Summer Bucket List (& Other Plans)

summer bucket list 2017

I’ve just put on my summer playlist and for once the sun is shining here in the UK. Yep, it’s summertime again! AKA the time where I celebrate not having to do schoolwork only to end up being bored. I wish I was someone who could really take this time to relax and do nothing but unfortunately doing that just makes me feel TERRIBLE. By the end of the holidays I actually miss the structure and purpose that school gave me.

But, I am determined that I’m going to do FUN STUFF this summer and NOT MOOCH AROUND. I might be starting off with too high aspirations, but I’ve printed out a calendar and I’m hoping to get back into using my bullet journal as that really helped me structure my day.

I’ve made a to do list of all the stuff that I want or need to do — ranging LL from homework to visiting museums — so I thought I’d share the most interesting here with you. (Trust me, if I just shared my actual word document with the list it would be pretty incomprehensible.)

ink swash 2


There are so many great museums in London & I don’t think I make enough use of them! I’m hoping to visit the Queer Art exhibition at Tate Britain, the LGBTQ+ history thing at the British Museum, maybe visit the V&A or the Science Museum. I have’t been there since I was about 8 so I’d love to see how it’s changed.

I’d also like to take some day trips for example to Brighton, since it’s pretty easy to get a train ticket places, and also I don’t think I’ve ever been to Brighton. SO I’D LIKE TO DO THAT. I’m still working on convincing my friends to come with me haha.


For personal activities, I am hoping to dye my hair blue tomorrow. I actually dyed it blue earlier but it was a semi-permanent dye so washed out basically immediately. 😦 This is something I’ve wanted to do for ages so fingers crossed it works out!

I am also trying to practice more self-care at the moment. I think I’m doing a better job, and currently I feel…fairly good in terms of mental health? Which is nice for once? I’m using the app Smiling Mind to do short daily (or almost daily haha) meditations, and my mum & I are doing some yoga from youtube videos my aunt recommended us. (She’s recently got super into yoga.) And it’s nice to do something together! Especially a physical activity since I don’t really do much in summer and it does make me feel better. I HOPE to go swimming at my local pool but to be honest I’ll probably end up forgetting. I do use my bike to cycle places though, since my parents can’t take me.

Finally, I’m using Duolingo to learn Japanese. If you’ve been following my blog for a while you might know that I’ve been trying to learn Japanese for a while — I also did a bunch last summer. However, as I predicted school got in the way, so I am hoping to use Duolingo as an easy way to learn some stuff for my school trip (!!!) in autumn. I find I’m quite motivated since I don’t want to lose my streak haha.


I’m pretty sure I say this every single holiday, but I’m going to try and write a whole bunch of blog posts so that I can have some buffer posts when school/life gets busy. (BECAUSE GCSE YEAR AAAAH I’M FINE.) We’ll see how that turns out.

I’ve also been considering rejigging my blog a bit in terms of design and the way I post. I do quite like my current theme, but I’m sort of feeling like it’s time for a change? And that I could make something which both looks nicer and has more consistent content. (Not that this is necessary for an amazing blog. Just something I’ve been thinking about.)

I’m vaguely considering doing some podfic — if you don’t know what it is, it’s like an audiobook except for fanfiction — since a) I love listening to podfic and b) now I have a mildly better microphone to record with but we shall seeee.


In the last few months I’ve done basically no writing. I’d like to say school just took up all my time, but whilst that’s true to some extent, I also haven’t been feeling very motivated to write anything. This is the first year where I haven’t really got any new poems by the summer. 😦 However, I do have a new idea that I’m working on so I hope to do some of that!

One of my big problems with writing is that I get so worked up over THE NOVEL and how it has to be perfect. I find it a lot easier to view any writing projects from a different way — like, what would I do with this if it were a fanfiction? For me writing fic is really all about enjoyment  so that often gives me a way to feel excited about my story again. Or: what if this were a collection of short stories? a podfic? a webcomic? Obviously different stories work better in different mediums, but that’s just a weird thing I do.


As all my friends know, I’m terrible at following up on the stuff they recommend me. So, I’m planning to use this time to watch a bunch of different TV shows (Steven Universe, Brooklyn 99, Jane the Virgin, Carmilla probably others I’ve forgotten) as well as various books, webcomics, and other things. I also want to watch some musicals like Heathers, A Very Potter Sequel and Spring Awakening. (I’M SORRY. I feel bad watching bootlegs but the production is done and I don’t know how else I’m going to see it.)

Along with all this there’s schoolwork, reading/buying books for YALC, read a bunch of watching movies like Star Wars. I adore Star Wars but my family doesn’t enjoy sci-fi so I haven’t seen them all. And I’m seeing the Angels in America at the National Theatre Live thing in the cinema over the next two weeks which I am SO EXCITED FOR. AAH. Hopefully I’ll write a post about it.

ink swash 2

I’ve probably left out some other stuff I want to do, as I always do, but this post has somehow reached 1,000 words and it’s getting hot in this room so I shall end here. 🙂 If you like you can check out my summer bucket list from 2015 (I didn’t do one last year); I just did and woAH what a throwback. I do hope my writing style has developed a bit since then ahaha.

what are your plans for the next two months? doing anything nice? what do you think of the ink squiggles??(it’s an experiment)

August Favourites!

Behold the actual anniversary of my monthly favourites. From this date forth, one year ago, I have never missed a faves post?? I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. My memory actually functioned correctly for once. I’m also in denial about the fact that my TMI binge read was a whole year ago. Time flies too fast, argh.

august favourites

1. The Great British Bake Off Um, duh. I’m always up for some GBBO! There’s something comforting about all the pretty cakes and the bad jokes and the dramatic strings in the background whilst people intensely ice gingerbread houses.

2. Paris I AM VERY IN LOVE WITH PARIS & ALL ITS ARCHITECTURE & PRETTY LANGUAGE!! And also, I wrote an entire post about it that is a lot more cohesive than this description. XD

3. Beauty Queens by Libba Bray I got this a few years ago and never got into it. I tried it again and OHMIGOSH AMAZINGNESS. I think maybe I was too young to appreciate the satire last time? *shrugs* I’m not sure, but social justice plus comedy plus beauty queens stranded on an island = instant love.

4. Simon Vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda I finally caved in. It was such a fun read! (Oreos get bonus points from me as well. *nods)

5. Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas I was feeling rather mixed towards this, since the fandom seems rather unhappy with it, and… I’m still undecided.I’m not all the way through, but though it’s picked up from the slow start – I don’t know. It’s a bit slow. And I need more Aelin, my baby. ❤ Still: a new Throne of Glass book?!!

6. Horchata HORCHATA IS PROBABLY MY FAVOURITE DRINK EVER. It’s horrifically sweet tiger nut deliciousness, and is also horrifically difficult to find. I don’t drink it that much, since I’ve pretty much only ever seen it in Spain, but we found some in France! I wanted to cart home loads, but I had to settle for the two bottles that were in stock, hehe. WOW, SUCH PROBLEMS I FACE. 😛

How did my bucket list go?

At the beginning of the summer, I wrote a bucket list for all the stuff I wanted to do. Did I complete it?

  • Write that darn book So, I didn’t write it… It would definitely have been nice, but instead I chose to focus on my poetry. Over the summer I was mentored in poetry by the lovely Christina Im, as part of the Glass Kite Anthology Writing Studio, which was amazing. I know you haven’t seen much evidence of this, but I’ve learnt so much. I also got shortlisted for my first competition – what will be my first publication, ahem. *hides* I don’t feel that much like I’ve left writing behind this summer! I just didn’t do what I planned.
  • Raid the library This, I did. I went to the extra large library instead of my usual one and swooned at all the books. I lugged home about 15. For the record, SO WORTH IT. I read some classics as well, which I’d hoped to do – the most notable is Les Mis, which I have been flailing about A Lot. I can flail about dead French revolutionaries far longer than I should. I AM IN LOVE, hehehe.
    Finish all those TV programmes (and watch some decent films) Other than Doctor Who and a few Merlin rewatches with my friend – oh, I cried because they are so not prepared for last episode feels – I didn’t really do this one. I spent a lot of time watching Les Mis, watching a different version of Les Mis, and then just rewatching all of them. XD I’m also super close to finishing the Ghibli collection, since I only have another 3 to go!
  • Go see some art I saw some, but not nearly enough. SELF, I COMMAND THAT THIS BE RECTIFIED.
  • Do some origami You can actually see some evidence for this one! I videoed myself paper-craning and learning how to make shuriken. I also attempted some flowers off-camera. I’m very ready to murder people with my paper.
  • Stargaze I learnt a few constellations, but I sadly haven’t yet tried out my skills. Hopefully once it gets dark a bit earlier?

Stuff from around the internet:

  • I wrote about Wizarding issues that relate to the Muggle world, combined two of my favourite things in The Chocolate Book Tag and discussed my indecision about writing & careers.
  • Nirvana @ Quenching the Quill talked about the myth of the ‘true fan’ and competition in fandom.
  • Bridget @ Stay and Watch the Stars told us why Halsey and her music is awesome.
  • Books and Bark turned two! Also, how Myers Briggs can be super useful when creating characters.
  • An Overthinking Teenager @ Books, Tea and a Onesie and Evi @ Adventuring Through Pages discussed the futures of their blogs & writing posts that they enjoy. I feel this so much.
  • Lauren Aquilina is actually killing me with NEW MUSIC and MAYBE ALBUM SOON?!??

In the diary:

  • I was Very Panicked this time last month and in my frenzy to schedule posts before I left, missed out some things. *coughs*thisfeature*coughs*
  • I went away with my cousins and visited my great aunt! I also went to Paris, but you guys have heard an absolute ton about that. For my mum’s annual uni meet-up, we went up to Liverpool and I mostly just…hung out with everyone? I mean, we played Cluedo. XD
  • I’ve collected up a bunch of posters I had lying around – and also bought a lovely new one – in the hope of redecorating my bedroom walls. My posters are always falling off the tilted wall they’re on now!
  • MY RED HAIR HAS WASHED OUT. I’m not allowed to put it back in because of school, which kinda sucks since I loooved it a lot. I am slightly considering a new haircut, though. I slightly want to get a pixie cut??

I know this has been dragging on, but my blog survey is still happening. I am working from the responses I’ve got now, though though – hopefully some changes will be coming! Most of all I’d like to change the appearance of my blog and its organisation, so if my blog goes a bit mad over the few weeks, I’m very sorry! It should return with a flourish. I’m always on Twitter as well if you’re feeling concerned about my disappearance from the internet. 🙂

How’s your month been? Are any of you returning to school/uni? (I BEGIN TOMORROW, HELP.)

Summer Bucket List

Summer bucket list

Why are bucket lists called bucket lists? This is a question that has eluded me for many months: you’re supposed to put your list into a bucket? You should wear a bucket as you complete the tasks? The…letting go of yourself…symbolises, uh, throwing buckets of water into the sea?? Apparently, though, it’s from a film where some people decided to make a list of things to do before they kick the bucket. How wonderfully cheery is that?! I’m personally hoping to make it to September alive and well., but suit yourselves.

Though I complain about school, I’m a person who likes her life to be organised. I feel lost when I don’t have structure doing the holidays. Thus, I’ve come up with a REVOLUTIONARY and INGENIOUS plan – a bucket list!

ponyo bucket

I’ve never made a bucket list before. I’m not planning for this to end up in the direction of some of the complete-this-mysterious-list books I’ve read. But the summer holidays really give me some time to do some of those things that I’ve been wanting to do for ages but just can’t. Such as…


I’ve had a strange idea wafting around my head ever since last November’s NaNo. I’ve got about 35k down, but since then my idea has morphed in rather a different direction. I’ve been thinking about it far too often for my own good; it’s sort of become my little…recurring daydream. I want to read it a lot. Summer should be an excellent opportunity to get myself sorted out.

2. Raid the library

I don’t mean in my normal fashion, though naturally that’ll have to happen too. 😉 I’m thinking more: READ THOSE CLASSICS YOU’VE BEEN EYEING UP FOR AGES. I’d quite like to read Les Mis before I got to Paris which I’m ridiculously excited about. I’m already far too emotionally involved in those characters anyway. I’d also like to try out Wuthering Heights. And Lord of the Rings. And poetry, and maybe some *gasps* non-fiction books as well. I like to learn. Speaking of which:

3. Learn some new useful things

It’d be helpful to sort out my miserably dismal html skills. I also rather fancy some language-learning, either of one I already study or something new WORDS ARE JUST TOO PRETTY OKAY. Maybe some science too, or history, or useless general knowledge trivia. My brain hungers for useless trivia right now.

4. Finish all those TV programmes (and watch some decent films)

I’ve started about a million series (Once Upon a Time, Avatar the Last Airbender, Supernatural etc.) and I still haven’t finished any of them. That’s something I’d like to do. I’m thinking a full day marathon, that sort of thing. Plus, because I’m apparently lumping all camera-film-related things together, I’d like to go to that new cinema nearby. And maybe finally finish all the Ghibli films, so that be all knowledgeable? 😛 It seems a bit of a shame to stay inside when it’s sunny, but British summers usually include a bit of rainy downtime.

5. Go see some art

I have fantasies where I go to visit places on my own and then can sit and admire things without feeling awkward. I’d quite like to realise one of them. Maybe visit the British Library too.

6. Do more origami

The only thing I can make is paper cranes. I’m not bad at it; it’s a very good de-stresser. This summer I’d like to either a) have a stab at the thousand cranes or b) learn some different origami. If it’s a choice, paper weapons that I can make/implement during school would be nice.

7. Stargaze

…did I say I wasn’t going to steal things from books? I might have lied there. I just really want to see some stars. One time I woke up whilst camping and it was insane. I don’t see many stars normally so it was insane to see stars falling everywhere. I’d like to stargaze officially (maybe get some constellation knowledge too.)

With any luck, I’ll be able to update you on my progress during summer! I kind of hope that writing all these down will encourage me. (If not, you’re welcome to write a comment with ‘HOW DARE YE’ or the like!)

If your holidays have started, how are they going? Do you have any more ideas for me, or a summer bucket list of your own? 🙂