Reading Recap // three mini reviews

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I confess: I haven’t had much blogging inspiration lately. My brain is very much filled with school and then — well, yeah. School. So I have a LOT of school-related things to say but not much of anything else, oops! However, I’ve been reading some great books lately so I thought it would be fun to, you know, actually do a bit of book blogging and have a bit of a chat about them.

warcross by marie lu

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I barely ever buy hardbacks for myself, but one of my friends gifted this to me for my birthday and I feel SUPER BLESSED. I absolutely raced through this, which was something I hadn’t done in a while. I was gripped by the plot, and I think that was helped by the fact that it was such a neat premise with a clear end point that propelled it forwards. (If that makes sense? Friends, I haven’t written a review in like a year, please don’t be too harsh on me.)

In particular, I enjoyed the detail of the technology of Warcross; I don’t play many video games, but the technology seemed really thought out and innovative. I know a bunch of people have been talking about the end, and I definitely did not predict The Thing so THAT WAS EXCITING. I can’t wait to read the sequel! (Although I initially thought it was a standalone, so it was great to discover that actually there’s another book to come haha.)

little & lion by brandy colbert

Cover of Little & Lion by Brandy Colbert. The words 'Little & Lion' over a flat line illustration of a palm tree, a magazine, a flower, a coffee cup, and a book.

This book was in fact also a gift from a friend, but it was in so many ways completely different to Warcross. It’s a contemporary, character-driven book which looks much more at the changing relationships between the characters rather than a lot of action. However, I still finished this really fast! I do love me a character-driven plot, and this had such a good cast of  interesting and diverse characters, and also characters who really screwed up and said crappy things. Because, you know, people are often crappy. It discusses racism, particularly casual racism, figuring your sexuality, and what it means to be family, among other themes. (I…probably am going to forget something important.)

Personally, whilst I was reading this I strongly connected with Suzette’s experience of exploring her sexuality (because I am a person who often finds many people of different genders cute!!!), and I also enjoyed the romance. However, on reflection some parts could be read as a love triangle/emotional cheating kind of thing, which you might be frustrated with. To be frank: I don’t quite know! I need to do some more thinking about that. I’m looking forward to rereading this more slowly because I’d like the time to discover and consider the stuff I missed the first time round.

the diviners & lair of dreams by libba bray

I’ve put these two books together because I did actually read them one after the other, despite my best efforts to save Lair of Dreams for a little later. I was super excited to find these in my school library (I think they’ve got some new books this year and it’s amazing?!?) even though I didn’t know what to expect apart from the blurb.

WELL, FOLKS. I loved them a lot! They’re a super weird mix of magic & the occult & 20s New York, with many characters that I adored. I haven’t read long fantasy book in a while, but it didn’t feel like a drag — both of these were relatively easy reads for me. I liked that I got to see Henry, one of my favourite side characters from the first book, become one of the mains in Lair of Dreams, but we also got way less narration from Memphis which made me sad.  I haven’t read a combination of genres like this before so it was exciting for me! (However: the covers for the UK paperbacks are definitely not my favourites. I feel like there is so much potential there, argh.)

Can you believe it I’ve made it to three reviews? To be honest, ME NEITHER. A little cheer for me. Truly, I haven’t written reviews in so long and it was actually pretty nice… Perhaps I shall make this a feature? But, who knows, I’m not very good at keeping up with those haha.

have you read any books recently? do you prefer getting hardbacks or paperbacks? what books are on your tbr list?

Note: I’m away until the 29th, and I probably won’t be able to reply to comments. Thanks for your patience! Also, sorry to those of you waiting on the giveaway; I will be contacting and announcing the winner upon return.


15 thoughts on “Reading Recap // three mini reviews

  1. I’ve been wanting to read Little & Lion! I heard it had ace rep? I don’t even remember whether it was ace or aro.. Anyway, I’m happy you liked it! I’ve also only heard amazing things about Warcross so I guess I should read it now.

      1. I don’t remember if someone told me or whatever, it might also just be that my brain just made it up haha

  2. I prefer paperbacks for sure!! Hardbacks I can deal with but a paperback is much more comfy to read if that makes sense😂
    Great reviews! I’ve been wanted to read Warcross for the longest time ( love Marie Lu, her Legend trilogy got me into reading YA years ago! ) but I’m waiting for the price to go down on Amazon hehe.

    1. I agree! Some hardbacks are more pretty but they’re inconvenient to read and I always worry about damaging them and stuff.
      Same, Legend was one of the first YA series that I read! Yeah sadly it’s not too cheap at the moment but I hope you enjoy it if you do read it at some point. 🙂

      1. I’m the exact same! They’re much more high maintenance😭 Really? That’s so cool! Its kind of one of the best books to kick start reading YA in my opinion! Yeah, me too😄

    It was my first ever Marie Lu-novel and I want all of her books now. Also, the sequel. I want that sequel. It rarely happens that I can read a novel so ridiculously fast as I did with Warcross. [Although I’m discovering that Maas’ books are having the same effect.]
    I’m also pretty curious about the title of the sequel, really..

    As for books. I don’t really prefer paperbacks or hardcovers. As long as they’re physical copies. I like reading those a ton more than having to read on my kindle. [Which I obviously only do when it’s eARC’s, haha.]

    1. YES you should definitely check out her other books! They’re wonderful! Honestly same; I can’t wait for it eek. Hmm me too! I used to love Maas so much but I sort of feel like I’ve moved on to other books now? I dunno.

      I do find ebooks really useful for travelling but otherwise…PHYSICAL COPIES. They’re so lovely! I just love being able to hold a book haha.

      1. I will!
        I really am soooo late on the Maas-train though. I get that people are moving on from it but I just discovered her a couple of months ago with ACOTAR so now I just finished Crown of Midnight. It’s all new to me! Which in a way is amazing but on the other hand is crap since people constantly go “You haven’t read them yet?! WHAT?”
        Like, sorry I had other books to read, people. D:

        YUP! And even when traveling.. Went on a road trip and had the perfect excuse of “we’re not paying for the weight of our luggage anyway? Why bring my Kindle?!” :’D

  4. I loved Warcross so much. Lu totally blew me away with the detailed world she created inside and outside of the game. The ending was tough, but since it’s a series, we can hope it corrects itself.

  5. Warcross has gotten so many great reviews, so I am glad you enjoyed it as much as everyone else. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous reviews! ❤

  6. I wasn’t the biggest fan of The Young Elites, but Warcross sounds so good that I want to give it a try anyway 🙂 I’ve also meant to read The Diviners since,, forever,, but never got to it? Still planning on it though!

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