The Devil Orders Takeout Blog Party

The Devil Orders Takeout - Birthday Giveaway 2015

The awesome Alyssa over at The Devil Orders Takeout is hosting a blog party! Her blog has just got a snazzy new design, too, and it’s so preeettyy…


I encourage you all to join, not only because of the inherent coolness of a bog party, but also for the free virtual cake. Everyone likes cake, right? (Gosh, this is making me hungry. I really shouldn’t have brought cake up.)

1. If you win, what book would you like?

Hmmm…either The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski, because it seems like literally everyone is flailing over it, or A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab because I missed out on getting an ARC and it has so many things I love in a book: parallel worlds! Fantasy-historical setting! Also, London! (I don’t know whether I should be happy or devastated that the Fangirl collector’s edition isn’t out yet. I don’t think I could restrain myself.)

2. What would your ideal bookmark look like? (If you own it, show us a picture!)

I’m more of a dog-ear person, to be honest (I’m sorry, poor books) but I’ve always liked those dictionary bookmarks. I imagine it would be much more practical than turning on the computer just to look up the meaning of a word.

dictionary bookmark

3. What’s a book you want to read/write but have been putting off forever?

What, that one I’m writing at the moment?

awkward laugh

4. One urban myth you’ve heard about China? (Because CHINA. I’ll drop by and clear it up :D)

I don’t think I know any…? Seriously? I’m not exactly in the gossip loop. (I actually once visited, when I still lived in Japan. Well, there are some photos of a 5-year-old me on the Great Wall, anyway).

5. List your blogging inspirations.

In true Blue Peter fashion, let me point you to that handy list I made earlier at the side of the blog – >
It needs updating, though. Several of the blog names are now outdated, and I also seem to be missing Paper Fury. You can probably go and look at my Bloglovin account, too – do they show the blogs I follow? *shrugs*

Now go! Go join up the blog party! You can find the post and giveaway here (plus the pretty blog design). I hope you had a great birthday, Alyssa!



The Start of a New Year


I can’t believe we’re almost coming to the end of this year! I know it sounds clichéd, but it really does seem like only yesterday that I was writing the same kind of post last year. I don’t want you to bombard you guys with stats, since you’ve probably been getting a ton of these posts coming into your inbox, but ‘ve noted down a few achievments for the past year and stuff I’m excited about for the future.

Looking Back at 2014

Click here for a wonderful infographic of my stats produced by WordPress!

    • This year, I rekindled my love of words.. The library came into excellent stock, and I came across excellent books. This was the year I discovered Rainbow Rowell, The Mortal Instruments, The Grisha…the list goes on.
    • Not only did I fall back in love with reading – I also fell back in love with writing. I wrote and read stories far more frequently, and I even started a project during NaNoWriMo. My love of poetry was rekindled by the wonderful Topaz Winters (no, I’m not going to stop mentioning this!) and from there I’ve been bewitched by other beautiful poems. I’ve written a few of my own, too!
    • I read my first comic…ever? After much bugging. I was finally convinced by my friend to read the webcomic Nimona, and I am SO GLAD I DID. I binge-read all the available pages on a Wednesday afternoon and then had to suffer the next few months on just two pages a week. TORTURE. Anyway, I’m feeling a bit bereft now that it has ended, so if you guys have any recommendations then those would be great to hear.
    • I’m the same height as my mum. FINALLY. I don’t think I’m going to be a tall person exactly, but my one goal is to be taller than my mum. And we’re the same height!
    • I discovered the fandom. It’s a really fun community, but sometimes it bugs me that people tend to forget the flaws in books/movies.

Looking Ahead to 2015

    • I want to learn how the American school system works. It is just SO DARN CONFUSING. Even after reading all these books about kids in high school (?) I still do not understand which age corresponds with which year. (And honors classes?? What are they?)
    • I want to do a Goodreads reading challenge. I only just got my GR account, but I’m going to start at 60 books for 2015 and see how I go.
    • I want to finish a writing project. Preferably the one I started during NaNo, but you never know! I don’t want to block myself in 😛 To be honest, I just want to keep writing – as long as I keep practicing and improving and enjoying, I don’t want to stop
    • I want to watch some of the older episodes of Doctor Who on Netflix. I came onto the bandwagon way too late, and now I’m suffering.

And of course, there’s a whole load of books and movies like:

    • Nimona! In paperback!
    • Frozen Hearts, by the aforementioned blogger and teen writer Topaz Winters
    • ACOTAR and Throne of Glass #4
    • Fairest and Winter
    • Insurgent, Mockingjay Part II, Big Hero Six, The Scorch Trials
    • News of Paper Towns and Eleanor & Park movies?

And, finally, I want to keep blogging and I want to keep happy. 🙂

Happy New Year! How was 2014 for you? Do you have any goals for the coming year?

First Blogiversary + 200 Followers Giveaway!

Followers Blogiversary giveaway

Whoop! Today’s the first anniversary of my blog! 😀 As it happens, it’s also coincided with me getting my 200th follower. (What’s a few days here or there?)

Some of you might be thinking ‘This gal has been blogging for a year and she only has 200 followers?!’ but it’s more of a ceremonious occasion than a true representation of when my blog began. It’s had many, many rebirths. I’ve met many, many cool bloggers. Let’s recap the last twelve months:

How has my blog evolved since I started it one year ago on this day?

– it’s been from beauty blog to humour to general writing stuff to poetry to bookish things and then to there we are now.

Where is my blog going to be going in the future?

– it’s sort of become like a book blog, but I’m not going to be posting reviews. There are TONS of reviews out there and I don’t think that it’s a field I’d be helpful in. I still hope to post bookish stuff, and in addition to that my musings, photos, quotes, even the occasional poem/story. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

Mail's not deadSo, on we go to the aforementioned giveaway. I’ve been wanting to do a giveaway for a while, but I don’t have a lot of money so I thought that instead, we’d BRING BACK MAIL!
Yes, if you win I will be sending you a (hopefully) amusing card in the post, perhaps with a few badly drawn cartoons and a sticker or two. I’ll try and surprise you.

The giveaway is open internationally, but to receive the card you must be comfortable with sharing your address with me. I won’t be sharing either your address or your email with anyone. If you want to enter but don’t want to share your address, then let me know and if you win I’ll send you a cool e-mail card instead. (Though I’ll still pick another winner to send the real-life card to.)

Thank you all for your support, comments, inspiration and general awesomeness. It sounds clichéd, but it really does mean a lot to me.

Clicky-click for le giveaway!


The Post in Which I Return

I feel like I’m supposed to write a dramatic and heartfelt post, now, after coming pretty close to giving up on my blog.

However, I can’t really think of anything interesting right now other than that if you swim with your head upside down in a swimming pool, then it looks like you’re swimming on a liquid mirror (I have been swimming twice in as many days). It’s beautiful. No-one else seems to share this, though. I recommend that if you go swimming for you to try it, and observe.

My posts might be erratic for the next few weeks whilst I try to breathe some life into this blog. Please bear with me, and if you have any advice then it would be greatly appreciated.

Where is this going?

Eh. I feel like I’m not really going anywhere with this blog right now. The renewed enthusiasm I had for it seems to have gone. The ideas are no longer coming thick and fast. It’s more of a slow, dripping tap now. I can’t even be bothered to properly capitalise my title (though it looks better as it is, in my opinion; I’m not sure why I started capitalise all my titles).

I don’t know if it’s just the summer holidays, or a phase, or just a natural course of action. It just started to happen.
I’ve been reading a lot of books recently, hiding myself in the fictional world. I love books, I really do, but the thing that’s really nagging at me is that they’re just that: stories. They’re not real. Approximately half my life is based around something not real. I get irritable when I don’t have something that isn’t even real.

And then I’m just hiding from my sluggish blog in my fictional world, because what’s one undecided voice against millions of others?

Nothing, pretty much.

Update: Going on Holiday

Hey. It’s me again. I’m going to be going on holiday from Thursday (that’s the 10th July) for two weeks or so. I hope to be able to blog while there, and I’ll have some stuff scheduled, but I don’t know about the connection so sorry if I don’t reply to your comments! 🙂 Are you doing anything for the holidays? Let me know. I like to chat. xx

(also, yay, this is my 100th post! Exciting!)

A New Look for my Blog!

As you might have noticed, I’ve changed the look of my blog! I’ve chosen a new theme, Hexa, to replace my last one, San Kloud. Like it? Love it? Hate it? Any niggling things about it? Let me know. Please be honest, although saying that probably won’t change your mind (though I hope it will).

New avatar

Also, I’ve got a new avatar-thing. It’s not that detailed or anything but…yeah. It’s more related than my last one, and I think it’s an improvement. You?

I hope you guys are good. I’ve just started my summer holidays, and I’m having a busy social life (which is very unlike me). I just went to my best friend’s birthday party and it was AWESOME. We jumped into her swimming pool (I know, she has a swimming pool) and swam with the ducks/ducklings that have nested in her garden. In our clothes. I came home sopping wet, and my mum was not pleased.

On Reaching 100 Followers!

In January, I wrote a post very similar to this telling you all that I had reached fifty followers. Today I tell you that I HAVE REACHED 100 FOLLOWERS! Yay!

I actually achieved this a couple of days ago but I didn’t realise at the time so I bring you all this post today, the first of May. I’ve been blogging for about six and a half months at this moment in time. It seems so weird – almost like I’ve just started.

Anyway, I know 100 followers in six months probably isn’t that great but I feel good about it. I feel excited. Who knows where I could be in six month’s time, what I could be doing on those dreary autumn days? I mean, it’ll probably just be homework but you never know.

In the fashion of my last celebratory post, I’ll do a month by month round up.

February represents the days of little posting and rants written in my phone. Possibly not my finest hour…

March was the month that I changed what I’d like to be blogging about. I started off this intending to be a beauty blog but it’s evolved into something more like my rambling a and thoughts. I have more to say about rambling and thoughts than I have about beauty.

April was a fun month. I did some fun posts with my buddy and I wrote some fun posts by myself. It was a month of laughter, even though fun is a very different thing from being funny.

And May? Well, May has only just started but I have a LOT planned for you guys! And I just want to say thank you to anyone that actually reads this stuff, crazy as it is. You are my life, except not really because I have school and family and friends and Throne of Glass and Totoro. So yeah.

In other news, here is a song that I am going to show you even though it’s all over the radio so you’ve probably already heard it.  This song sums up the atmosphere of this post.