Easiest Ever Contour

There are a lot of guides out there about contouring. Some are helpful, some less so. This one, like pretty much all my guides, aims to describe contouring in the easiest and simplest way. This time, with drawings, yay!

Contour = putting light and dark in various places to draw attention to parts of your face/eye/whatever. The light is usually a higher and the dark a bronzer. Sometimes the darker one will be called a ‘contour’ and the lighter a ‘highlight’, but I just use the word contour for both.

Approximately the cheekbone area
Approximately the cheekbone area

When you contour your face, the usual thing you want to focus on is cheekbones: apply highlight just on or above your cheekbones, and ideally the bronzer just below. You can find where to apply bronzer by sucking in your cheeks to make a fish face! Finding your cheekbones is a bit harder, because you actually have to feel for them. They’re usually in a diagonal-ish line going out from the bottom of your nose (they stick out a bit so you may want to use your fingers to find them, like I said earlier). You can also bronze around the sides of your forehead and nose as illustrated in the picture. (I’ve always wanted to say that).

And highlighting? After you highlight your cheekbones, highlight on your ‘expression lines’ so: around your mouth and nose. Then, highlight under and over your eyebrows to make them stand out a bit more (if you want)  and in the corners of your eyes, which will make you look more ‘awake’. This can be a good light alternative to under eye concealer, especially if you’re just us using a light concealer as your highlighter.

My not very good drawing skills present a contour diagram
My not very good drawing skills present a scary contour diagram

This isn’t really eye contouring, but a nice neutral eyeshadow is to do a wash of a shade similar or slightly lighter than your skin tone, then put a lighter one in the inner corner and a darker one on the outer edge.

Do you need to do it all? It’s up to you. Personally, I don’t do the whole lot every time because it’s a bit of a drag, but I…how do I put this? I’m not morning girl. I like to sleep. Thus, I end up with not much time. The same may not be true for you!

Valentine’s day is coming up, so although I won’t be participating in the whole give-a-card-then-let-someone-accidentally-find-out-and-tell-the-recipient tradition that is currently in operation at our school (or will I?) I am feeling the vibes. Happiness! Cute things! Hearts! Chocolate! What about you guys? What are your experiences and plans for this year’s Valentine’s?

On a side note, I don’t think I’ve ever explained my use of the term ‘guys’. I usually use it to mean the people around me, not just boys. In this case, that’s you, the readers.

I’ll be seeing you around soon,

Apple xx

DIY uses for concealer & foundation

Concealer, foundation and powder don’t just have to be restricted to doing what it says on the packet: if you’re on a budget or need the convenience, there are loads of ways to make your products, well, more.

Other uses for concealer

To make a tinted moisturiser/light foundation/DIY eye primer, just mix the concealer with some moisturiser. Liquid concealers are best for making a tinted moisturiser, but a stick concealer will still do the job.

Other uses for foundation (liquid)

Again, you can mix foundation with moisturiser to create a lighter or slightly thicker foundation.  Depending on how runny your foundation is, you can also use it as a concealer.

If, for any reason, your foundation is lighter or darker than your skin tone, you can use it for Halloween (in two days!),or even as a bronzer. I don’t really like things to go to waste! This also applies for powder foundation.

Other uses for foundation (powder)

I find that face powders are actually very good for concealing under-eye circles – not so much blemishes, but hey, you can’t have everything.

If your powder is too light, then they are often good for subtle highlighting, if you don’t have a highlighter (or just don’t have one on you).

I hope these tips and tricks help you; please do share your experiences and any of your tips. Halloween is in just two days, so hopefully I’ll be writing a bit about that soon.

Apple xx

Superdrug Haul

My superdrug delivery has finally arrived!

Superdrug haul

So, I bought (from left to right)  2true smooth matte pressed powder in shade 3 (Rose beige), MUA sheer finish lip gloss in Some Me Time, MUA bronzer in shade 2, MUA mascara in shade 4 (brown) and Miss Sporty lip gloss in Who Bought me Flowers.

I swatched all of them except the mascara here:

Superdrug haul swatches

Miss Sporty Lip gloss, MUA lip gloss, 2true pressed powder, MUA bronzer

All the MUA products were £1, which is great! The 2true matte powder and the Miss Sporty lip gloss were broth £1.99, which made this one of my least expensive hauls.

So, onto the reviewing…

2true Smooth Matte Pressed Powder

2true matte powder

When I first saw this, I thought the powder would be a little to light but it’s actually fine. I’m not sure it will still match in the summer, though…but, hey, it’s not summer at the moment, is it?

The powder comes in a nice looking case – despite this, I find it hard to open because you just have to pull the lid off instead of twisting it. I think I’d find a compact to be easier.

It also had a bit of a strange smell, though this wore off very quickly.

☆ ☆ ☆

3 stars out of 5

MUA mascara in shade 4 (brown)

MUA mascara

This mascara was only £1, which I thought I may as well go ahead on, considering I haven’t got much to lose.

The packaging is very boring, and although it looks quite big, I’m not convinced that there is a lot of mascara in this one.

Anyway, the product itself is actually not bad: it takes a couple of coats to lengthen the lashes but gives a nice natural look. It’s very much a day-to-day mascara and you should invest in something a little bit darker and more lengthening or volumising if you were expecting this to get you party-read.

The mascara hasn’t flaked so far – my doubt is that it does sting slightly after you put it on so his isn’t good for sensitive eyes.

before mascara  after mascara

Before & after mascara

☆ ☆ ☆

3 stars out of 5

MUA Sheer Finish Lip Gloss in Some Me Time

after mua lip gloss

Lip gloss after applied

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

4 stars out of 5

Miss Sporty – Miss Cocktail Lip Gloss in Who Bought Me Flowers

miss sporty lip gloss

This lip gloss is much more tinted, coloured in a pretty red/pink colour. The packaging looks a bit – if you’ll excuse the language – naf and cheapy, but don’t let this put you off because it’s a great lip gloss. There’s not much else to say!

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

4 stars out of 5

MUA Bronzer in Shade 2

mua bronzer

This bronzer was much darker than expected (if you compare to the picture here) but I actually liked this chocolate colour more.

It’s not very pigmented so you have to get a substantial amount onto your brush if you want to make any difference. It does what it’s supposed to do and not much else (I did like the lack of glitter, though).

☆ ☆ ☆ ♥

3 and a half stars out of 5