Can’t Find the Perfect Blush?

Finding the perfect blusher is one seriously hard task. If you’re having a hard time finding it, then layer your blush for a look that’s more tailored to your skin tone, mood and clothes. For some reason, I really enjoy picking out my blush in the morning. I just like blush. A lot!

If you have a lot of similar shades, then branch out. The ‘main’ different shades are: apricot, cool pink, dusky rose, almond and plum. There’s obviously a lot of variation, but that’s pretty much it. Try and find some shades in a colour that leans more towards one of those. It may look a little ‘off’ on its own, but it will work out, I promise.

Please excuse my use of an old photo; the tablet I usually use to take photos isn’t working!

Assign one, or maybe more, shades for daily use, then group the rest into ‘darker’ and ‘lighter’. Apply a -pale? thin? No, light – wash of an everyday blush, then apply a darker one towards the higher part of the cheekbone, out towards the edge of your face, and then apply a lighter blush on your cheekbone. Of course, you don’t have to do both of them everyday; you don’t have to layer them everyday at all (especially if you’re in a rush). Alternatively, blend two colours in the same way to give a pink a hint of orange, or an apricot some light rose. It’s easy to change you routine if your skin tone –  although it’s always good to buy more blush. Well, perhaps not strictly good: fun would be a more appropriate word.

As a note: to find what colours suit you, you need to find your undertone. There are plenty of other ways to find out if you search for it on the web, but the simplest way is often to look at the veins on your wrist. If they’re green, you’re warm toned, if they’re blue, you’re fool toned and if they’re a mix then you’re neutral toned. If you’re having difficulty telling, like I did, then ask someone else (or even a couple of people). They may or may not think you are going crazy.

Blue Monday, the supposed most depressing day of the year, is coming up in the third week of January. It hasn’t done so before, but this year it feels very apt. I don’t think the rainy weather is helping, either. It’s funny, but I do actually feel a lot better when the weather is nice. How about you?

Apple xx


Cheap ‘n’ Cheerful Drugstore Reviews #1

I don’t feel like reviews are at the top of my list for things to blog about, but, especially after Christmas, I have a lot of things to get down and review! If you noticed the ‘#1’ in the title, then I am indeed planning to do a second set of reviews that will be leaning into the bath/skincare/lip balm category. Or categories. The products I’ll be reviewing are MUA blusher, Witch Anti-Blemish BB Cream, Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed powder.

Anyway, first up is two MUA blushers in the shades Bon Bon and Cupcake (£1 each).

Bon Bon, top; Cupcake, bottom
Bon Bon, top; Cupcake, bottom

The packaging looks nice, but it’s not particularly sturdy. Having said that, I dropped one on the floor and it didn’t crack at all. Personally, packaging isnt really a big issue for me unless it’s really bad or it’s really good. I do get tempted by nice packaging.

Bon Bon
Bon Bon

Bon Bon is a dusky rose shade more suited to medium skin tones (it didn’t suit my pale complexion very well!) but I like layering it with other blush if I’m in the mood. I think I could wear it as a more everyday blush when I’m a bit tanned. Still, it’s a beautiful shade with good pigmentation. The lasting power is okay; if you want it to last a long time then you should use a good primer.


Cupcake is more of a light-pink-brown-jack-of-all-trades shade. It isn’t as dark as Bon Bon, so I use it as an everyday blush. Because of it’s colour, the it doesn’t show up as much (or maybe it just doesn’t have as good pigmentation) so if you’re in a rush and accidentally apply a bit too much it doesn’t look so bad. This shade is more suited to lighter skin tones.

Overall, these are both a great steal at just £1 each: you pick them up in Superdrug or off the MUA website.

Next is Witch’s Anti-Blemish BB Cream (£4.99).

Witch BB cream

This only comes in one shade, which is such a shame. The bottle says it ‘cares for all skin tones’ but it will really only suit those with light-but-not-that-light skin. That’s the specific name, by the way.

The packaging is good; nothing special. This BB cream provides actually quite good coverage for what it is. Although BB creams are meant to be all in one foundations, anyone who has tried (a Western) one knows that they don’t give as good coverage as most foundations. I don’t like to wear foundations that much, so this gave a good amount without looking too cakey. One thing that I have learnt, though, is that you have to beld it in quickly or else you can see the blend marks. I haven’t seen any spectacular results from the Witch Hazel, which is supposed to have anti-blemish properties. I do use a lot of other products, though, and there are so many other factors that it’s hard to tell. On the bright side, this BB cream certainly doesn’t clog my pores or cause any pimples.

Witch bb cream swatch

The lasting power is nothing more or nothing less than expected; maybe something like 5 or 6 hours before it starts wearing? It’s honestly quite hard to tell.

If you’re willing to overlook the shade problem, which is really the only bad thing about Witch’s BB Cream, then this is a great product for when you want a bit less coverage. I’d buy it again. Witch’s Anti Blemish BB Cream is available from Superdrg for £4.99.

These concealers are well known in the beauty blogging world: Collection (2000) Lasting Perfection Concealer in both Fair & Light (£4.19 each).

1 Fair, standing; 2 Light, below
1 Fair, standing; 2 Light, below

You’ve probably heard of these ‘miracle’ concealers. They give great coverage, amazing long-lasting wear and they’re just £4.19 from Superdrug. There are only four shades: Fair, Light, Medium and Deep, so, like me, you may have to buy two and then mix. I feel like Fair would suit very light skin tones, whilst Deep probably isn’t as deep as its name suggests.

1 Fair, left; 2 Light, right
1 Fair, left; 2 Light, right

A lot of people say that the writing on the tube rubs off easily: I have experienced no such problems, so perhaps they have changed it slightly? They have a doe foot applicator which is fine, though it makes it hard to get the last drips and drabs of product out. This concealer has a fairly thick and heavy formula with medium to full coverage. It’s doesn’t have a yellow or green tone to it which can cancel out dark circles or redness respectively; it’s just ‘skin’ toned. This doesn’t bother me that much, since it’s such a good concealer. I reckon you could use it over larger areas if you needed to, a bit like a foundation (after all, it would only be £8 for a tube of foundation if it came in the usualy foundation amount, 30ml).

I do like this concealer. I don’t feel like it’s a miracle, but it’s certainly great for the price – you can buy it for £4.19 from either Boots or Superdrug.

Finally, I have my first impressions of Rimmel’s Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Peach Glow (£3.99)

Rimmel stay matte

This is another favourite among many people; it gives the 5 hours of matte-ness (well, anti-shine) that the packaging says and all shades except for transucent give some coverage. I tried to swatch it but it didn’t show up, sadly.

Rimmel stay matte finger swatch

The packaging is okay and feels pretty sturdy. It doesn’t come with any sort of applicator, though they’re usually pretty bad so I’m not particularly bothered. It doesn’t give a lot of coverage but does give a natural matte look for up to 5 hours, depending on how oily your skin is (I have comination skin: an oily t-zone but normal to dry everywhere else). So far, this hasn’t given me any skin problems so I like it. Plus, it comes with a very nice price tag of just £3.99 from either Boots or Superdrug.

Well, that’s it from me, folks! I hope you’ve all got off to a great start in January.

Apple xx

What’s the Deal With Blusher?

Blusher is a confusing makeup product. It’s cream; it’s powder; it’s uneven; it’s too pigmented; it’s not pigmented enough; it’s a basic ingredient for beginners; it should be the last product you buy; basically, blush is a very confusing product. I’ve written my own personal guide on it, in the hope that it’ll help you all (and myself).


What are the type of blusher, and what is it?

It’s a product makes you look like you’re blushing (if you hadn’t guessed from the name), healthy and well-rested.  It comes in various different forms: powder, cream, and gel/tint. Powder blush is better for skin tones that are not so dry, whilst cream blush tends t be more moisturising, making it ideal for those with dry skin. Gel or tint (you often get cheek and lip tint in one) are okay for all skin types, although they vary so you may want to test it.

Not all colours suit every skin tone.

There’s a great guide here that can give you an idea of which shade will look best on you. Lighter skin tones usually go better with cool pinks, beige with peach, medium-dark skin tones with rose and deep with peachy-tangerine.

In my experience, there are three ways to wear your blusher.

Firstly, in a natural way, so that it literally looks like you’re blushing (or, in this cold weather, that you’ve just taken a brisk walk). This is awesome for natural looks, and I often wear this at school, where the teachers are easily annoyed by dramatic makeup. The next is so that it looks like you’re wearing blusher. I personally find this odd, since makeup is meant to enhance your features and not cover them. It’s fun for a night out, just not all the time. Moving swiftly onwards: the last way to wear your blush is in more of a stripe. It can look terrible, so do beware; however, it can also make your cheekbones look lovely.

A blusher brush.
A blusher brush.

On applying blusher:

A popular way to apply blush is to smile and then brush the stuff onto the part that sticks out (okay, maybe that’s not the best way to describe it), the apple of your cheek. I personally find that if I’m not careful I end up with pink patches by my nose, so I have to apple to the more upper and outer area of the apples. Of my cheek, of course! You can apply blush using a powder puff, kabuki, angled kabuki or something cleverly a ‘blush brush’

Apple xx

Makeup for those sick days

It’s coming up to the winter season, and we all know what that, sadly, means: colds… And no one wants to look ill (unless it’s Halloween) –  so how do you conceal it?

Reverse the signs!

So, what are the common problems you have when you’re ill? Sallow skin, dark circles, puffy eyes, a red nose, chapped lips – do any of these sound familiar? Well, whatever your symptoms are, you can get your makeup out and reverse them! This will probably mean you’re aiming to get healthy skin, concealed dark circles and puffiness and moisturised lips. This is basically the key to covering up illness.


Healthy skin and lips

Lip gloss and blusher are the two makeup products that make you look healthier – so, after a light-to-medium layer of foundation, apply some blusher to the apples of your cheeks (smile, then apply it to the parts of your cheek that stick out a little) and blend it upwards. If you like, you can also use some bronzer on the sides of your forehead, and if you make a ‘fish face’ then apply it onto the parts that you have sucked inwards. I would recommend you don’t use a blusher that is too red or pink, though, because it may make you look flushed. Experiment with what you have, though, because that isn’t always the case.


Next, make sure you moisturise your lips at least twice a day. If your lips are especially chapped, you might want to invest in some more medical lip treatments (I recommend Burt’s Bees). Put one some sheer lip gloss and you’re ready to go!

Concealing dark circles and puffiness around the eyes

Use a good concealer to get rid of your circles and blend into the inner corner. If you can, curl you lashes and then apply mascara. Instead of your normal black or brown eyeliner, use a white one/one that is lighter than your skin. Plum is also a good colour if you do not have white.


A red and runny nose

Most importantly, get some nice (potentially treated) tissues which are soft on your nose. Apply a little more foundation to your nose area than normal and highlight on your expression lines around your nose.

And that is my guide for makeup on sick days!

Hello again, everyone, I have missed blogging more than you know! The last two days have been pretty eventful for me (this relates to both homework and my social life). Thanks to everyone who has stuck by me, I do notice and I greatly appreciate it. Your help is so important, because my blog is basically anonymous and I get no publicity help from my friends or family.

I hope to be blogging more frequently in the future!

Apple xx