Revision Week & Self Care // #evestudies

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I’m currently in the middle of my school half term, which is also what ends up being my revision week for exams. (Next week I have 5 days of internal exams, as well as two extra English exams the week after because there is just Too Much English.)

So… how has my revision been going? I’d been intending to do about 4 hours a day; whilst I know these are internal exams, I’m also about halfway through my GCSE course and I thought it would be good to consolidate information. But I think this is also partly down to me putting pressure on myself to do well, since I just…feel like I need to do well? I am trying to do that less, but I’m not very good at letting go. I always want to do my best, even at the expense of other things.

But I’m trying really hard to be more kind to myself! Revision was pretty difficult, especially at the start. I felt pretty horrible and overwhelmed. I still do feel a bit overwhelmed, since I’m covering topics from last year too for many subjects. I’m currently still going to be doing revision into exam week which isn’t ideal, but I don’t want to do any more than I need. (Also: yes, since you asked, this post is pretty much going to be me talking over my thoughts.)

Probably my most stressful subject to revise is History. For me, I feel so overwhelmed with all the content — there’s always more that you can revise and learn. The exam is also a very condensed test of all the skills and knowledge you’ve learnt over the course so far. I find that pretty daunting. However, I’ve been trying to really break down the detail into only the very necessary stuff so that I can actually learn something instead of just feeling bad.

History revision (of my Russia course)

Although sciences, in particular Biology and Chemistry for me since we have more content, have also been quite stressful, I find them a lot easier to revise. I get to make pretty mindmaps! Which is GREAT. So I think they’re subjects I look forward to.

I mentioned that I’m trying to take care of myself more… I’ve been feeling pretty tense and gross at times. I’m trying to do more exercise like swimming in the morning and jumping up and down to songs I love. I have been thinking a lot about London Pride, which I think I’m going to be able to attend this year!! I’m also motivating myself with chocolate between revision. (I LOVE DARK CHOCOLATE SO MUCH Y’ALL.) I’ve been doing some meditation and yoga too — which I’m sort of new to, but I think they’re helping. Yes.

Currently I’m watching Brooklyn Nine Nine, which I’ve just started — I like it a lot so far! I don’t really watch many (or any) comedy shows so it’s kind of fun for me. Plus, I’m watching a Spanish show called Cable Girls with my mum which I’m loving. The production is just SO AESTHETIC and I can pretend to learn Spanish haha. Everyone is just, like, really attractive, and it is unfair?

My exams start Monday, and I don’t think I’m going to be very active on the blog during the next week, so here is some advance notice. I’m least looking forward to Tuesday (which has both Physics and History, yikes) but the other days are mainly okay. I’m also nervous for the election, and I’m frustrated that I’ll probably be extra worried about that on top of my exams. If you’re doing exams, I hope they’re going well, and good luck for any future ones you might have! Take care of yourself, my friends. ❤


9 thoughts on “Revision Week & Self Care // #evestudies

  1. I love posts like these! Good look with your exams, I’m sure you’ll do amazingly😊❤
    As for History for a GCSE, despite the revision being difficult, do you enjoy it as a whole? I’ve chosen History along with Third (triple) science, RE and GCSE Music, and you mentioning that the revision is crazy worries me a bit!😕😔

    1. Thank you! I’ve done all but one exam, and I think they…mostly went alright?
      Yep, I personally do love History a lot — I’m really interested in the topics we do and in general I just LIKE HISTORY. Some people I know do say that they regret doing it, but at my school I don’t think we actually have a massive workload — if you want to then I’d say it’s totally cool. High five for music as well! 🙂

  2. Ooh fun fun exams! History was always a pain to revise; is it the course where you have to write about 5 different essays in the exam? I’ve always found science easier too, as it’s got shorter answers…Take care of yourself too, Eve!! Xx

    1. Hahaha, yes, exams are my favourite! (not) We’ve only covered 2 out of 4 topics, and each one is tested a bit differently. So far one paper is based around sources, although the last question is a big essay, and the other is sort of like 3 small essays? Thanks, you too ❤

  3. I remember when I had to study for exams… Yeah, lots of chocolate and lots of writing. Somehow, I used to learn best when making notes, and then… Never reading them 😀

    Also, yay for Brooklyn 99! It’s one of the most fun shows ever! Who’s your favorite character so far?

    Good luck in your exams 🙂

    1. Yeah, me too! Just the action of making notes is useful for me. *nods* And of course chocolate is always excellent.

      Ooh I actually don’t know who my fave is! I started to think and then I was like…wait… I kind of love everyone. I think that I relate a lot to Charles though haha 😛

      Thank you! ❤

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