7 Things on the Internet That Make Me Smile

Hi everyone! So…I am feeling slightly overwhelmed at the moment. I thought I would share a few things on the internet that have made me smile recently. (And here I’m talking about small things rather than big general things, because the internet is TOO BIG.)

1. Good as Hell by Lizzo

This song is SUCH A TUNE honestly!!! It fills me with joy and strength!! The video is also SO GOOD — it features lots of awesome women getting their hair done and being happy and it is honestly the best.

2. The McElroy brothers call a secret society

This short excerpt from the My Brother My Brother and Me TV show of the McElroys calling secret societies still made me laugh when I rewatched it for this post. I know it doesn’t sound that funny but…IT IS FUNNY. Or maybe I’ve just listened to too many McElroy products at this point, who even knows. (Bonus: this video of Griffin McElroy eating a banana AKA cronch origins.)

3. Cats meowing at each other

Two kitties! Meowing at each other! So pure and beautiful!! I mean, there’s so much good good cat content out there. But I do like this one. You can check out my whole cats tag on tumblr if you like.

4. This online purr generator

OK, I’m just going to put all the cat content together: it is a purr generator. For your computer. I love cats purring so this is just the BEST for me!

5. The Ladies of Hamilton #Ham4Ham

This is a video from back when Hamilton cast on Broadway did little bonus things outside the theatre. That whole run produced lots of very very good content, but in particular I love this one. I’ve probably watched it at least a dozen times, OOPS. I’m just too queer… I cannot handle the beauty.

6. Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko

This still makes me real emotional. I love Hayley Kiyoko so much. Just a VERY GOOD song and video.

7. The time Joe Johnson livetweeted reading Check, Please!

Maybe this is too niche but OH WELL. NEVER MIND Firstly, if you haven’t read the webcomic Check, Please! by Ngozi Ukazu then you should because it is very very good. Anyway, the subject in question is when the ice skater Joe Johnson read the comic and livetweeted it back in December which produced many, many excellent tweets.

Other quality content is this, this, and this tweet. And no, I absolutely did not just go back through his entire twitter to find those. (The things I do for you.) (But also MUCH #relatable content on there haha.)

Anyways. I hope you enjoyed this rather random post and I wish you a wonderful day!

what are your favourite things on the internet? do you also greatly enjoy looking at cute cats or is it just me??




(You may have noticed my recent trend in using brackets and italicised font at the end of my post to give you updates and snippets of information. I’m kinda enjoying it.)

(In other news, it’s the vote over Scotland’s independence today. For those of you who don’t know and haven’t guessed from that summary, Scotland is voting on whether it should become independent from England.
I’m glad that I don’t have to vote.)

(You know, if you’re in a baking mood, I’m pretty sure that chocolate fridge cake is the easiest cake it’s possible to make. I made it with my friend to celebrate International Chocolate Day and it has literally four steps: crush biscuits, melt chocolate, mix, chill. It tastes great, too.)

(I’m really liking this brackets-italics thing. Trust me, it’s different from writing in non-italics-without-brackets. It has a different tone, I’m telling you. Well, ish.)

(And, as always, I shall finish by letting you know that my computer is still out of action. And it will be until further notice, so I might have to stop leaving you these notes.)

(That makes me sad.)

The Post in Which I Return

I feel like I’m supposed to write a dramatic and heartfelt post, now, after coming pretty close to giving up on my blog.

However, I can’t really think of anything interesting right now other than that if you swim with your head upside down in a swimming pool, then it looks like you’re swimming on a liquid mirror (I have been swimming twice in as many days). It’s beautiful. No-one else seems to share this, though. I recommend that if you go swimming for you to try it, and observe.

My posts might be erratic for the next few weeks whilst I try to breathe some life into this blog. Please bear with me, and if you have any advice then it would be greatly appreciated.

Thoughts Following Kedgeree

This is the kedgeree I had for dinner. I like kedgeree – it tastes like you imagine it, and it smells like it tastes, and it also smells like you imagine it. It doesn’t disappoint.

Also, today I posed the question: can you take an artistic picture of kedgeree?


The answer is no.

If you’ve never tried kedgeree, then it’s an anglo-Indian dish made with smoked fish, boiled egg, rice, curry powder and parsley. Unless you can’t eat it, then I recommend it!

An Introduction to Anna (with extras by Apple)

Apple: Hello, people of the world. This post is going to be mostly written by my awesome friend who blogs over at Paint.the.Sky. She is going to share some of her mind with you.

I’m just testing this guest post thing out, but I’m hoping to make it a regular feature so if you just send me an email/comment then perhaps we could we you up here! And now, I shall pass the baton on to Anna…


Anna: I’m not good at introductions. I think that goes without saying for me. Whenever I guest blog (i.e- never) I’m pretty much like this;

“OK. Right, I’m going to ace this. When I’m done, my/this blog is going to have 1,000,000,000,000 views. Or something with a lot of zeros…”

Ten minutes later

“What should I say? Hi? Hello? How many exclamation marks should I put? Or does that make me sound like I’m permanently hyper? Sorry, I’ll rephrase- more permanently hyper. Meh, my grammar is evidently dying. Oooh, ‘evidently’ is a good word.”  And why on earth am I talking to myself? *Thumps head against desk*

Etc. You know, that doesn’t really put me in a very good light. Phhhhtttt, dignity? Nah.

Basically, I’m Anna, Apple’s friend and completely insane companion.

Phew, I need to lie down. Anyways, hi and goodbye!

A Different Sort of Q & A…with Myself

So, hello people out there. This is going to be a Q and A session with my trusty mate Apple, who also happens to be myself (don’t argue). Apple has decided that you don’t really know much about her. 

Talking about myself in the third person is horribly strange, you know that?

Two selves

Shush. Now, I shall be asking the questions. First up: what is your favourite word/s? Words are very good to define someone’s character by.

Um, not really. Although if they say they don’t have one, it is a bit of an indication. Anyway, my favourite words at the moment are ‘superfluous’, ‘deplore’, ‘personified’ and ‘ciliated epithelial cell’. I know that’s sort of weird, but they are all just so nice to say. Try it.

…okay. Moving swiftly onwards, what book did you last read, whether you liked it or not?

The last book I read was Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. It was good, but not that good, It’s not my favourite book ever. Also, I’m noticing a word-related pattern here.

As I said before, words are important. Speaking of favourite books, what is your favourite book?

Ach, don’t ask me that. It’s too hard to decide.

You’ve piqued my interest. Choose a couple.

Fine: Throne of Glass, by Sarah J Maas. Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys. Blood Family by Anne Fine. Skin Deep by Laura Jarratt. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynn Jones. Geek Girl by Holly Smale. Perhaps Slated, Memoirs of a Geisha and Shift. There’s too many to choose from.

You weren’t joking. That really was a long list.

Of course I wasn’t joking, you idiot!

This conversation makes nonsense. You’re me, and I’m you.

Don’t remind me of it. I’m the one that’s writing about myself about myself and all that conundrum stuff.

It reminds me of Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox. That was a very confusing book, when we read it. Also, what did you have for lunch?

Pitta  bread and hummus. And can we please not get started on Artemis Fowl? Not to mention the whole we/I/you thing. It’s just confuddling me (a beautiful word, that, even if it isn’t real).

Okay. But can we first mention your strange love for fonts?

No, but you mentioned it anyway. You can’t ask permission to mention something, because that in itself is mentioning the thing.

But I do have a strange love for fonts. Calisto MT and Californian FB are particularly nice to write in. I’ve been converted from Calibri. I shiver to think of writing in it. People don’t notice fonts and that kind of stuff, though, unless it’s in titles. Everyday writing fonts are not paid attention to. They should be. They’re beautiful.

This is only proving your strangeness.

Writing a Q & A with myself makes me seem strange? Wow. I amazed. That was sarcasm, by the way.

Shut up.

This conversation is dissolving into ridiculousness.

I know.

Let’s end it here, okay?