Cheap ‘n’ Cheerful: Drugstore Reviews #2

Finally! The second instalment in my drugstore reviews!

Drugstore reviews

This one is on skincare, bath stuff and basically everything I didn’t cover in the first one. Although some of the stuff  featured are not in fact drugstore, they’re still quite cheap so I decided to include them anyway.

And, although this is not particularly related, PRIMARK LIPGLOSS HAS GONE UPMARKET! It now has a sort of brush applicator, like the one I have seen only in pictures of YSL Touché Éclat. Unfortunately, the product is still basically just glitter but I still think that brush is pretty cool. Anyhow:

The first item up for review is Nivea Express Hydration Primer.

Nivea express hydration primer

I can’t really confirm its priming powers other than that it does help makeup and such to last longer, which is of course good! I sometimes get powder sticking to my chin in dry bits, for some odd reason, and I can say that this sorts that out. It has a gel-like texture and spreads easily so you don’t need that much to cover your face. It doesn’t do bad at moisturising your skin, either, but I don’t think it would help that much if you have dry skin. Overall a good, all-round product, like you often get from Nivea.

Next is Bomb Cosmetics’s Raspberry Blower Cleansing Shower Butter.


This stuff smells amazing. It makes my bathroom smell of raspberries. I love it.
This shower-butter-thing is semi solid in the pot, and what you do is scoop some up with your fingers and lather it onto your body. The result is very creamy, and very smooth. This product is a ‘very’ product, apart from the slightly tacky packaging. It doesn’t bother me a lot, though. In some respects, it adds to the novelty. It is £7.99 from the website.

Now for the Soap and Glory Bright and Bubbly gift set. It contains the Scrub of your Life, Hand Food hand cream, The Righteous Butter and Clean On Me shower gel. I got it for £5 from Boots on a deal, but it’s normally £10.

Left to right: Scrub of your Life, Hand Food, The Righteous Butter, Clean on Me and the accompanying loofah/poof
Left to right: Scrub of your Life, Hand Food, The Righteous Butter, Clean on Me and the accompanying loofah/poof

The Scrub of your Life: let me start by saying that I haven’t had a lot of experience with scrubs. This was, in fact, my second. I like it, and it smells good, and I think it scrubs well. The beads are fairly big, but not rough. As always with Soap and Glory, the packaging is cute and looks great.

Hand Food. A lot of people rave about the Soap and Glory smell, but I didn’t like it at first. I found it too strong and synthetic, but I actually quite like it now. Still, it might not be for everyone. You may want to smell it in the shop. The actual hand cream itself  is thick and creamy, but it sinks in quickly. I don’t have particularly dry hands but it is definitely working.

The Righteous Butter is a creamy body butter – it’s easier to ‘break’ into than the Body Shop’s Body Butter if you’ve ever used that. I can’t say it’s done wonders, but it isn’t bad. I haven’t really used it that much, to be honest.

The last is Clean On Me shower gel. It’s basically a sweet-smelling shower gel. You can’t really do much with shower gels to be honest. Still, it’s good for taking on holiday.

And that completes this part of my big drug store review. Until I buy more stuff, and then review that.

But, right now, I will say farewell. I just had a week’s holiday, so if you did too then I hope it was relaxing! If not, then we are coming into MARCH which means SPRING and NOT SO DARK AFTERNOONS! Yay!!

Apple xx

Lip balm reviews

Lip balms

I don’t want to do tons of reviews because I find they get boring after a while, but today I’m going to do a couple on lip balms.

I’m a bit of a lip balm addict so have been stocking up for the winter months when my lips will get even more dry! Today I’ll be reviewing my eos pomegranate & raspberry lip balm (available to buy here), my Bomb Cosmetics blackberry & fig lip balm (available to buy here) and Maybelline Baby Lips in cherry me (available to buy here).

eos Pomegranate & Raspberry lip balm


I actually got this from a friend who visited Canada: you can’t actually buy them in England, although they are available on amazon.

The packaging is super-cute, because it’s in a sphere shape which is pretty unusual. However, it’s a bit bulky to carry around so I just put I on in the mornings and evenings.

The smell isn’t that great, because I find it a tiny bit sickly but some will like it and it’s not disgusting or anything. I do actually find that this is quite an effective lip balm – it stays on well and it doesn’t take a lot for your lips to feel hydrated. Despite this, I don’t think it’s really worth the hype it’s had, or the money necessary to buy it off amazon, though I do look forward to being able to buy it more easily here in the UK!

Bomb Cosmetics blackberry & fig lip balm

Bomb cosmetics lip balm

The thing I love most about this one is its gorgeous smell. It’s totally divine, not really sweet at all but intense and slightly – tangy (not really sure how to describe it). The packaging is pretty cute, though nothing to get excited about.

You need to use a little more product than the eos, but I’m not sure if it just seems that way because it’s in atub rather than a stick/tube or a sphere. It gives good hydration and is fairly long lasting. But that smell…so beautiful. You just have to smell it and see.

Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me

Maybelline baby lips  Baby lips swatch  Before baby lips  After (with badly lips on)

This lip balm has also had quite a lot of hype: it recently arrived in the UK, so I bought it from superdrug to give it a go.

The packaging is eye catching, if not particularly classy and slightly plasticky (I think I do like it, though). It has some nice nourishing ingredients like shea butter but is mostly petroleum, which disappointed me a bit. Nevertheless, its hydration is not bad, though not the 8 hours it says on the packet.

The one I bought was slightly tinted, which is probably the most unique thing about this product. I honestly don’t think I’d buy the ones with no colour in. It just seems a bit pointless to me.

Anyways…the one I bought, Cherry Me, has a nice red tint to it which gives a lovely natural tint to your lips when you don’t wantto wear something lip lipstick or lip gloss but still want your lips to look  fresh and have a hint of colour. I actually wear this almost every day and am a fan!!

I’ve only got a day left until school ends and I can blog to my heart’s content for the next 2 weeks! Yay!!

Apple xx