Music Monday: Dance

When I’m home alone, my favourite thing to do is to have an EPIC DANCE PARTY. I can put on whatever music I want, as loud as I like. It doesn’t matter if I am totally uncoordinated because DANCCIIIIINGG HELL YEAH. Singing along is also great fun. I don’t think everyone appreciates it when the Frozen/We Are the Champions/Lean On Me rendition breaks out… XD

Today I’m linking up with another Music Monday! The theme is dance, though my road trip wanderlust also seems to have emerged. Because my road trip count is somewhere between miserable and non-existent, and that is Not Okay. I hope you enjoy!

music monday dance

next exit to forget

for motorway signs blurred with sleep dust. for driving until you find an empty car park where you can dance under the stars. for shouting with the radio out of rolled down windows and being too happy to care what people think.
listen on youtube

speeding – lights
undercover martyn – two door cinema club
gimme twice – the royal concept
midnight city – m83
paris – magic man
work this body – walk the moon
happy with me – holychild
i wanna get better – bleachers

*pulls the secret 150s-song-bubblegum-guitar-dance-pop playlist from her sleeve* #sorrynotsorry

What songs do you like to dance to? Do you also enjoy Disney sing-alongs? 😉

Music Monday: Battle Anthems

BATTLE ANTHEMS. Gosh, I love this prompt. I was very disappointed to miss the last Music Monday – hosted by Bridget @ Stay and Watch the Stars – so now I’m extra pumped to share my vicious tunes with you. *cracks knuckles*

I seriously considered writing the words ‘STAR WARS SOUNDTRACK’ on this post and leaving it be. After reconsideration, I decided that might be a little boring for you guys, but I still 100% recommend that as a battle anthem. 😉 8tracks, erm, won’t actually load its webpage at all for me, so this time I’ve gone with both Soundcloud and Youtube. I’m afraid Soundcloud is missing the last track and Youtube will probably have a horrific amount of adverts but: I hope you like it anyway?

battle anthems cover

battle anthems

for smiles with sharpened teeth, for an anarchy that started as your revenge but ended as your salvation.
listen on soundcloud / youtube

drowning – banks
glory and gore – lorde
drive it like you stole it – glitch mob
empty gold – halsey
now – paramore
wicked ones – dorothy
this is war – 30 seconds to mars
shake the sheets – ted leo and the pharmacists

I make no apologies for the Halsey on every single one of my Music Monday playlists. XD.

I am a shameless self promoter, so: BLOG SURVEY. It is still happening. Yes, I know, still. 😛 I’m probably going to be redoing the look and feel of my blog over the next few months, so I would really appreciate some feedback before I get going. (I already have a new url which is super weird but also kind of…cool?)

Music Monday: Nostalgia

I had a lot of fun doing the last Music Monday (hosted by Stay and Watch the Stars) so here I am with another one! This round’s theme is nostalgia. I didn’t want to injure your eardrums with the music I used to listen to so instead I’m doing a more mood-based playlist. I hope you enjoy!

nostalgia cover

time machine

for when you no longer want to forget your ghosts.
listen on soundcloud

bridges – meg mac
is there somewhere (stripped) – halsey
small blue thing – suzanne vega
smother – daughter
broke – lauren aquilina
1901 – birdy

running with the boys (acoustic) – mintttyyy
day of the river (from spirited away) – joe hisaishi

8tracks seems to be going a bit bonkers right now and I can’t find the correct songs, so I’m afraid there will be a delay on that! You can still listen on Soundcloud, but I’d be eternally grateful if any of you can make sense of the CRAZY THINGS HAPPENING. 😛

An important notice: I’m going away on Saturday and will be without internet for those two weeks. I’m getting some posts scheduled, but I won’t be replying to anything or using social media. I’ll miss you guys, but I’ll catch up when I get back! I would be even more grateful if you filled out my blog survey. (Hehe, shameless promotion, but I REGRET NOTHING!)

Music Monday: Girl Power

GREETINGS, EARTHLINGS. No, don’t worry, I’m not actually so far away so as to be that far behind in time zones. (Though interplanetary travel is excellent.) Today isn’t actually Monday in disguise. In fact, I’m linking up with a new music feature by Bridget @ Stay and Watch the Stars – Music Monday! I don’t write much about music on here, so I thought this would be fun to try. This fortnight’s theme is girl power!



for the girls who felt invisible so taught each other how to be invincible.
listen on soundcloud / 8tracks

ghost – halsey
sweet ophelia – zella day
the outsider (alternate version) – marina and the diamonds
heavy metal heart – sky ferreira
octahate – ryn weaver
send me down – haim
anklebiters – paramore
lonely people – orla gartland

(Heads-up, The Outsider contains explicit language.) Shh, THERE IS STILL TIME TO MAKE YOUR PLAYLIST! Run, mortals friends, run. 😉 I hope that if you listen you enjoy the summer vibes!