I Talk About Comics, Part 3

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I’m pretty sure this is one of my only successful series ever. (If you count successful as actually continuing as a series.) Probably because there are so many awesome webcomics out there! I’ve been reading a few more since the last update, but I thought I’d chuck in some traditional comics too because a) I didn’t have enough new webcomics haha  and b) I’m trying to get into traditional comics more so, you know, WHY NOT. Do feel free to check out part 1 and part 2 for further comic recs.

With Great Abandon by EH Macmillan Aah! I love this comic SO MUCH. Reasons I love it: trans MC! Hell yeah! Trans adults being trans and happy and doing stuff! Super cute romance, but also looks at the realities of actually being in a relationship. LONDON. Nerdiness. Russ and Harry meet in Forbidden Planet which I have in fact been to. Harry is so smooth which is like, woah. Also, oh my goodness the art is AMAZING. I really admire how the artist is able to continue the story without dialogue and just like…pretty arts… It actually just finished, which is sad because no more updates, but it does mean that now you can read the whole comic in one sitting. Go forth, friends!

Their Story by Tan Jiu I don’t normally read manga-style comics but my friend recced this to me and aah!! It’s so cute! And an F/F WEBCOMIC HELL YEAH LET ME READ MORE CUTE GIRLS. I feel like I read and see so many more m/m webcomics around than f/f ones which makes me really sad. 😦 I’d love to read more f/f and other queer girl stories so let me know if you’re reading any good ones!

Griefer Belt by Kales Y’all, I just really enjoy crime/con/heist stories. What can I say? This is basically queer criminals plus a lot of personal problems. Again, the art is so wonderful, and in general it’s just a super fun story. (Even though crime. Who knows.) Lars Van Allen really is a annoying, but he’s also…funny. The artist redrew him as Freckle from The Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo which I 10/10 agree with, if any of you have watched that. (Warning for violence & gore.)

Aspera by rrroux This comic has only started pretty recently, so we don’t know the characters too well yet, but it’s about LGBTQ+ students at art school in Paris and I’m super excited to see where it goes!

Eerie Crests by Bell I’ve only just caught up with this one and it’s…kind of creepy, to be honest, which isn’t normally my scene, but not creepy in a SUPER HORROR way. A lot of the story so far is characters interacting but there is just a sense of unease and weirdness. The art style is really cool, and I love the character designs too. You know when characters do the blush thing? That’s my favourite. I like it a lot. (Warning for a bunch of stuff in this; you can check the content warnings by the author here.)

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Now onto the traditional comics section, get hyped for my knowledge here. 😛

Young Avengers For once the library actually had all three volumes of this, including the first one, (*gasps*) which was awesome, so I took advantage of ! I find superhero comics difficult to get into, but I really loved this one. Miss America is so cool omg. I hope I can read her solo series soon, eep. 😀  Also, I’m always on board with multiple canon queer characters, heck yeah!

Saga This seems to be a frequent rec for people starting comics but, pfft, I’ll throw it in here anyway. It’s a space opera epic spanning the galaxy with so much good art and snappy last pages. Have I mentioned how much I love me a space opera? BECAUSE I DO. (Warning for violence, gore & sexual content.)

Patsy Walker, AKA Hellcat! I follow Kate Leth on twitter and she seems really cool, but I’d never got round to reading any of her comics. But I ADORED the first volume of this — yes, it was super cute, but that’s honestly what I love to read. It brought me a lot of joy and laughs, and again: HECK YEAH CANON QUEER CHARACTERS!

Lumberjanes Another popular comic but AAH I love this so much! It’s about a group of girls at a girl scout camp. Girls being cute, having fun & adventures together! LGBTQ+ girls! Super fun art! It just brings me a lot of joy. Also, I really need to catch up because I’m like 2 volumes behind, oops.

Ms Marvel I’ve only read two volumes of this as I keep forgetting to reserve the third one from the library, but I’m really enjoying it so far! Again, I don’t read a ton of superhero comics but I’m actually excited and interested in this one, so.

Once again, if you have any recommendations for comics then I’d love to hear them! You can check out my Tapastic account for a collection of most of the stuff I’ve been reading (or wanting to read) on there, including stuff from past posts and some others that I haven’t got round to putting in.

do you read any webcomics? traditional comics? have you read any of these?

16 thoughts on “I Talk About Comics, Part 3

  1. Eve I absolutely love this series so I hope you’ll continue it 😀 As always AMAZING web comic recs I want to read them all (except for Eerie Crests after checking out the trigger warnings) They all sound so good?? As for f/f stories the only one that I can think of is Shoot Around which is my favourite web comic (actually comic in general) ever. I don’t remember if I recommend this to you on Twitter or if I only stuck with traditional comics, but it’s about a high school girls basketball team and their coach getting stuck in the zombie apocalypse. Only one of the main characters is white, there are sooo man LGBTQ+ characters it’s wonderful, there are multiple f/f relationships and it’s just so so good. It’s more about living during the zombie apocalypse than surviving it and it’s also really funny just ajbsfdhf I love it to pieces (and need to reread it)

    As for the traditional comics: LUMBERJANES AND MS MARVEL YES I LOVE THEM. I also really want to read Young Avengers, especially after reading America’s solo comics – it made me even more excited. I’ve also heard good things about Hellcat so I must get to that soon. Saga is too graphic for me unfortunately, but glad to hear you’re enjoying it! 🙂

    1. Aw thanks, I’m so glad to hear that! No worries, I hope that if you do read some you enjoy them. OH YES I’m pretty sure I started Shoot Around because I do remember it?? I just forgot a bit abotu Webtoon, oops. It sounds SO GOOD and I am ABSOLUTELY GOING TO CHECK IT OUT NOW, thank you so much! ❤

      Yay, me too! I really enjoyed Young Avengers. *nods* Hellcat seems to me like something you might enjoy so do let me know if you check it out! 🙂

      1. I read With Great Abandon in one sitting; loved it so much 😀 Hope you’ll enjoy Shoot Around!! I love it so much

        Ohh definitely going to check it out then!

  2. Ooh! I love recommendations ❤ I usually read more traditional comics (I actually never read any webcomic /cry), so I really want to try to read some webcomics now!

    And I have read the first editions of Ms Marvel and have Lumberjanes but still need to read it.
    I'm very picky about the art and sometimes I only read something because IT'S SO PRETTY *drools*
    My favorites are Pretty Deadly, Blacksad and some brazilian indie comics!

    1. Yay, I hope you enjoy these! I love webcomics a lot and I’d love to hear if you do find any you enjoy.

      Aw, I am too — I admit that sometimes an art style I don’t like will turn me off a comic, even if I’m interested in the story, because I just can’t focus on anything haha. Oh, I’ve seen Pretty Deadly at my library so I’ll check that out! Thank you!

  3. Eve, this is terrible, I’m going to have to read ALL of these today! I’m not sure if you’ve read Princess Princess, but the creator has another short webcomic that just finished called Tea Dragon Society and it’s adorable!!
    YES to Ms. Marvel and Lumberjanes- I really need to read Saga, too! Have you read Paper Girls?

    1. I would say I’m sorry, but…I’m not really; they’re all fabulous! Oh yes, I love Princess Princess — thank you so much for telling about Tea Dragon Society, I am off to check it out now. I actually haven’t read Paper Girls yet! I want to, but it isn’t in my library & sadly I haven’t got around to buying/requesting it yet.

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