In a Land of Myth and a Time of Magic

land of myth

(Don’t tell me that you don’t sing along to the opening sequence of your favourite TV shows. THAT’S THE PURPOSE OF THE OPENING SEQUENCE, DUH.)

I’m not a big TV watcher. I know pretty much nothing about TV shows that haven’t either a) been shown on TV at a reasonable hour within the last 3 years or b) are on Netflix. Or in the library. It’s not good at all. HOWEVER! I like a good bit of Saturday night TV, and the Great British Bake-off is usually the highlight of my week. Oh goodness I can’t wait for August to arrive.


Yes. I watched Merlin. I mean, looking back on it now, maybe a lot of it was badly written and the jokes were repetitive and awful but ALSO it had magic and dragons and a lot of things that I like. Merlin was probably the first fandom of younger me. You can probably imagine my sadness/extreme anger at it ending and being replaced by Atlantis.

Atlantis was not a good show, in my opinion. I watched a couple of episodes, ’cause, hey, the first two series of Merlin were also pretty bad, but: nope. Mainly, I disliked the characters, whose main problems were that they had no character. I apologise deeply to fans who were upset at its cancellation (I really do feel you) but personally I’m kinda…glad for the opening?

The BBC sucks at representation. Sherlock is an awful example of queerbaiting.¬†All the ‘bigger’ shows – hmm, Robin Hood, Merlin, Atlantis, Sherlock, Doctor Who – are led by (canonically) straight white men.

*smashes keyboard* It’s not that I inherently dislike the plot of these shows. (Except maybe in the case of Atlantis. And slightly Robin Hood, because that also wasn’t very good.) It just pisses me off that there are a ton of great female-led shows in America like Once Upon a Time and Agent Carter but the BBC still can’t bring itself to have any female leads in action/sci-fi/fantasy. Atlantis didn’t at all have to be male-led. I love Peter Capaldi, I do, but the role of the Doctor is such a good opportunity for diversity of any kind yet still nothing. A lot of the female characters are also kind of…the same? Badass girls are awesome, but, like, sometimes they also need to have different characters.

There hasn’t been a sign yet of Atlantis’ replacement. There was a run of Jonathan Strange & Mister Norrell, a novel adaptation, but that was brief and from what I can see I don’t think anything has changed.

Well. I’m interested to see the new show, if there is one.


Do you have any TV shows to recommend that aren’t stuck in the land of myth? Been to the cinema lately? A fellow Merlin fan? LET ME KNOW. ūüôā

January Favourites!

January favourites

Time for another round of monthly favourites! I’m getting rather fond of that exclamation mark now. So fond, in fact, that I’ve added a new section at the end for you. It’s a round-up of stuff on my blog and other articles from around the internet that I’ve enjoyed reading, as well as some bookish news. Tell me if it should be yay or nay.

1. Tumblr It’s actually ridiculous how much I use this site. I mean, I don’t even have an account. I’ve just been drawn in from the occasional checking of authors whilst waiting for the train to actively checking fan pages to it being THE FIRST THING I CHECK WHEN I GO ON THE COMPUTER.¬†And, if that’s not enough, it has also managed to half-drag me into Supernatural fandom despite the fact that I haven’t even watched the show. (Not for lack of trying. I thought I might manage to get away with a few episodes if it was on Netflix, but I’m not so sure about buying box set from Amazon.)

2. Theatre I have been to see more theatre in the last month than I had in, like, the entire six months before that. The plays I saw were: Usagi Yojimbo (admittedly in December), the annual pantomime in the form of Beauty and the Beast, Behind the Beautiful Forevers, and The Play That Goes Wrong (pictured). They were all excellent. I suppose that’s the year’s culture out the way, then. (Only kidding. I’m an extremely cultured person, remember? xD)

3. The Coldest Girl I Coldtown by Holly Black¬†I tried to read this book maybe a year ago and couldn’t get into it – a lot of Holly Black’s books have been disappointments for me after reading the awesomely awesome Curse Workers. ¬†However, second time round I rather enjoyed this:¬†it’s is vampires as they should be. Tana wasn’t the strongest protagonist, and to be honest she was a bit irritating, but it wasn’t that bad. The concept was cool.

4. Merlin I found it on Netflix, cue binge watch. My friends and I loved this show when it was on, and I think I would be obsessed with it now if it was still running. But it’s just kind of weird to see that it has a fandom, now that I know what a fandom is…it’s like my childhood colliding with my teenagehood (teenagedom?). It’s just weird. But also cool.

5. Golden Son by Pierce Brown You might remember me flailing over Red Rising in my last favourites, but probably not. In a nutshell: it’s awesome. I went out and bought the hardback edition of Golden Son because I couldn’t bear the suspense. (And that’s not something I grant every book, because I’m a bit of a money hoarder and¬†hardbacks are bloomin’ expensive.)

6. Ava’s Demon by Michelle Czajkowski This webcomic was recommended to me in the comments by Bridget,and just like with Nimona I read it all at once. Just like with Nimona, I’m now suffering from the drip-feed updates. But it’s awesome, and the art is just beautiful, so I completely recommend. You can go read it here.

Stuff from around the internet:

Bookish things that have happened:

  • All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven was released, and I seem to be the only person not raving…?
  • Pierce Brown announced the cover and title of Red Rising #3: Morning Star! Click here to see the cover.
  • Fairest by Marissa Meyer was released – it’s a prequel to The Lunar Chronicles starring Queen Levana.
  • Sarah J Maas announced the title and release date of Throne of Glass #4: Queen of Shadows! If you haven’t been able to tell from my multiple major fangirlings, I adore this series. There’s more info on SJM’s website, if you’re interested.

On that excellent note, I conclude my first monthly favourites of this year! *dramatic flourish* What do you think of my new wrap-up from around the web? Have you read or seen any of the things I mentioned – or have you got some monthly faves of your own? ūüôā Let me know!

Another day…

…another episode of Sherlock. I started watching it at my friend’s house, and I’m now hooked.

In all honesty, I don’t generally watch that much TV. I watch recorded movies. I watch Pointless. I watched The Voice when it was on, Merlin when it was on (oh, Merlin) and I watched a kid’s programme called The Sparticle Mystery when it was on about four years ago. So, yeah. How about you? Do you watch much TV? I don’t think any of the programmes I mentioned other than The Voice are available out of the UK, but if you’ve seen them then did you like them?

Also, I need to buy about 14 books on Kindle for when I go on holiday so if you have any recommendations then go ahead and let me know!

I hope you guys are well,

(Image taken from the BBC Website)

A List of My Obsessions

A list of the things I am or have been obsessed with, in chronological order:

  1. The colour pink Obsessions
  2. Piglet from Winnie the Pooh
  3. Hello Kitty
  4. Vaseline
  6. Merlin
  7. Totoro
  8. Throne of Glass
  9. Fangirl/Eleanor & Park (maybe?)

And those are basically the things I am or have been ‘obsessed’ or basically in love and making references to the whole time with. So, yeah. In the past, I have broken obsessions. When I realised I was putting on vaseline basically 30 times a day I stopped using it for a week. My lips hurt¬†so much after that.

For maybe a year or so, I just really liked Throne of Glass as a book. Then, I finally got my friends to read it and we all fangirled and I got super super excited and stuck up pictures in my locker and officially became in love.

Right now, I’m on another wave of Throne of Glass obsession (it’s a book; if you haven’t read it, then go do that right now). I search for fanart between exams to keep me sane, except then I end up thinking about ToG in my maths exam, which is probably not the best idea.

Do you guys have any tips for breaking these sorts of obsessions? *sighs* I just…love…all of my little fictional characters….

I hope to (metaphorically) see you around, and remember that I don’t actually bite if you want to just drop by, say hi, tell me your obsessions and such!

Apple xx