January Favourites

The words January Favourites over a purple watercolour splash.

Finally, my exams are finished! I wish I could say I feel free again, but I still have so much ahead of me. *sweats* Anyway, I am rather looking forward to February. The last month has been not my favourite ever. I have been combating that by consuming some good good art.

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Emotion by Carly Rae Jepsen I rarely find myself listening to whole albums on repeat, but this is one of those albums. I am OBSESSED with it.  I’m so glad that I’m just, like, finally accepting that actually I just super love pop and this fills me with courage and joy with every listen. (Except maybe Warm Blood. Sorry but that’s my least favourite, oops.)

Hamilton BOY OH BOY OH BOY. I finally saw this on the West End this month and!! It as so incredible! I thought all the actors were incredible but I especially loved the performances of Rachel John (Angelica Schuyler) and Giles Terera (Aaron Burr). I do slightly regret that I was feeling anxious due to exams but I’m so grateful that I got to see this.

Autoboyography by Christina Lauren I bought this using a book token I got for Christmas and I’m so glad I did! It was so readable and cute, definitely a good antidote to exams. It really pulled at my feelings and I liked reading about a queer religious character because I feel like I don’t see that very often? But that could also very much be due to the fact that I haven’t actively sought them out.

We Are Never Meeting in Real Life by Samantha Irby I got this book for Christmas and I’m loving it SO MUCH. It’s a book of essays which is kind of…new and uncharted territory for me but I’m so glad I picked it up.

The Adventure Zone ‘But, Eve!’ I hear you say. ‘Didn’t you start listening to this podcast like a year and a half ago?’ To which I answer: yes. And, also yes, I am only just coming to the end of the first Balance campaign. But, god, it is hitting me SO HARD in the feels. I feel it’s come so far since the first story and I’ve also travelled with it. It means so much to me and I can’t wait to see where it goes next.

Patsy Walker! AKA Hellcat by Kate Leth & Brittney Williams I finally managed to get the last volume of it out of the library after waiting like 6 months! IT WAS SO GOOD AND I’M SO UPSET IT WAS CANCELLED AFTER THIS. It’s one of the few mainstream/superhero comics that I’ve actually found myself invested in and I wish I could read more ones like it. 😦 Like, action is okay but plEASE just give me soft queer happy friends.

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in the diary:

  • Mock exams pretty much sums it up. I haven’t been doing much except attempting to survive those, really.
  • I have also been freaking out a lot over A Level options because I DO NOT KNOW and I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I WANT TO DO WITH MY LIFE and this forces me to confront that.
  • Wait, I didn’t actually do a December wrap up…so also I guess I was ill for a while?
  • I also saw Ant-Man with my friends and I was like wOAH because the stepbrother from Clueless was in it. (Listen, I never remember actors, so.)

how has your january been? have you had any exams? what albums do you listen to on repeat?



7 thoughts on “January Favourites

  1. Last semester of college started up. Two snow days and one day went sledding with cushions from the common area of my college suite covered in garbage bags and than had snow cream later in that day. Next day, made a small snowman than had hot chocolate. So just memories created from my last semester of college mainly. January, I celebrated my 24th birthday twice: first week before class: don’t know what date it was, but saturday before came back, my family took me out for my bday and than on the 9th (my actual bday), my suite mates took me out to lunch at FATZ and afterwards watched Beauty and the Beast (2017), but first my room was decorated by one of their boyfriends while I was out and got a present

    1. (Apologies for the late reply!) We barely ever get snow where I am, and I live so close to school that I can pretty much always walk there — I think my last snow day was when I was about 8. Happy birthday, that sounds wonderful! ❤

  2. Great post! Everyone is raving about Hamilton, but I’ve never really investigated it before – I feel like I might need to. I hope your mocks went okay, and OMG I am so ready for Alice Oseman’s new book as well :O Thank you for the mention! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! Well, I adore musicals so I might be a teensy bit biased, but I do think Hamilton is one of the best musicals out there. Thanks so much, they went well and YAY I am so excited! You’re very welcome 🙂

  3. Ahhh that’s so cool that you saw Hamilton! Good luck with A Levels and deciding what you want to do – it can be really daunting but you’ve got this! There are a lot of things you’re passionate about, so maybe see if you can do anything related to those things 🙂

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