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That’s right folks, it’s September, and for me that means SCHOOL. And also a year of important stuff for me, because GCSEs and A LEVEL THINGS and DECISIONS ABOUT MY FUTURE. *screams*

Whilst obviously I am kind of worried, I’m not…that worried? I mean, I know GCSEs will probably suck but a) they are not at all the end of the world if I mess them up, I can still do other stuff as a human and b) they’ll probably end up fine. And I’m a lot further with thinking about my future than I was this time last year. I still don’t really understand how the new A Level thing all works — hopefully this will be explained??? maybe not though — but, yeah. I have some thoughts on what I want to do, at least. (I know I’d like to do Spanish.)

So, yes. It is GCSE year! Hurrah! not  If you’re not familiar with the English school system, they’re basically the big exams you take age 16 after a two year course. I’m taking 9 or 10, I think? Maybe it’s 10 with the two English ones. I’m not sure. We also have mock exams at my school in January which, again, is going to be SUPER FUN. -_- At least I can look forward to seeing my family at Christmas and The Last Jedi. (Y’all, I am super hyped for it. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE MY SPACE CHILDREN AGAIN.)

Whilst obviously I’m going to need to like, do schoolwork, my main goal for this academic year is to be kind to myself. I find exams pretty stressful but I don’t really want to spend the next 9 months or so freaking out. What I mean by this is: I want to keep doing stuff I enjoy! Seeing friends, reading, book events, watching TV, blogging, writing, music. Meditation, which seems to helping a bit. We actually seem to have self-care lessons at school now — they’re not called that, but that’s what they seem to be — and I hope those will be good. If I get super stressed out over work then it just makes everything I try to do 100 times worse. And I do not need to feel crap for 9 months. It’s not worth that.

The other day I watched this video by EmilyOfAdarlan on having the right mindset for GCSEs, which I thought was really useful, if maybe not exactly how I’d like to do stuff? I know that I could get super involved in this and just work all the time. And I probably will have to at some point. But I dunno, as I said, I don’t think it’d be awesome for my mental health. Ideally like to be able to combine maximising my time, consolidating stuff, and doing other work-y things with stuff I love. Sometimes I do just need time off. I found using a bullet journal useful so I think I’m going to restart that! (Maybe with a new journal because mine was a bit crappy.)

My mental health hasn’t been great recently but I’m feeling good today? Which is nice? So I’m going to talk about some stuff that I’m excited for this next school year. Firstly, seeing my friends! I’ve really missed just, like, seeing people over the holidays. It’s already been super nice to see them back at school. Also, I am kind of excited to be learning stuff again. Yeah, school can be stressful, but I just. Like learning stuff. WHAT CAN I SAY.

More things I am excited for: the clubs I have going on — LGBTQ+ society (we’re planning to do an assembly to the younger kids which is scary but also fun), music groups, theatre tech. Hopefully I can actually learn some useful tech stuff at the club. And we have House Music this year, which is basically where you get together with your people in your house to perform a song as a choir! It only happens every other year so the last time I did it was in Year 9, and honestly I’ve been waiting for it to happen again ever since because I LOVED it.

It’s a lot more easy for me to talk about what I want to do when I am feeling happy. It’s so much harder to love myself and focus on the good things when I’m not, but I’m going to try my best. In any case,  I hope for the best for the next school year!

are you going back to school? do you have experiences of exams? how did you study, or how are you studying for them?




29 thoughts on “Back to School // #evestudies

  1. Ahhh I got so excited when I saw this!!!
    First of all, good luck with Year 11! I have no doubt you’ll ace it – I just have a feeling😊
    Your school sounds absolutely awesome with the self care lessons and House Music, I’d love to be a part of both! 😄💕
    As for me, I’m going into Year 10! I’m dreading school because, well, it’s school😂 but I do love learning and being around friends, it’s just that the love I have for my school in particular has faded😔
    Really enjoyed this post, I always love seeing posts from you😊❤

    1. Aw thank you so much, I do hope so! ❤ Yeah, I'm really lucky — my school has a lot fo awesome stuff going on.

      I'm sorry you don't love your school that much, but I wish you all the best for starting Year 10, you're gonna be awesome! 🙂

  2. Good luck! I love learning, too, and your in some exciting clubs! But remembering mental health is definitely important and key to not becoming obsessive over school. I had a huge problem with that in high school.

  3. Sorry to hear you’ve been struggling with your mental health Eve, but I’m glad to hear today was a good day *hugs* Please do take care of yourself and do fun stuff to keep your mind off stress!! Being kind to yourself is such a great goal 🙂 Good luck with this school year ❤️

  4. I love this post!

    I’m also going into Year 11 (gosh that sounds like such a big number – it feels like not long ago I was just starting Year 7!) but I only go back on Monday, thank goodness; I’m just soaking in my last few days of pure relaxation before the school year begins.

    I can’t believe that by the end of this year I’ll have completed the most important step in my education to date, and I’ll have chosen the path I’m going to take for the next two years – choosing A-Levels is HARD, let alone having to also choose a suitable sixth form AND apply for loads of things that are going to look good on my CV!

    I think for me, my goal for the year is to not get too stressed, or bogged down with all the work I have and just to take out some time for myself. I’m going to make sure I keep reading, watching TV, listening to music, seeing my friends etc etc and not burn myself out before the year has ended. (I’m also already planning what I’m going to do during next year’s summer holidays, so I have lots of things to look forward to once GCSEs are over.)

    Good luck with Year 11, GCSEs, and everything else that you may encounter this year!

    1. Yay, high five! Honestly same, I can’t believe I’m IN YEAR 11. I AM NOT READY FOR ALL THIS. I remember Year 11s seemed so old when I started secondary school, haha.

      That sounds like a great goal, and I wish you all the best with it! I’m also working on taking time out for myself and I hope that we can both get somewhere with that. 🙂 Ooh, that’s a really good idea — I’ve thought about it a bit but it would be cool to make some plans.

      Thanks so much, you too! 🙂

  5. I really admire the patience you have for yourself and the attention you pay to taking care of your mental health (at least in this post, I can’t judge outside of it of course). Well done! Reading this makes me feel happy :). Thanks for sharing & I hope things go well for you this year!

  6. Aww you certainly seem to have the right mindset for going into year 11 – taking care of mental health is so important during GCSEs but also recognising that you haven’t failed if you have a bad day every now and then is important too ❤ House Music sounds AMAZING and it’s good your school are doing more self care things!! And ayy yass join the A Level language club 🙌🙌 (honestly language A Levels are SO FUN you get to learned with people who actually love languages 10/10 recommend) good luck with the year ahead!

    1. Yes, definitely. *nods* It’s rather stressful at times but yeah, last time it was such a highlight for me & I hope it’s the same this year! Ayy yes, I actually started thinking seriously about doing a language A level from reading some of the stuff you’d written about it 🙂 So HOPEFULLY.

      1. Oooh yes I’m glad my ramblings have been a bit useful! Language a levels are great because they’re taught completely differently to other subjects so it’s sort of relaxing to learn in a different way, also they’re not hugely content-heavy and you actually get to learn all the indepth grammar rules which are FASCINATING. Plus you get a lot of one-to-one support, especially if there are only six people in your class like mine 😂 GOOD LUCK, I’m sure you’ll ace whatever you choose to do!

      2. Yeah that does sound really cool! And it would be great to have a smaller class — I mean, a bunch of in my friends are in my class but also it would be cool to have people who want to do it and don’t talk all the time haha. Thank you! ❤

      3. Yeah! Small classes are great, it feels like a little family and it’s much easier to get to know people as you’re sort of forced together. Ah I feel you, we’re always going off topic 😂 no worries at all! 💕

  7. Oh my goodness good luck this year!! And please take care of yourself, hun, it’s hard but you need that self-love. I believe in you!!
    I don’t have any big exams this year, save the PSAT for a big possible national scholarship thingy, but next year and senior year I have IB exams that I am not excited for, particularly French. So stressful ahhh!

    1. Thanks so much, you too! ❤
      Ooh I wish you best of luck for those, you're gonna be AWESOME. Some people here take IB as an alternative to A Levels but I confess I don't know much about them. Exams are overall just very stressful though! (In my personal experience.)

  8. First of all- I love that header! I’m in year 11 at the moment and can relate to the stress surrounding A -levels, I thought I knew what I was doing but it turns out not. What subjects are you currently taking? I’m tempted by Spanish A Level too, but I just don’t know whether I’m good enough at it to achieve a good a level result ugh xx

    1. Thanks so much! Aah high five, school is stressful. At the moment I’m doing Spanish, History, Music, Latin & 3 sciences (as well as Maths, English.) To be honest I feel that way with all my subjects…hopefully we’ll get there though!

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