April Favourites!

April was a month of many bookish flailings, and also of the internet coercing me into joining various fandoms. We’re almost getting into summer, too – hurrah!

april favourites

1. Reading Fanfiction (mostly of the Les Miserables variety) By far my favourite thing about AO3 is the download function. It means that I can read fic on my Kindle without going square-eyed, and is also a great sneaky way of reading. Example: if you’re reading when the teacher comes into the room, they just think that you’re being studious and then you put it away without a fuss. If you’re reading fic on your phone, the chances are they’ll confiscate it. Also good for long trips.

But yes, I don’t know what made me think joining the Les Mis fandom was a good idea. (Please don’t scream at me when I say I’ve only seen the movie. I just have a really big talent for joining fandoms based on their fics.) We’re studying the French Revolution in history at the moment, ad I get that it’s a different time period but it’s very hard not to think of the Amis when discussing revolutions and people getting angry over injustices. It’s also very hard to restrain myself when people burst into songs from the musical, because really all I want to do is go over and say ‘I love these characters to death can we talk about them all day please.’

gif stitch

2. Camp Nanowrimo
I SURVIVED. I’M NOT DEAD. I can’t believe it. I made my goal – it was 15k – but most importantly I discovered a lot about my novel. I’ve given the plot and timeline a revamp and I now have a bit more direction

3. The Secret History by Donna Tartt Something else I read based on Tumblr. I’ve got to admit that I still haven’t finished it, but I am rather enjoying it – especially since it isn’t my usual cup of tea.

4. Barcelona As represented by my postcard of La Pedrera. THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING CITY HAVE YOU SEEN THE ARCHITECTURE asdfjkl Salvador Dali was one cool architect. I might have to do a post on the amazing mathsiness of La Sagrada Familia one time. Spanish and Catalan bookshops were really fun to browse as well. There’s a book called After which I believe is a Wattpad One Direction fanfic, and that was rather popular…? Someone called Laura Gallego, too. I think she wrote fantasy.

5. Supernatural Of all the stupid things Tumblr has coerced me into, this ranks pretty high. I have such mixed feelings on deciding to finally watch this show: half of me says ‘This is super trashy and literally represents no one’ and the other half is like ‘Hmm this is kind of good OH COOL no WHAT’. But I’m only on the second season, so we’ll see.

6. Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor This isn’t often the case for me, but I actually found that I enjoyed this…more than the second one? I’m not sure why. But it was a fittingly beautiful end to a stunning series.

gif 101 dalmations

7. The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness This was effectively #VeryRealisticYA in a full length novel. There was lots of humour about a girl named Satchel and her equally ridiculously-named friends at the beginning of each chapter. The characters were awesome. I liked it a lot.

Stuff from around the internet:

Bookish things that have happened:

  • In case you missed my intense fangirl feels, the cover for ‘s Carry On was revealed.
  • Alice Oseman (possibly the coolest author ever) announced the title of her second book to be Radio Silence.
  • The publishing date for Maggie Stiefvater‘s The Raven King unfortunately had to be pushed back. I’m kind of sad, but also a little happy because I DON’T WANT IT TO END OKAY
  • We got some info on the TMI TV show casting with Dominic Sherwood as Jace, Alberto Rosende as Simon and Emeraude Toubia as Isabelle.

In other news, the royal baby has been born (she’s a girl) and there’s a General Election on Thursday. But obviously fangirling over the release of new books takes priority. (No. Just kidding. VOTING IS IMPORTANT, KIDS even though I’m probably like the same age or younger than you??)

Also, just to let you know: I’ve got exams coming up at the start of June so I’m probably not going to be as active as usual. 😦 I’ll still try to keep up with you all, though!

How has your April been? Are you looking forward to anything in the coming month? 🙂

September Favourites!

September Favourites

September has gone by already! Each day seems to inch by, but by the time it’s gone it feels like it was a breeze. And IT’S OFFICIALLY AUTUMN! (Or Fall, if you prefer.) September has really been key in the latest rebirth of my blog, which is a sort of book-writing-thoughts mix as far as I can see. I’ve also made some amazing new blogger buddies! ❤

1. & 2. Multiple editions of Fangirl, and Noelle Stevenson I got the collector’s edition of Fangirl for my birthday, which is the third edition I own (I also have the eBook). And seriously, guys, it’s awesome. The cover folds put to become a neat poster, there’s a metallic illustration of Simon and Baz under the dust jacket, and there’s even a special message to British readers in the back. Which brings me onto my next point: Nimona, the comic written by Noelle Stevenson of aforementioned cover-illustrating-awesomeness, came to an end on Tuesday. *cries* Oh, the feels!

3. Fandom life As represented by my Carry On, Simon t-shirt which is stunningly similar to the one worn by Cath from Fangirl. (Yes, again.) This month was the month where I linked up with other fandom people and actually discovered what it means to be in a fandom – which is, to say, scrolling through amusing gifs, quotes and fan art when I really should be doing my homework.


5. Heroes of Olympus I’m in the process of re-reading the series in anticipation of Blood of Olympus, which comes out on the 7th. When I read House of Hades, I had kind of forgotten the plot completely, so this time around I thought I’d be prepared.

6. A new fountain pen That’s actually just a picture of the box, since the pen was in my pencil case, but I thought I’d put it in there anyway. It may look like an oversized crayon, but it’s a lot nicer to write with than my last one. Plus, no one will mistake it for their own, since I don’t think anyone has a pen of this brand. To be honest, I’ve never seen a pen from this brand anywhere, let alone at school, which is very partial towards biros and LAMYs.

7. Strepsils Okay, okay, they’re not actually Strepsils, but who cares? It’s like hoover, or sellotape. You just call the item by the brand name. Anyway, I had a cold and cough last week so these were life-savers. They didn’t even taste that bad.

8. Heir of Fire (not pictured) I actually forgot to photograph this, but I had to come back and put it in. It’s the third book in the Throne of Glass series and it was EXPLOSIVE. Thumbs up from me.

That’s it for my September favourites! Do you think I should continue with my monthly favourites? How was your month?