Finding Our Feet // final film!

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I’m so excited to finally be sharing this project with you all! For the last few weeks I’ve been collaborating with Em @ Adventures of a Lost Teen and Victoria @ Addlepates and Book Nerds to create this film about young people finding our place in the world.

Being a teenager (and slightly older) is a crazy time. There are highs and lows and all sorts of weird figuring-yourself-out things to do. The aim of the project was to spread some love and positivity around the blogosphere, which is where you guys came in! We asked you all to send in words of advice and a video of yourself walking and…now you can watch them together in a video. 😀 Seeing everyone’s submissions was an absolute pleasure!

It’s so amazing to see this project actually come to life. It started with just an idea and now we have an actual thing! (Shh. I am allowed to be cheesy. I like being cheesy.) I can’t thank Em, Victoria, and everyone who submitted to the project enough! Collaborating with people is always awesome and this was no exception. YAY ALL THE PEOPLE. We couldn’t have done it without you guys.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy this video as much as we did putting it together — that it helps to fulfill what we wanted it to be, and that it puts a little more happiness into your day. 🙂

Introducing: Finding Our Feet

finding our feet post graphics

Hellooo! Today I’m super excited to share a new project that hopefully lots of you can join in with.  (Instead of listening to my general long rambles and being bored.) (Well. I HOPE NOT. :P)

Finding Our Feet is a project by and for teens & young people. It was created by Em @ Adventures of a Lost Teen, with help from myself and Victoria @ Addlepates and Booknerds. We’re aiming to compile a short video with clips and advice from all of you guys about the struggles of growing up and finding our place. We’re hoping that through this we can find shared experiences and give some support around the teen blogging community. 🙂 Being a young person is never easy, but *cue music* WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

And this is where the feet part comes in! We’re asking you to send in a clip of you walking anywhere you like to accompany the message you submit. I know a lot of people would prefer not to show their face, and it fitted reall well with the theme of ‘finding our feet’. (Literally. This is all a massive pun and I LOVE IT.)

how exactly can you get involved?

Okay, so as I mentioned if you’d like to participate we’re asking for two pieces of information from you:

  1. A 10-20 second clip of you walking as an email attachment
  2. A short written message of advice or support for other young people or an inspirational quote

And then send both of these to by 31st July.

a couple of tips

  • You can film your clip on whatever you like — a phone is perfectly fine! — as long as it’s got your feet walking. (You can check out an example clip that Em made below.) We’re hoping to get as much variety as possible so feel free to get creative with where you’re walking! (As long as it’s not dangerous. SAFETY FIRST,PEOPLES.)
  • Regarding the length of your clip: as I said, it can be anywhere between 10 and 20 seconds, but remember that your message must be read out over your clip. So if you’ve got a slightly longer message then go for a longer clip! We can always cut clips down, but trying to make the words fit in a short time period is a lot more difficult.
  • Send your video in an attachment, but send your message written! We’ve decided to have a few readers saying the messages rather than asking you to send in audio clips yourself. 🙂
  • If you’re sending in a quote and it’s been said by a particular person, it would be wonderful if you could include a source.

Here’s Em’s wonderful example!

Message: “never let other people tell you your dreams are impossible”

Now all that’s left is for you guys to participate! Its open to all young people wherever you are, and we’re accepting clips + messages until 31st July. The final video should be up sometime in August. We hope to see as many submissions as possible! 😀

And if you have any questions then feel free to comment, check out Em’s introductory post or contact us on Twitter (@appletaile, @Addlepates or @em_is_lost99). 🙂

Is Beauty Really in the Eye of the Beholder?

We often hear the phrase ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. It effectively means that beauty is what a person thinks is beauty; if you see something as beautiful, then it is.

But could you look into the mirror and honestly tell me that there was not one thing you would change about your appearance? Are you totally happy with who you are?

However much I do not like it, my own answer would be no. If I could then I would be skinnier, have a smaller nose, a thinner face – there are many things that I would change about myself if I got the chance.

Mirrored beauty

Why do we want to change these things, though? Why do we want to be ‘prettier’, ‘skinnier’ or ‘have a smaller nose’?    Why do we actually want these things?

To answer these questions, we need to think some more about what beauty actually is. Does beauty exist if there is no one there to see it? Of course, this question is very much a matter if opinion, and is not really that different from if I asked you ‘If a tree falls in a forest with no one there, does it make a sound?’.

In my view, I think there is a definite possibility that beauty can exist if no one sees it, but if there’s no one there to see it – does it make a difference if it’s beautiful or not?

I could also apply this question to daily life, and say that someone or something is not beautiful unless it is seen by someone else to be so. This, sadly, seems to be truer than ever at the moment, or at least to me. If it weren’t, then the beauty industry would not be so successful. We wouldn’t slather ourselves in makeup everyday because ‘everyone else is doing it, so I wont look pretty without it’ [*]. Because beauty isn’t just in the eye of the beholder anymore, is it? It’s also what the beholder has been told is beautiful. If all of us were brought up to believe being skinny is ‘ugly’, then, generations later, we would probably still believe that. ‘Beautiful’ is only a word; it only means what we want it to mean, because a word is just a sound attached to a meaning. If we are constantly told we are beautiful, then we come to believe that we are. flower

Another question to ask yourself is: ‘Would you rather have a beautiful appearance or a beautiful soul?’ A beautiful personality and soul is also important, too, because this is not so much skin-deep, and we change our personalities according to the choices we make or have made.

[*] I’m not trying to say that everyone is like this, or that makeup is always a bad thing because isn’t always, and it can be a great way of expressing yourself.

So what we need to do in this day is to stand in front of a mirror, see our flaws both inside and out but then see these flaws as what makes us beautiful, and remember that perfection isn’t flawless either.

Apple xx