School Year in Review // #evestudies

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As the school year winds down, I’m entering a bit of reflective period before, you know, I FORGET SCHOOL COMPLETELY for 6 weeks. (Okay, maybe not, but.) If you haven’t been following my #evestudies series, where I talk about school & studying & learning in general, then you can check out my other posts here.

The last time I updated was during half term, which is basically my revision week before internal exams. So how did my exams go? Well…overall I’m really happy with my results! I did better than I was expecting in a bunch of subjects, and I think that for the most part my revision did pay off. I’m quite a perfectionist so whenever I take an exam, I’m kind of aiming to get everything right which means I focus more on what I think I did wrong. (I think? I mean, I’m still figuring it out, but usually there is a difference between how I perceived the exam whilst taking it and the result.)

My main disappointment was probably my biology exam, because I really love biology and I did put a lot of effort into revision, but I was just a unlucky with the topics that came up and wasn’t great at exam technique. I could feel myself getting really stressed during the actual exam.

I also some stupid mistakes in maths, like reading graphs wrong and stuff, because I COULD HAVE FIXED THAT SO EASILY, or forgetting to reference the sources in a history question. But hopefully these mistakes are easily fixed!

And how does this relate to the school year as a whole? Because IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT THE EXAMS, even if the government is trying really hard to convince us that is the case.I do think I’ve had a good year at school, to be honest. I’ve heard some people saying that Year 7/8/9 was so much easier and we have a lot of work at GCSE but, honestly, I feel I’m only growing as a person as time passes. The past year has had a lot of difficulties, but it’s not like we can go back so I’m trying to focus on the present. I actually love all my classes! Though I felt sad that I’m not taking French, I don’t regret my choices. I feel like I am LEARNING and I LOVE IT A LOT. I CAN’T WAIT TO LEARN ALL THE THINGS.

The subjects I’ve found most challenging this year were maths, English, and history. In maths it takes me a pretty long time to understand a subject, and it feels like we do a lot of different unrelated topics in a short space of time, which I find difficult. I don’t much enjoy our GCSE set text (Spies by Michael Frayn) and in general I don’t adore the way we do English GCSE, but I’m finding ways to be more motivated. We’re studying new texts now which should be a bit better. For history, though I’m very interested, the lessons are pretty intense and I can easily zone out. I think it just has a lot of difficult skills to develop! But, you know, I’m working on it.

I mean, obviously I could do more stuff like reading out of what we do in lessons, spending more time on homework rather than just trying to get it done, but it’s important for me to balance my schoolwork with my mental health. 🙂 I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself, and I want to keep trying to practice self-care, especially when I feel terrible. (Which is when it is most difficult for me.)

Aside from academic stuff this year, I’ve done cool stuff like starting to play the saxophone, joining a rad clarinet quartet, joining some cool clubs, helping out with the school play and making it through the school biathlon alive which I AM SO PROUD OF. I find running pretty difficult, so.

And that’s a wrap on my school year! I hope that next academic year I can continue to grow both personally & in my learning. Yes, I am in one of those REFLECTIVE GROWTH MOODS. Maybe it’s the summer. Whilst I’m not doing much work I can try and be positive about the idea of doing work haha.

if you’re still in education, how’s it going? how has the last year been to you? do you have any goals for the future?



5 thoughts on “School Year in Review // #evestudies

  1. It’s nice to read about how your academic studies are coming along, Eve! Congratulations on, overall, getting the results you were aiming for. And, you’re so right, the most important thing is to actually learn and find a healthy balance while juggling everything.

    As for me, I got out for summer vacation early May and then I started my rotation (this is basically an externship) last month. Now I’m on the hunt for available internship positions before I return to school in August. I don’t know how I’ll be able to go to school and handle two jobs if I do get an internship, but, sigh, I’ll have to manage somehow. XD

    Anyway, best of luck to you and your studies! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah, it’s difficult but I think I’m gradually learning how to do it.
      Oh wow early May, that feels like so long ago! Aah, I wish you the best of luck with balancing things and your schoolwork. ❤

  2. Eve I love how enthusiastic and passionate you sound about your studies! I definitely understand the frustration with stupid mistakes – I am haunted by all the stupid ones I made 😂 Balancing your school work with your mental health is definitely important! Don’t work yourself too hard ❤️

    Ummm I’ll be a third year at university after the Summer?? Don’t mind me I’m just gonna freak out a bit hahaha. The year went… I dunno, in the end I passed everything and I made a great, great friend so I’m really happy with that, the last term has been fun too, but it was a very stressful year as welll ahhh

    BUT NOW IT’S SUMMER VACATION SO LET’S FORGET ABOUT SCHOOL AND ENJOY OUR BREAK EVE *dances* *well more like jumping up and down anyway 😂)

    1. Yay, thanks Michelle! I can only hope I won’t make them next time haha.
      OMG WOW THAT’S SO WEIRD. I’m so happy to hear you made a great friend, that’s awesome! Haha I wish I could completely forget everything but I’M TRYING MY BEST. 😀

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