My Music Taste Through The Ages

my music taste through the ages

My music has gone through a LOT of evolution. I find it difficult to tell people exactly my favourite music because I LOVE A LOT OF DIFFERENT MUSIC. I just go through…genre phases where I will listen to a ton of one kind of music, and then a few months later move on. But that doesn’t mean I don’t still enjoy some of my old music! I take my favourites with me.

Pre-Music Years

In primary school I didn’t really listen to or take an interest in music. ABBA was actually my favourite band, haha. (Though they are still amazing.) Selections from this era include Love Story by Taylor Swift and Replay by Iyaz, which were probably both what was on the radio at the time. What a throwback…


Some developments of okay stuff. I bought as many iTunes free singles of the week as I could — which I still have — including Lauren Aquilina, Orla Gartland, twenty one pilots and Rudimental. Man, I miss that feature. Free music is the best.

Soft Guitars: the First

I started listening to study playlists on 8tracks with kinda country and guitar songs like The Paper Kites and Angus and Julia Stone. I still use the playlist I made at this time for chilling around the house! Man, I really miss 8tracks. Since it stopped working with soundcloud I don’t use it much anymore.

Indie Rock Things

I read a book about a girl who’s really into, like, 80s indie rock? (It was called This Song Will Save Your Life. I still have it on my shelf.) And thus, I made a playlist of 80s bands including things like The Smiths and The Cure. Some of those songs have made it through, but not many. Considering that playlist was like 120 songs or something.

Bubblegum Guitar

Another find from 8tracks as I was looking for summery playlists! I also still really enjoy this genre — not exactly guitars, but not exactly pop? Just. Summery bubblegum guitars. I don’t know how to describe it. Includes stuff like Knox Hamilton, Misterwives, the Two Door Cinema Club, and Holychild. My playlist is called ‘neon sneakers’ and I like that.


A brief interlude in which I listened to lots of fan playlists, mostly for Les Mis and Harry Potter, and hence made my own. I actually discovered some cool stuff this way! But I also formed super strong character associations with certain songs — I can’t listen to Hang Me Up to Dry by the Cold War Kids without going HEY GRANTAIRE DON’T BE SAD. Blame it On the Girls is also still The Most Courfeyrac song.

Loud Guitar and Drums

I’m pretty sure someone stayed at our house and made me listen to some stuff? Update: IT WAS MY COUSIN’S AUSTRALIAN FRIEND. We saw him again the other day after like two years which was wild. Anyway. Stuff like The Black Keys, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, Cold War Kids. A bunch of stuff I still listen to, actually! Also, Vampire Weekend got in there somewhere even though it’s not super related.

Electro Pop

I got pretty into more electronic-y pop kind of thing during the summer Halsey’s Badlands was released — so I listened to a lot of Halsey, Ryn Weaver, Banks, Lights, Pvris, Verite. Basically ALL THE COOL LADY ARTISTS. I actually just went to look for the playlist and I COULDN’T FIND IT so maybe I deleted it which is super annoying

Summery Electro pop

Some stuff happened in between these two. I probably just listened to old stuff. I can’t really remember but, yeah, a weird mix. Maybe this was my musicals period. ANYWAY the summer of 2016 I started listening to more summery pop! And kind of actual pop pop. Honestly I’m pleased that I am finally able to embrace that I JUST REALLY LOVE POP. Highlights include Shura (What’s it Gonna Be? is still one of my favourite music videos ever), Troye Sivan, Years & Years, Aurora, Hayley Kiyoko & Lauren Aquilina because YOOO SHE IS MY FAVOURITE AND THIS WAS WHEN SHE RELEASED HER LP. IT WAS AMAZING & YOU SHOULD GO READ MY REVIEW.

Soft Guitars: the Second

More pop & musicals happened between these. Then I had a bit of a renaissance with the soft guitars, and actually bothered to make a new background guitars playlist with people like Sufjan Stevens, Dodie & The Lumineers.

Summery Chill Pop, Also Other Stuff

AND THUS WE HAVE REACHED NOW. What is my current taste in music, you ask? To be honest, I don’t know, because I just listen to a mix of everything. But my summer 2017 playlist — which you can listen to here — includes stuff like The Japanese House, HAIM, Christine and the Queens, Tegan and Sara, and Lorde. So…some pop? But also some guitars and electronic-y things? I DON’T EVEN KNOW, DON’T ASK ME.

You can check out my spotify account if you like, but it doesn’t cover all of these music phases haha. (Thank goodness.) I don’t know if this is quite a definitive list, but it broadly covers what music I have liked…well, ever, discounting musicals because THAT IS A WHOLE OTHER THING. Maybe I should just write a post screaming about musicals. Anyway, this has been very nostalgic and fun for me, what about you? I’d love to chat!

My cover photo for this post is by Alphacolor 13 on Unsplash.

do you go through phases like me? what are you loving at the moment? i’d love to hear any recs!


8 thoughts on “My Music Taste Through The Ages

  1. My tastes in music have evolved over the years. In the beginning in elementary school, I only enjoyed musicals and no where close to having a passion or even a love for them and the same applies to contemporary christiain music. I remember that in elementary school, my tastes were more wide-ranging and remember loving Hillary Duff and I did have a Backstreet Boys CD.

    Middle School: this is where my love for musicals was sparked and christian music was still climbing up on how much I loved it. I don’t fully remember my tastes of music in middle school, but it still was important. My love for musicals was sparked here because it was when my mom took me to New York at the age of 12 and the two of us saw Wicked on Broadway and that show was the show where I began to understand the meaning of an emotional connection and the emotional side of musicals.

    High School: Still had that love for musicals that I developed in middle school. But High School was where I developed the love I have now for contemporary christian music. My theme song all throughout High School was “Don’t Stop Believing”

    College (2012-now): Now tastes have definitely changed. My love for musicals turned into a passion thanks to Les Mis. My main favorite genres are musicals and contemporary christian music, but still have other tastes.

    1. That’s so interesting! Although I did listen a little to musicals before I started loving them, they weren’t a big thing for me. I also got into musicals when I was around 12! Wicked is just amazing, isn’t it?

      Les Mis is also the musical which really made me become obsessed with them, I think. I’m glad to hear that like me you still enjoy other genres of music which you became interested in at different times! 🙂

      1. Some people are convinced that I only love listening to musicals and contemporary christian music and that I am not exposed to other genres. The thing is I am drawn to my top two favorite genres the most.

        Musicals are unique in the fact that they tell a story through song, dance, and spectacle. Wicked carries my vision for musicals, which is one with dance, spectacle, comedy, romance, positive and negative emotions in the score, complexity, and a strong emotional connection and those are reasons why I love it so much.

        At the current moment, Les Mis and Wicked are neck in neck tied with each other for best musical. People want me to pick which is better at times. But the thing is I can’t as they are like severely different from each other

  2. Wow so many phases! It would be so interesting to see my own changes in music over the years! For me, in the past couple of years I went from accoustic guitar singer-songwriters, to folk and indie, to indie-rock, and now it’s alternative rock and rock, with some indie-rock mixed in sometimes. And somewhere in between I went through a short punk phase. It’s so crazy to see how much my music taste has changed in the last year alone, I can barely stand listening to indie music anymore haha
    Great post!

    1. I KNOW haha, I don’t know what’s up with me. Ooh that’s so interesting! I found it really fun to look through all my old playlists and things on my iPod… I went through a bit of a hard rock phase and I don’t like it that much now, oops. Thanks!

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