September Favourites!

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That’s right, folks, I’m back for monthly favourites! Maybe I’ll keep up with them, maybe not. Who knows?

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Rainbow by Kesha I saw a bunch of people listening to this album and I AM SO GLAD I LISTENED TO IT TOO. It’s not perfect but there are so many songs I loved — from jams like Woman to songs such as Rainbow and Spaceship which do make me a bit teary.

Young Avengers I finally picked up the last volume in this series and I’M SO SAD THAT WAS THE END because I enjoyed it so much! It’s one of the first superhero comics that I’ve really got into and I’m very much looking forward to reading more about these characters in the future. (Miss America has a solo series. And I think there are the previous Young Avengers comics too. But I’m not very knowledgeable when it comes to these things.)

Brooklyn 99 I feel like I might have talked about this before on my faves? WHO KNOWS ANYMORE, NOT ME.  I’ve just about finished the first series which is an amazing show of commitment for me when it comes to a TV show (I can barely make it through 8 40-minute episodes) and AAH! I I love that everyone loves and supports each other and it’s very wonderful to watch. However, in the last episode I watched Gina talks about her ‘spirit animal’ which is a Super Not Okay thing to do and it wasn’t at all called out, so, that really sucks. :/

Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat Another EXCELLENT comic here. It’s super cute, features a bunch of LGBTQ+ characters, and friends being wonderful with each other. Just, yeah. So wonderful. Though again I’m sad that this wraps up after a few volumes since it got cancelled. 😦 Is there a theme with the comics I’m talking about…?

Yerma I saw the Young Vic production of this with Billie Piper broadcast live at the cinema and WOW. I didn’t really know what I was getting into beforehand so it was quite hard-hitting but I thought it was such a great piece of theatre.

The Diviners by Libba Bray Well, it’s October and I still haven’t quite finished this, but I’m loving it so far — which is cool since I wasn’t really expecting that? (To be fair, I don’t quite know what I was expecting. But not magic and murder in 20s New York. THE COVER I HAVE MISLED ME, OKAY?) Plus, I’ve just found out that the sequel includes more of one of my favourite side characters, Henry, so yay for that.

stuff from around the internet:

  • Well, er, my stats were a bit up from the rock bottom of August when I barely posted? I talked about going back to school, comics I’m loving, and shared some cat photography in the What Cats Do book tag.
  • I started following the newsletter Two Bossy Dames when one of my favourite podcasts Witch Please how many times can I fit it into this post did a guest letter and I’m loving it! I’m new to newsletters (haha, amazing joke, I know right) so I didn’t really know what to expect but I just adore having all these links and things to go read… If you have any recommendations for newsletters I’d love to hear them!
  • I’ve definitely read some great posts, but…I’m kind of tired right now and I don’t want to miss any out. Hopefully I’ll be better at keeping track of them over October, my apologies.

in the diary:

  • Well, school started? It feels like I’ve been back for ages. We’ve packed so much in. Year 11 is…alright so far. A bit stressful, especially since it feels like everyone is always talking about A levels and careers whilst I freak out internally but, there we go.
  • Can I think about anything that’s not school…uh…
  • WAIT it was my birthday! Yay! I’m now 16 which feels very weird. But, it’s cool, I guess, and I’m looking forward to having my friends over for some fun. *nods* I have been kind of ill over my birthday though which sucks.
  • I went to the book launch It’s Only in the Movies by Holly Bourne! I was a big fan of the free content, especially the popcorn. Maybe a hint to other book events…? I can’t decide if I should do a recap of it so let me know what you think.
  • It was my school House music competition, which was pretty stressful since we had rehearsals almost every day for two weeks, but also SUPER fun and rewarding. (I am lucky in that I do love the people in my house and also I love singing in choirs.) Unfortunately we didn’t place but I’m still super proud of us.

how has your september been? did you return to education like me? have you read any good books?


9 thoughts on “September Favourites!

  1. My biggest September favorite might be seeing Rent with mom and dad, a five year wait worth it in the end and exceeded expectations. September also included Beauty and the Beast on the QUAD, volunteering with my club and other school memories. Now have my different October things I am looking forward to.

      1. Student Activities offers so many activities. They do Pumpkin Painting every year. I have done other student activities this semester and I have two exciting November things coming up as well

  2. Yass, Brooklyn 99 is the best and I’ve listened to a couple songs from Kesha’s new album and they are soo good! I hope your school year is great! I just realized this morning that my grades actually matter for the future this year. So that made me stress out a little too. XD

  3. My laptop acted weird so I had to turn it off and on again 😦 Hopefully I’ll remember the gist of my comment

    I’ve been meaning to listen to Kesha’s new album, but it completely slipped my mind. I blame school for eating the little memory I had left

    YES B99!! I love that show so much. I completely get what you mean – I bingewatched all the seasons that were out back then in such a short time and now I’m even rewatching it, which I barely ever do?? Let alone only a few months after I watched it the first time?? But yep Gina’s spirit animal comment isn’t okay :/ I cringed again during my rewatch

    I still need to read Young Avengers and Hellcat. I need to get to both asap


    A recap of that book event would definitely be fun to read 🙂 But don’t feel pressured to write it!

    Good luck with school, hope it doesn’t stress you out too much *hugs*

    1. Aw no it’s so annoying when that happens! Yeah, I’m going to be very sad when I finish the episodes available on netflix haha…

      I REALLY HOPE YOU DO & YOU LIKE THEM! If you ever want to talk about them I am very happy to, haha!

      Aah thank you so much ❤ Yes we had a great time, thank you, and luckily I had recovered by then.

      I sort of wish I had but I can't really remember it now, oops… School was been VERY BUSY. I am looking forward to half term!

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