Monthly Mixtape #15: Flight

A cassette tape with the words 'monthly mixtape' in a brush script above and below.

Hello again, and welcome back to Monthly Mixtape after a little break. (Because life happens and, you know, it’s fun to keep you all on your toes.) Monthly Mixtape is a music feature created by me, Eve @ Twist in the Taile, and Evi @ Adventuring Through Pages. Here’s how it works: each month, we give you a one-word prompt, and you make a playlist. We welcome you to interpret the prompt however you want and with whatever music you’re into.

Please link back to the original Monthly Mixtape prompt whenever you make a playlist. You are welcome to use the title image for your blog post if you wish. You can create a playlist in response to any of the previous prompts as well if you like. The next Monthly Mixtape will most likely be up in the first week of September! (AAH, Year 13 *screams*) And this month’s prompt is…

#14: flight

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Now for my own playlist! I did not make a pretty cover because my computer is being dodgy at the moment, but there we are. And yes, that is a Eurovision song, and also yes, it’s very good. There’s an interesting collection of genres here, haha, but that’s just me I guess. Some of them are songs that just make me feel weightless listening to them, some of them have that flying vibe, and some of them are actually slightly flight-related. (The Wind Rises makes me think about flight because of the movie, so.) I do hope you enjoy. 🙂

listen on spotify

cut to the feeling – carly rae jepsen
sucker punch – sigrid
zero gravity – kate miller-heidke
it’s okay to cry – SOPHIE
clarence difference – baths
main theme (from “the wind rises”)
hummingbird – the both

How is your August going? Are you on holiday or back to school? Have you been listening to any good music lately? I would love to hear! 🙂

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