7 Things on the Internet That Make Me Smile

Hi everyone! So…I am feeling slightly overwhelmed at the moment. I thought I would share a few things on the internet that have made me smile recently. (And here I’m talking about small things rather than big general things, because the internet is TOO BIG.)

1. Good as Hell by Lizzo

This song is SUCH A TUNE honestly!!! It fills me with joy and strength!! The video is also SO GOOD — it features lots of awesome women getting their hair done and being happy and it is honestly the best.

2. The McElroy brothers call a secret society

This short excerpt from the My Brother My Brother and Me TV show of the McElroys calling secret societies still made me laugh when I rewatched it for this post. I know it doesn’t sound that funny but…IT IS FUNNY. Or maybe I’ve just listened to too many McElroy products at this point, who even knows. (Bonus: this video of Griffin McElroy eating a banana AKA cronch origins.)

3. Cats meowing at each other

Two kitties! Meowing at each other! So pure and beautiful!! I mean, there’s so much good good cat content out there. But I do like this one. You can check out my whole cats tag on tumblr if you like.

4. This online purr generator

OK, I’m just going to put all the cat content together: it is a purr generator. For your computer. I love cats purring so this is just the BEST for me!

5. The Ladies of Hamilton #Ham4Ham

This is a video from back when Hamilton cast on Broadway did little bonus things outside the theatre. That whole run produced lots of very very good content, but in particular I love this one. I’ve probably watched it at least a dozen times, OOPS. I’m just too queer… I cannot handle the beauty.

6. Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko

This still makes me real emotional. I love Hayley Kiyoko so much. Just a VERY GOOD song and video.

7. The time Joe Johnson livetweeted reading Check, Please!

Maybe this is too niche but OH WELL. NEVER MIND Firstly, if you haven’t read the webcomic Check, Please! by Ngozi Ukazu then you should because it is very very good. Anyway, the subject in question is when the ice skater Joe Johnson read the comic and livetweeted it back in December which produced many, many excellent tweets.

Other quality content is this, this, and this tweet. And no, I absolutely did not just go back through his entire twitter to find those. (The things I do for you.) (But also MUCH #relatable content on there haha.)

Anyways. I hope you enjoyed this rather random post and I wish you a wonderful day!

what are your favourite things on the internet? do you also greatly enjoy looking at cute cats or is it just me??


Opinions on the mascara & the internet

I just thought that I’ve done quite a lot of makeup reviews and tutorials so today I’m going to talk a bit about my opinions on mascara & the internet. Ok, so mascara is makeup but I’m talking about my opinion on it. Just for the purpose of this, ok? Hehehe.

What do I think about mascara?

Ok, so, there are quite a lot of girls at school who wear tons of mascara and no other makeup. I do not understand it. Sure, mascara is pretty cool and it can look really nice, but not when you wear that much.

Myself, I’d rather wear foundation/tinted moisturiser and have nice skin but have normal lashes than have super long, spidery lashes but horrible skin. All that mascara just looks horrible. I’m sorry. I just need to rant about this.

And what about the internet? Is it a good or bad thing?

I used the internet probably earlier than I should have, discovering the forums on an adoptable website at about 11. I found that being able to be whoever I wanted, in a place where there were people like me was really nice. I didn’t give away any personally details and it was all fine, still is.

Being able to be however you want on the internet is also a bad thing. I’m sure you’ve heard horror stories where a teenager has met up with this person they met online and they turned out to be a creepy old man. These are very serious, but also very rare. If you’re sensible, then it’s pretty unlikely anything bad would happen.

I find the internet is an amazing thing: it can connect you up with people around the world, help you to become a stronger and happier person than you were before. It does have its flaws, like cyber-bullying and anonymity, but hopefully you can tell an adult or responsible person about this and get it sorted out.

So, basically, I think the internet is a good thing!

Tell me a bit about your opinion below and stay tuned for more stuff from me!

Apple xx