September Favourites!

September Favourites

September has gone by already! Each day seems to inch by, but by the time it’s gone it feels like it was a breeze. And IT’S OFFICIALLY AUTUMN! (Or Fall, if you prefer.) September has really been key in the latest rebirth of my blog, which is a sort of book-writing-thoughts mix as far as I can see. I’ve also made some amazing new blogger buddies! ❤

1. & 2. Multiple editions of Fangirl, and Noelle Stevenson I got the collector’s edition of Fangirl for my birthday, which is the third edition I own (I also have the eBook). And seriously, guys, it’s awesome. The cover folds put to become a neat poster, there’s a metallic illustration of Simon and Baz under the dust jacket, and there’s even a special message to British readers in the back. Which brings me onto my next point: Nimona, the comic written by Noelle Stevenson of aforementioned cover-illustrating-awesomeness, came to an end on Tuesday. *cries* Oh, the feels!

3. Fandom life As represented by my Carry On, Simon t-shirt which is stunningly similar to the one worn by Cath from Fangirl. (Yes, again.) This month was the month where I linked up with other fandom people and actually discovered what it means to be in a fandom – which is, to say, scrolling through amusing gifs, quotes and fan art when I really should be doing my homework.


5. Heroes of Olympus I’m in the process of re-reading the series in anticipation of Blood of Olympus, which comes out on the 7th. When I read House of Hades, I had kind of forgotten the plot completely, so this time around I thought I’d be prepared.

6. A new fountain pen That’s actually just a picture of the box, since the pen was in my pencil case, but I thought I’d put it in there anyway. It may look like an oversized crayon, but it’s a lot nicer to write with than my last one. Plus, no one will mistake it for their own, since I don’t think anyone has a pen of this brand. To be honest, I’ve never seen a pen from this brand anywhere, let alone at school, which is very partial towards biros and LAMYs.

7. Strepsils Okay, okay, they’re not actually Strepsils, but who cares? It’s like hoover, or sellotape. You just call the item by the brand name. Anyway, I had a cold and cough last week so these were life-savers. They didn’t even taste that bad.

8. Heir of Fire (not pictured) I actually forgot to photograph this, but I had to come back and put it in. It’s the third book in the Throne of Glass series and it was EXPLOSIVE. Thumbs up from me.

That’s it for my September favourites! Do you think I should continue with my monthly favourites? How was your month?

Keep looking & feeling awesome throughout winter

Winter’s coming up, so for many of us this is going to mean COLD. How can we keep looking and feeling fresh and awesome through all the cold days?

Stay looking fresh

In these days coming up to winter, I like to wear bright clothes, like cable tights and my lovely turquoise jumper. Try and have at least one bright item if clothing because it will freshen up your look even if you think it won’t. But don’t take it too far, because if you wear too many bright pieces of clothing it will just look gaudy and tasteless.

And blush. I love blusher so much. It’s ridiculous.

In autumn and winter I tend to put away the bronzers, bright nail polish and pastel eye shadows. Instead I tend to go for for classic nail polish like red, black or a calm blue or green, and mostly stay with neutrals for eyeshadows.

Myself, I prefer pink blushes in winter rather than peachy ones. If you have ‘warmer’ skin you might want to try a browner or more red colour. As for eye shadows, I generally just stick to browny neutral colours. Reds are also nice.

Feel awesome!

This is the season of colds, sadly…

I just love to drink hot chocolate and tea. Lemon and honey tea will help unblock colds or a sniffly nose. I recommend you give it a try (it also tastes nice).

Christmas season is coming up so there’ll be lots of sales, not to mention that the shops and streets will be all lit up. Treat yourself to something, and embrace the Christmas season. I vote for carol singing as soon as bonfire night and Halloween are over (I tend to sing Christmas carols in the wrong season!!).

I’ll be going away for 5 days on Wednesday and may or may not be able to access the internet. Stay tuned for more updates!

Apple xx