October Favourites!

October Favourites

We’re a little thinner on the ground this time, but no matter. It was still a good month. Happy Halloween!
Let the proceedings begin:

1. I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson I got this as a birthday present from a friend, and wow. Seriously. The writing was beautiful. The characters were beautiful. Everything was beautiful. I COMMAND YOU TO READ IT

2. The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J Maas I’d already read the four novellas separately, but this one has a fifth. When I spotted it the library (along with two copies of Heir of Fire; I was very impressed) I just had to get it. And then, obviously, I had to read all the other stories too. *sobs* It’s so sad…

3. Monopoly Deal Have you heard of this game? Unlike the original Monopoly, you can actually play it to the end. I taught it to my friend whilst on holiday, and we played it loads. I went on a streak and got 9 and 8 sets in consecutive games. (You have to get 3 to win, to put that into perspective.)

4. Poetry As represented by my beautiful biro, because why not? You haven’t been seeing any evidence of this, but I’ve been writing a lot of poems recently. They’re mostly mental. They’re not beautiful, but I guess it’s a way of helping me understand things when I get *coughs* emotional.

5. Badger Balm I love lip balm. I’m a little bit obsessed, and Badger Balm is one of my favourites. It’s the time of year when you can use lip balm without people looking at you like you’re mad.

6. CHOCOLATE I was given a bag of dark chocolate for my birthday by my parents. (It’s the best kind, guys.) Omnomnom

Those are the things I’ve been liking this month! Did you have a good October? I’m doing NaNoWriMo this month, so I won’t be as active, but I have a few things scheduled and I’ll hopefully be updating on NaNo and such.

On a side note: are Chuck Taylors the same thing as Converse? Like TFiOS? Hazel Grace? Because I call them Converse.

On another side note: I joined this awesome site called Guardian Children’s Books where you get a book or more each month, sometimes pre-publication, as well as the chance to interview authors, get bookish news and review things. So far, I recommend. I’ve written a few reviews. But mostly I’m there for the FREE BOOKS.


A Wish, Crumpled Up and Thrown Into the Bin

Oh, hello, poetry. I haven’t seen you in a while, have I? I’m getting a bit rusty.
I was almost tempted to write ‘I am not even Leo Valdez,’ but then I decided against it. Not everyone likes some Percy Jackson with their poetry. (God, that was some bad alliteration.)
This isn’t the best poem that I’ve written in recent times, but it helped me to get some feelings out. Better for me than for you, I think.

A Wish, Crumpled Up and Thrown Into the Bin

I am the third wheel when there is
not even
a couple.
I am the one who walks two steps ahead of the twins on a tricycle.
I am the shoes that try desperately to fall into step,

I am the one who prefers to talk to imaginary people,
fictional characters
don’t judge,
at least

I am the one who tiptoes around the dragon and tries not to wake it.
And I am not ever allowed to be that dragon,
not once,
not even for a moment.

I am the one who finds salvation in secrets
and wonder in words.

I am the one who lies to herself
her nose builds a ladder to the moon and
her tongue is twisted into a thousand knots.

I wish were not that person.
I wish I were someone else.
Sometimes, I wish I were no one at all.


She lies half-lost in the midnight.
Her thoughts leap
fill the room –
they weave with each other until
she can
through the silver web.

And then they start to get
and then

The first crack;
the only quiet in the cacophony.

Nothing happens. She starts to distrust her senses.
no, yes, it’s –

The tape that holds her together has lost its strength.
It splits.
She screams once, silently, without opening her mouth.

Peach Sky

the sky is orange;
wait, no, peach,
ripe and soft and blushing red peach,
swirls of yoghurt clouds across its skin.
an invisible mouth (god?) bites into it
and the
starts to
at first, then
quicker and quicker and quicker until it’s slicing down like dazzling diamond earrings.
the juice collects on the
the road
sluggishly makes
its way
into the drain.

Watermelon Smile

You smile a big, wide, watermelon smile;
a smile of blushing pink-red and mint leaves and grass and
the darkest evening.
As teeth bite into your smile, a sweet rose-tinted water dribbles
and onto your clothes and your chin and your cheeks and
the floor.
The blushing compresses like a foam cup,
satisfaction in each bite.
Soon, your watermelon smile is gone, and you are left with a
almost-grimace that
tastes like envy.

Traffic Jam

Would you like some traffic jam with your coast?
Goodness, no. I’ve come here to trade my honey for some skyscraper curd. Is this enough?
I’m afraid we’ve had some excellent offers for our skyscraper curd recently, and it’s all run out. Can I get you some trainline jelly instead?
Yes, I suppose that trainline jelly will do.
Jolly good. Trainline jelly it is.