ALL. It’s wonderful to see diversity on the show, especially since it’s something that has frustrated me about Doctor Who in the past. The characters aren’t defined by their gender or race or sexuality.

2. Also, the cast are all super cute

Admittedly, this is not actually a part of the show itself. But ALL THE CAST ARE SO LOVELY AND COOL????? I went to their panel at MCM London and it was just SO GOOD. And then Vivian (Tanya) and Fady (Ram) did an ask thing ad they were so cute and funny just. Overall I basically have a crush on the ENTIRE CAST. They are UNFAIRLY ATTRACTIVE AND NICE PEOPLE.

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3. It’s very different from Doctor Who

Don’t get me wrong, I love Doctor Who! But I think it would have been a mistake to try and be exactly the same, and it’s cool that it’s not. I was also not a massive fan of the extremely confuddling plot lines which have appeared over recent Doctor Who series, to be honest, so… Yeah. Arcs and hints for teh whole series are cool! Yes! But it was just refreshing to see more of a return to the general overarching things but ALSO new monsters to fight every week.

4. The one liners tho

That’s definitely a sentence, pfft. There are just SO MANY hilarious lines and comebacks and it is amazing. Tanya is so savage. Although Miss Quill has to be the queen of awesome liens, which leads me to my next point…

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5. Miss Quill

I adore every single person in Class, to be honest, and I CANNOT CHOOSE BETWEEN THEM. (Except the evil guys.) But it’s safe to say that I’ve really fallen in love with Miss Quill… She’s definitely mean, and kind of scary, but her character just seems so complex and original to me. She DOES WHAT SHE WANTS. She has a BADASS HAIRCUT. She DOESN’T CARE ABOUT YE MORTAL PEASANTS. Yes.

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6. Awesome friendship AND romantic relationship dynamics

Ships are cool. But you know what’s also cool? FRIENDSHIP. Romance can be great, but I hate when it’s placed above everything else in a show… I want ALL THE THINGS. Complex friendships and group dynamics are so important, and here they’re just beautiful. Plus, GIRL-BOY FRIENDSHIPS. We need more of these. Because, guess what folks? Girls and boys actually can be friends. Goodness me. But yes, I’m so looking forward to seeing how everyone develops!

7. One BADASS opening sequence

I will confess that I had slightly mixed feelings about it when I first saw the opening sequence, but now when it comes on I’m like YAS. The song (Up All Night, apparently) is such a jam and the graphics aah! I haven’t been able to find a really high quality video for it,  but here’s the best one I could get.

are you watching bbc class? what do you think of it so far? or would you now like to?!? (i hope so!)

7 Things I Want to See in the BBC Les Mis

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As an eternal and enthusiastic Les Mis fan, I was EXTREMELY excited to hear of some news to liven up the fandom. They’re going to adapt the book into a miniseries for TV! It’s supposed to be in the style of the recent War & Peace TV show (Andrew Davies writes both) and…well, even it’s only going to be airing in 2018 I can still be excited. 😛

Although I am a fan of the musical, it did miss out so many wonderful parts of the book. And the singing in the movie could be pretty terrible in places. Not looking at Russell Crowe. So I’m looking forward to having the extended time period to explore all the different parts of the (admittedly very hefty). I thought I’d compile all the things that I REALLY want to see in this TV show if it should go ahead! (Because previously I have seen projects die, and it is very sad.)

1. Valjean’s James Bond convent escape

Although the musical does feature a brief convent scene, it completely misses out the insane/badass escape. Whilst escaping from Javert, Valjean and Cosette land themselves in a convent. By some stroke of luck the gardener is the very same man Valjean saved from being crushed by a cart many years before. Anyway, the gardener says they can stay by pretending to be his brother and niece but he has to sneak them out again so they can be seen coming in through the front door. Cosette is smuggled out in a basket, but Valjean is sneaked out in a coffin (pretending to be a dean nun) is almost buried alive due to the fact that the new gravedigger is more sober than expected. The gardener actually thinks he is dead for a bit. Yep.

2. Nuanced Cosette

I am always angry that people think Cosette is a pushover, but to be fair her character in the musical is not nearly as complex as the novel. There she is someone to be taken care of, but in the book she’s basically as active as she could be considering the restrictions of society at the time. She secretly courts and encourages Marius for several months without the approval of her father! She knows when her husband and father are keeping secrets from her! Cosette is AWESOME, everyone.

3. Non-hunky Enjolras

Musical Enjolras is way more handsome and likable. I apologise to Aaron Tveit, because he seems like a pretty good guy. But…he’s not Enjolras. Victor Hugo literally describes Enjolras as looking like a teenage girl. (There is also the recurring joke of his weirdly detailed description of Enjolras’ face, but anyway.) THIS GUY IS JUST A SCARY REVOLUTION NERD. France is his life, but he’s actually the only child of rich parents. He is not a macho dude who is too old to play the role. *coughs*

4. Les Amis de L’ABC

Les Amis are basically the bulk of the Les Mis fandom, so we’d all be very pleased to see more of them. (Since they’re barely named in the musical.) I need all the stupid puns. I need the revolution jokes. I need the camaraderie and the individuals and that one time Bossuet sacrificed his place in law school because he was filling in for Marius. I need Enjolras and Grantaire’s dying holding hands. I NEED IT ALL PLS.

5. Thenardier’s botched robbery (starring Marius)

Basically everyone in Les Mis is connected by some coincidence or another, to be honest. Marius thinks his father was ‘saved’ by Thenardier, who was actually looting corpses, so feels a weird sense of loyalty to him when he tries to kidnap and ransom Valjean. (The Thenardiers live next to Marius at this point.) Valjean ends up escaping but Thenardier & his cronies are arrested by Javert. IT’S JUST ALL COMPLETELY CRAZY. Another James Bond moment.

6. Marius being a nerd

Marius is also not a hunk. MARIUS IS A COMPLETE NERD. He purposefully rejects all of his super rich grandad’s money. He accidentally raves about Napoleon in a room full of revolutionaries who hate Napoleon. He swoons over Cosette for like 3 months but is too scared to talk to her. He finds Valjean’s hankie and sleeps with it under his pillow because he think’s it belongs to Cosette. (Probably smells it with his ‘passionate nostrils’.) There are so many more things I could say… To be honest, Marius is just a complete smol cinnamon roll who is utterly useless at being a revolutionary.

7. The Thenardier family

Remember Gavroche, the tiny kid from the musical? He’s Eponine’s brother. I am eternally angry that this what not included in the musical, because HELLOO. I seriously need the Thenardier siblings taking care of each other. Eponine also has a sister, Azelma, and two younger brothers. Gavroche takes these two boys under his wing without even knowing they’re related which y’know is pretty great. (Gavroche is in general pretty great.)

So, um, writing this might have accidentally drawn me back into the darkest depths of the Les Mis hole. Whoops…? But now I AM SO PUMPED FOR THIS SHOW and you are probably never going to hear the end of it. 😀

are you a fan of les mis too? would you include the same things i picked? are you planning to watch the tv show? (okay that’s pretty far into the future but SHH. :P)

Another day…

…another episode of Sherlock. I started watching it at my friend’s house, and I’m now hooked.

In all honesty, I don’t generally watch that much TV. I watch recorded movies. I watch Pointless. I watched The Voice when it was on, Merlin when it was on (oh, Merlin) and I watched a kid’s programme called The Sparticle Mystery when it was on about four years ago. So, yeah. How about you? Do you watch much TV? I don’t think any of the programmes I mentioned other than The Voice are available out of the UK, but if you’ve seen them then did you like them?

Also, I need to buy about 14 books on Kindle for when I go on holiday so if you have any recommendations then go ahead and let me know!

I hope you guys are well,

(Image taken from the BBC Website)