On Not Feeling Awesome // plus hiatus

Hey guys! So. If you’ve been following me on social media you might have seen that I haven’t been having a great few days… I’ve been feeling pretty down. I tried to write numerous blog posts with little success. It feels like a lot of bad & stressful stuff has been happening, even though I know it’s probably my perception of it.

It’s okay. I’m doing better now. Even just making the decision to sit down and write makes me feel better. And crying also makes me feel better, even if that sounds kind of weird. I don’t know, maybe my period is coming? It would explain the cramps but also I don’t normally get bad cramps before my period so??? who knows??

Also, I was really stupid & broke my phone. After sitting in rice for several days it seems to mostly work okay, except for the volume. I’d rather have that than nothing though! I’m just a bit frustrated at myself. :/

Just in general EVERYTHING FEELS ANNOYING. I’m having problems dying my hair and seeing all the cool stuff happening at SDCC which I’m not at and having a bit of a Feeling Bad About Gender Moment. I decided to kinda ‘come out’ to my irl friends, I suppose, in that I asked them to use they/them pronouns for me. I love them a lot, and we’re cool and LGBTQ+ together, but some of them don’t know much about non-binary stuff so I guess it can be tiring? And also because I’m an awkward person I don’t like correcting people. But I also put my pronouns more visibly on twitter, so. I’m proud I did that. If I decide actually these pronouns aren’t for me then that’s okay, but they feel good right now, and I’ve had a year to think about.

Good stuff has been happening too! I’m going to YALC next Saturday and I couldn’t be more excited. I also went to see part 1 of Angels in America at the cinema; I look forward to finishing it next Thursday. I’m loving podcasts right now and am absolutely living for the second season of Witch Please, The Penumbra Podcast, and the new Secret Feminist Agenda. I’m currently having a bit of a feminism renaissance! Yay!

I didn’t really realise it until I sat down today but — I think what I need is to take some time away. I’ve been so stressed about trying to schedule posts that I just HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO DO ANYTHING. It is a little disappointing for me because I’m always like ‘oh yay, I blog really regularly! I’m reliable!’ but honestly I want to prioritise my mental health. It’s never good to burn out. It’s not good for me to not be enjoying blogging anymore.

As such, I’ve decided to take August off. I’m away with minimal wifi for the first two weeks — camping hell yeah! — and I’ll see when I get back. I’ll probably post a YALC round up but I can’t guarantee anything more. Instead, I’m going to be working to make my blog even more awesome than before in time for Autumn and my 4th blogoversary! (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. I feel so old yet I have so few followers, ahahahaha.) (I’m also trying hard to not get down about the relative success of my blog because JEALOUSY IS NOT COOL.)

Thank you for understanding and for staying with me, friends. I love you all. I’ll probably still be more present on twitter and tumblr if you fancy saying hi to me. Please stay well. I’ll see you soon. ❤


21 thoughts on “On Not Feeling Awesome // plus hiatus

  1. I’m currently on a (semi-)hiatus as well and it feels so good! I was feeling very stressed and anxious lately and blogging just made it worse so I took some time off and I feel so much better now!

    I hope you’ll enjoy your time off! Camping sounds so amazing!!! Take all the time you need to relax ❤️

  2. I hope you feel better! ❤ sucky mental health periods are the worst. But congrats on coming out to your IRL friends!!

  3. I’m so happy for you that you felt you could come out to your friends and hopefully soon they’ll get better at pronouns! I watched one of my friends go through the same thing and it’s an ongoing adjustment but it’ll register 🙂
    Also I’m so sorry you’ve been feeling not awesome and I really hope that the break is refreshing and relaxing. You deserve a restful time. Talk to me if need be 🙂

    1. Yeah I’m really happy I finally did it! Now I can actually correct people instead of sitting uncomfortably which is…good. *nods*
      Thank you ❤ It's been really good for me to take some time off from the blog, since although I love it a lot it was a bit stressful. (As you can see I am sort of warming back up for a return next month!)

  4. Hey hey! Congrats on coming out to your friends, that’s such a big thing to do –
    Hope you feel better soon! Have a great holiday xx

  5. I’m sorry you’ve been feeling down, friend. Here’s hoping the hiatus helps a bit in clearing your mind; in the mean time, sending so much love to you. xo

  6. I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t been feeling well Eve, but it’s good to prioritise your mental health! I hope you had fun at YALC and that August is an awesome month for you ❤

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