New site design??

So. I’ve been a little…unhappy with the way my blog looks, and I’ve been playing around with various header/colours schemes and whatnot. After spending such along time looking at page after page, I can’t really tell what looks good anymore so if you could tell me if you COMPLETELY HATE IT WHAT HAVE YOU DONE like it or don’t like it, that would be great.
EDIT: I’ve reverted my site to its old colours whilst I get myself a new header. So if you’re wondering where the said changes are, they’re not actually there at the moment!

NaNo is going alright; I’m still ahead of my goal, but I keep getting distracted by other things. (Books. Fanfiction. A little poetry. Also, homework, which sucks.)

I’m not feeling too great today, but hopefully I’ll schedule some more stuff over the weekend.

(Oh, and MOCKINGJAY COMES OUT NEXT WEEK! *squee* I mean, they kind of ruined it by making it into two parts in order to get more money, but I’m still pretty excited.)

And Back We Go

You may or may not have noticed, but I’ve just changed back to my old theme, San Kloud, after briefly trying out Hexa. I will be reverting it to the old colours as well, but that’s harder on a tablet (which is what I’m writing on now) so you won’t see that for another couple of days.

The main reason I changed it back was that I don’t like sans serif fonts very much. I have a…thing about fonts, and I especially don’t like sans serif ones. Like Calibri, for instance. Or Comic Sans, which is the worst. I’m even writing in one now, on the reader. I’d better go and change it to ‘text’ view. (ah, that’s better)

See, now I’ve gone on a rant thing, although it could have been worse. Oh well.