What I’ve Been Using: Nivea Soft Moisturiser

For a long time, I didn’t use moisturiser because I thought that it made my skin get all oily and break out (I have yet to convince my mum that it is not, in fact, absolutely evilest evil evil). If you’ve had a similiar experience, then problem here doesn’t lie in the fact that you’re moisturising, but more likely in that you’re using the wrong thing. Or maybe that your hands are really dirty. It could be either.

Nivea soft

Let me start off by saying that I do not believe it is necessary to spend over £20 on a moisturiser. If you want to, then by all means go ahead and do, but it’s not completely necessary. There are perfectly decent ones you can buy for a whole lot cheaper.

Now, a while ago I wrote a review on Simple’s Light Hydrating moisturiser saying it was nice, but it started to break me out so I’m now using Nivea Soft (I should probably change that review). I think the Nivea was about £2.75 for a 75ml tube, and you can get it from Boots or Superdrug, though they probably sell it elsewhere. Nivea isn’t exactly obscure. Anyway, it dies a good job of moisturising my skin if it gets too dry. Often I get dry patches around spots where I apply gel cream, and it works pretty well in them, too. It doesn’t break me out and is basically all round good. Yay!

Well, I’ll see you around, folks. If you’ve bought Nivea Soft as well then I’d love to know what you think.

Apple xx


Winter Hand Care

Just because there are clouds in the sky and you’ve got your warm coat on, you don’t have to also have the dry skin that could come hand in hand with cold weather. Here are some of my favpurite moisturisers – and some extra tips that I use to keep my hands soft and smooth in winter!

The Moisturisers…


My first is Atrixo Enriched Moisturising Cream: I have mine in a handy little tub which fits into your hand. I take it to school, and because it’s only about £3 from Boots or most other drugstores, you don’t have to worry that you’ve wasted your money if you do lose it.

It’s a good, reliable moisturiser that works. Plus, it has this lovely, clean…Atrixo smell, which is really nice.

Jo Malone cream

This next one is Jo Malone Lime & Basil, which I actually won in a raffle, but is £38 to buy. Personally, I wouldn’t spend that much on a moisturiser, so this was a nice surprise for me!

It has a really very strong smell, which at first I hated, but I now actually find it quite pleasant. It’s definitely worth smelling it in a shop, because it will put you off using it if you don’t like the smell.

The moisturiser itself is very nice. It does the job impeccably. The packaging makes it a little hard to get the product out, though, which is a shame, because otherwise it’s very good.
If you have a bit of money to spend and you’re looking for a good moisturiser, then I certainly wouldn’t rule this one out. However, for the amount you get it is expensive, and I wouldn’t purchase it with my own money any time in the near future.

Nivea soft

My final moisturiser is the Nivea Soft, which is £2.45 in this 75ml tube. Again, it has a lovely, fresh smell, although it’s less natural compared to the smell of the Atrixo.
The consistency is thick, and the tube is too big to carry around with you, so I mostly use it at night.

Well, folks, that’s it for my selection of moisturisers, now onto my tips!
1. Clean out the soap from in between your hands. I know this sounds strange, but it can make that fleshly part in between your fingers go very flaky and dry, especially in the winter when the taps are cold.
2. Wear gloves. The cold will only make your hands dryer, so get yourself a nice pair of gloves or mittens.
3. Don’t overdo it on the moisturiser: little and often is best. Although, after saying that, it’s also a good idea to put a little more on than usual before you go to bed.

Have you got any cold weather hand care tips to share? Are some of you having a sunny and warm December? Feel free to let me know in the comments.
I hope you all have a great December – Advent starts tomorrow!
Apple xx