My 2018 in Books

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Can I let you in on  secret? I first wrote ‘2017’ instead of 2018 when drafting this post. I think that gives you a good idea of what’s going on with my brain haha. You can also check out my 2017 and 2016 in books if you are so inclined.

overall summary

So this year I read exactly 100 books, meeting my Goodreads reading challenge. This is a bit less than other years, and I think that’s a combination of a) not reading as much due to being more busy and b) reading denser books that take a longer time to read. It also does include a lot of comics, perhaps contributing to the fact that I’m about 10,000 pages lower than previous years according to Goodreads. Ah well! That’s life!

The longest book I read this year was, unsurprisingly, Les Miserables, which I reread over the summer. (I would by far recommend the Donoghue translation over the Hapgood which I read first time already.) Les Mis was also the most popular book I read, and Attis by Tom Holland the least popular at 16 other Goodreads ratings.


It was so difficult for me to pick these! I realised that I’ve actually read SO MANY good books this year, oh my goodness.

I honestly can’t believe I read Autoboyography by Christina Lauren in 2018 because it feels like an absolute AGE ago. This book just really took me in and pulled at my emotions. The Weight of Feathers by Anna-Marie McLemore was another book that got me extremely invested, and like all her other books I adored it. I can’t believe I haven’t picked up her newest yet! I was so excited to read I Was Born For This and it didn’t disappoint, bringing me a whole new set of characters to love. I loved Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman so much and I’m incredibly excited to read more of her work (I also loved her second book Summer Bird Blue! I just had too many books already!) I also devoured A Very Large Expanse of Sea by Tahereh Mafi and WOAH. Also, the cover is so pretty oh my goodness.

My second lot starts with the Hawkeye comics, which I’ve reread about 4 times since I first picked them up and continue to absolutely delight me. The art is just SO GOOD and I love Kate and Clint SO MUCH. Far From the Tree by Robin Benway absolutely blew me away with the characterisation and story (and also can we just appreciate a beautiful cover). I very recently finished Run, Riot by Nikesh Shukla and it was so gripping and powerful. A Thousand Perfect Notes by CG Drews was very different but also very absorbing; it felt like a book that spoke to my childhood self but also one that current me loves a lot. . Finally, We Are Okay by Nina LaCour was a nuanced and beautifully written book that really got me feeling those emotions.

hidden gems

The Summer of Jordi Perez and the Best Burger in Los Angeles by Amy Spalding is an EXTREMELY cute and excellent f/f rom-com and I adored it. Noteworthy by Riley Ridgate is about cross-dressing and accapella which is an extremely rad combination. Long Macchiatos and Monsters by Alison Evans is a short queer novella that I loved very much and I have reread because I sometimes I just gotta read a happy trans story to get by.  I’m putting Attis by Tom Holland here more for the experience than to actually recommend it, because it was so difficult to find that I ended up going to the British library to read it? But it was VERY RAD and surreal. I also feel like it represents the fact that recently I have got…very into Classics I guess? Finally, Indigo Donut is a beautifully written story about belonging, family and growing up, set in London, from the wonderful Patrice Lawrence.

There are so many books that I’m excited to read in 2019 — but I shall leave that for another post!

have you read any of these books? what were your favourite books of 2018? anticipated reads for 2019?

17 thoughts on “My 2018 in Books

      1. Oooh okay I might attempt it some time this year then… I’ve found some really nice copies of it online! Yep I watched it and I can’t wait for the next episode! I thought it might be a bit too slow but I actually really enjoyed it – and I do love Lily Collins!

  1. I started David Copperfield last year, but still in the process of reading it. Have about ten other books I own that still need reading, but don’t know the order in which I will read them.

    2018- Nicholas Nickleby was the best read of last year

      1. It is a long book, but worth it. He is an incredible protagonist. It is a book full of characters to like and a book full of characters to dislike.

        Another book I have lately is the book I have been writing myself.

  2. Ahhhh SO MANY great books!! The Upside of Unrequited, IWBFT, Starfish, ATPN… I had completely forgotten about The Summer of Jordi Perez and Noteworthy?? I was SO excited to read them but,,, out of sight out of mind I guess? I didn’t see them at the bookstore and barely anyone talks about them unfortunately :/ Glad to hear you enjoyed them though! Hopefully I’ll pick them up this year 😀

    1. Oops so side note, this reminded me that I put in the picture for Upside of Unrequited and then couldn’t remembre my 10th favourite book so put a extra one in. AH WELL. And yay for those wonderful books!

      Exactly, I haven’t seen much of them around (although I haven’t been great at keeping up with book blogs either, so.) I hope you like them if you pick them up! 🙂

  3. I Was Born For This, A Very Large Expanse of Sea, Starfish, and A Thousand Perfect Notes all made it onto my favourites list for 2018 as well! I didn’t use to be a very big contemporary person, but I think I must have been reading the wrong kind of contemporaries because these all felt as magical as any fantasy novel.

    I hope 2019 brings you more lovely books, Eve!

    1. Oh high five! They’re all so wonderful. And same – I used to say fantasy was my favourite genre and although I do enjoy it a lot I’ve really come around to loving a lot of contemporary books as well.

      You too! Here’s to more wonderful reading in 2019!

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