My Year in Blogging // time passes too quickly

2016 recap

My favourite  of recap-y posts is getting to look at your old goals. OH GOSH. I was so young and innocent then. *shakes head* (I wanted to figure out the school system in the US. And Carry On was still a distant dot on the horizon.) I do feel like I’ve grown a lot this year — and I’ll probably look back at this post and laugh at my clichés, but it’s true. SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED IN JUST A YEAR.

Looking back at 2015

  • (Damn. I still think it’s basically 2012. I have no idea how I’ll get used to writing the new date.)
  • Both of my top posts were somehow Rainbow Rowell posts? (The one where I talked about the Eleanor & Park movie, and the one where I talked about Carry On). Obviously the people searching Rainbow Rowell books have come to the right place: WELCOME, FRIENDS. I am here to flail with you.
  • Some other posts I’m proud of are my 7 British words that aren’t ‘bloody’ — which ironically I now say a lot! — and my discussion of parallels between Harry Potter and real world issues. You can see the WordPress report of my year in blogging here!
  • I changed my blog theme. I mean, I do need a new photo after my haircut. 😉 But I’m really happy with the design itself, and I hope you guys are liking it!
  • Well. The UK General Election happened. I don’t talk about current affairs very much on here, but…eh. I wasn’t that impressed with a lot of the new actions. So that was all a bit of a downer.
  • Last year I said I wanted to complete a writing project, which I didn’t, despite doing NaNoWriMo twice. (Don’t worry, you didn’t miss a second November. I speak of Camp NaNo!) Completing that would have been nice, but…hopefully in 2016? I also do feel like I spent time growing my poetry, so. My excuse. 😉
  • I joined SO many fandoms. I fell in love with Les Mis in April and…yeah. Now I talk a lot about dead French revolutionaries. And through that I discovered other great musicals like Hamilton and Rent! Plus, I got super into Alice Oseman’s Solitaire, and I’m really excited for the release of Radio Silence early next year.
  • THE SIMON SNOW FANDOM HAS EXPLODED. I think the release of Carry On totally deserves its own bullet point, right? The fandom has basically gone from a few familiar faces where everyone reblogged everything in the tag to a lovely community of people excited by Simon and Baz and Agatha and Penny and Ebb.
  • I did complete my Goodreads challenge, but I feel like I’ve read a lot less this year. You can see my year in books here. 🙂 I’ve been reading so slowly since the start of school in September… I’m kind of considering the possibility that I read the same amount of fanfiction as books? I have read a lot of fanfic. *coughs*
  • I went to my first ever convention, as well as two more! I’M SO HAPPY I DID. I’ve enjoyed all my cons massively, and I’m hoping to go to as many in the future as possible! Although sadly I’m missing YALC — I chose to go on my Girlguiding trip instead, which should still be fabulous. 🙂

Looking forward to 2016

  • I want to improve my cosplays! And generally do all the fandom things. But I’d really like to learn more about the sewing aspect of cosplay, and maybe cosplay a character with a more complicated costume. (In May I’m hoping to cosplay Jehan from Les Mis! Right now I’m attempting to make a pattern for the waistcoat oh gosh. XD)
  • MOOOORE WRITING. Always. I have so many ideas that I’d like to write. And I really haven’t been doing much poetry recently so…I want to get back into that.
  • I want to continue learning Japanese — so far I’ve basically just learnt a few basic phrases and the hiragana characters. Um. Yeah. I’d love to get a little more decent at that.
  • I want to watch all the things I’ve been itching to watch. Old Doctor Who episodes. Once Upon a Time. Star Wars. Mr Robot. SO MANY MUSICALS.
  • I’d love to attend more bookish events, hehe. Seeing authors speak is amazing.

Thank you to all the lovely people who’ve read my posts, commented, talked to me —  Evi, Michelle, Alyssa, Nirvana, Elly, An Overthinking TeenagerBridget, Elm, and so many more — I APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH. Thank you for all the fabulous blogs I’ve been reading over the past year. (I might have to do a whole list. There’s a lot.) ❤ I hope that 2016 will be a good year for all of us.

Fanmix Yourself: the wanderlust of inertia

Is it narcissistic fanmixing yourself? I don’t know. Maybe. 😛 No, I’ve actually been wanting to do this for a while — I thought it would be kind of nice to tie in with all the New Year reflections. The hope is that I do one next year and see if my choices change.

I recently spotted a fanmix yourself tag going around Tumblr, but that didn’t feel right… If I’m making a playlist to tell a story, then I like the whole playlist to tell a story. (Rather than each song on its own.) (Also, I like cohesive playlists a lot more.) So this ended up being, um, pretty difficult. Character playlists are laborious anyway, and that’s when you have a better judgement of the character. — I probably have skewed judgement of myself.  So I was pretty pleased that I actually finished this playlist!

Are the songs I like different to the songs that describe me? I don’t know. I think so. There’s a fair bit of…angsty dark electronic stuff in my music library, and I’m not actually that angsty and dark. (Maybe angsty. Sometimes. XD) And my music taste is also ridiculously varied — it doesn’t tell you that much about me, probably. I’m not sure. It swings between electronic pop and sweeping soundtracks and things with loud guitars quite frequently.

I didn’t really realise when I was putting it together, but this has a lot of my favourite songs. Songs that make me feel things more than other songs. Basically: SONGS I LIKE A LOT. So, um, this is making me a little nervous. But I hope you like it!


the wanderlust of inertia

for when you no longer know what you’re waiting for. for the ache of souls contorted into the bones you built them from. for screaming up at the stars and expecting an answer back.
listen on spotify

counting down the hours – ted leo and the pharmacists
lost that easy – cold war kids
paris – magic man
i stand corrected – vampire weekend
deeper than love – colleen green
here – alessia cara
forest fires – lauren aquilina
new constellations – ryn weaver

I’m using Spotify for my playlists now, and I’m finding it way easier than Soundcloud. (And I keep putting obscure songs in that it didn’t seem to have. *laughs awkwardly*)

What songs would you have chosen for yourself? Have you discovered any new music in 2015?