It’s (Origa)me

‘TIS MEEE. Yes! I bring you proof of my existence! In my quest to learn origami – as seen on my bucket list – I have filmed for you an excellent video of me to go with my reasons origami is cool. Admittedly, it’s of me folding origami, but what did you expect? I mean, this is a post with a terrible origami pun in the title. 😉

The first part of the video is me making simple paper cranes in varying sizes, and the rest is me learning how to make a shuriken – a throwing star with two arms. (That bit’s only about 40 seconds but it was far more painful for me, sadly!) If you understand my terrible attempt at a reference with the music then SO MANY CONGRATULATIONS! *thrusts confetti in your face* I also apologise deeply for the low quality; it’s been shunted around over many devices and, to be honest, my camera is pretty terrible!

(If you can’t view the embedded video, click here.)

Why origami is really cool

  • Daydreaming in lessons gets way more entertaining. Instead of just…well, daydreaming, you can rip out pieces of your homework diary and make things out of paper to promptly be put in the recycling. Huzzah!
  • It looks way more impressive than daydreaming. Seriously. Cranes look quite fancy so people tend to get a bit excited.
  • RECYCLING. Origami paper is nicer, but it’s also perfectly satisfying to make cranes out of newspapers on the tube. Give the Metro a new, far more aesthetically pleasing life.
  • You can make your own decorations. I made a few strings of cranes for our class stall at Christmas.
  • THEY’RE GREAT WEAPONS. *evil laugh* The ones I made at the end of the video, shuriken, are paper versions of throwing stars. If you can throw them right they’re pretty damn painful.
  • It’s so satisfying to see how all your folds work together!
  • It’s also pretty therapeutic (at least for me). So, people were being idiots at school? MAKE ANGRY PAPER CRANES.
  • Origami has some pretty interesting maths.
  • Yeah, I’ve run out of reasons. But share yours with me! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my origami fangirling – have you ever made origami? Feeling inspired to? Got any cool shapes to make? I’d also be really grateful if you could fill out my blog survey (if you haven’t already).