What a Beautiful Number

Beautiful number

Gone are the days when I chose single-digit lucky numbers at random. Look at this!


It’s called Belphegor’s Prime. Granted, it isn’t much to look at right now, but stay here for a second because it has a pretty freaking awesome backstory.

That 666 in the middle is called the Number of the Beast, and is associated with the devil. It’s surrounded by 13 zeroes – 13 being widely regarded as unlucky. In total, it has 31 digits, which is 13 backwards. And to top it all off, it’s also palindromic and prime.

Isn’t it beautiful? *swoons*

(I think there might be something wrong with me.)



(You may have noticed my recent trend in using brackets and italicised font at the end of my post to give you updates and snippets of information. I’m kinda enjoying it.)

(In other news, it’s the vote over Scotland’s independence today. For those of you who don’t know and haven’t guessed from that summary, Scotland is voting on whether it should become independent from England.
I’m glad that I don’t have to vote.)

(You know, if you’re in a baking mood, I’m pretty sure that chocolate fridge cake is the easiest cake it’s possible to make. I made it with my friend to celebrate International Chocolate Day and it has literally four steps: crush biscuits, melt chocolate, mix, chill. It tastes great, too.)

(I’m really liking this brackets-italics thing. Trust me, it’s different from writing in non-italics-without-brackets. It has a different tone, I’m telling you. Well, ish.)

(And, as always, I shall finish by letting you know that my computer is still out of action. And it will be until further notice, so I might have to stop leaving you these notes.)

(That makes me sad.)

Thoughts Following Pasta Carbonara

In the same vein as my post entitled Thoughts Following Kedgeree, I cooked myself spaghetti carbonara for lunch.

Now, you first need to know my attitude to cooking. I am not a ‘we must follow the recipe down to the last milligram’ kinda person. I am the kind of person who is like ‘let’s put brown sugar in these cookies because it tastes nicer’ or, in the case of today, ‘we have no cream to make carbonara with, so let’s just substitute it for some milk and Philadelphia’. I am a believer in throwing it all in the bowl and frying it up.

Bacon Pasta cooking Carbonara mixture
Anyway, I made myself pasta carbonara, because I was craving it. Pasta carbonara is usually disappointingly tasteless without a whole lot of salt, pepper and parsley, but it tasted pretty good this time. Maybe it was the Philadelphia (or maybe it’s just because I wanted it so much).

Pasta carbonara

Again, I posed the question: can you take an artistic picture of spaghetti carbonara? The answer is, again, no.