Spring Favourites!


Yes! We are reaching the start of summer which means TIME FOR A SPRING ROUND-UP. Today it has been very warm and I am generally feeling happy, which…well, makes a change. You may notice that I’m missing my usual picture with all my favourites; this is due to a combination of a) I don’t have loads of time now because reVISION *flails arms* and b) I don’t have any physical objects to arrange this time so it would just, be like, photoshopped images. And I’m not good enough to do make all of that work.

1. Twelfth Night I saw this play at the National and WOAH it was so good! The production was honestly stunning — as in, like, the set was beautiful and the live music was beautiful. It was just so pleasing to the senses. Malvolia was…really different to what I was expecting, and two years since reading the play I am still mad at the ending, but overall I loved it a lot.

2. The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas I couldn’t stop thinking about this book, even once I had put it down. Beautiful, writing, a powerful story — it definitely lived up to the hype, and it’s one of my best reads I can remember.

3. Openly Straight by Bill Konigsberg To be honest, I initially downloaded it because it was cheap on Kindle, but I ended up enjoying it a lot! I NEED TO GET THE SEQUEL NOW, GODAMMIT.

4. Dodie Soooo, in March I was lucky enough to be able to see Dodie on her UK tour with my friends, and it was SO FUN. I’d actually never been to a concert before, and it was so lovely to see Dodie just generally being wonderful and great and music. The band, including the warm-up act Rusty Clanton, were also great, and now I’ve been introduced to some new music!

5.The Good Immigrant, edited by Nikesh Shukla I’ve wanted to read this for a while, so I was really excited to see it the school library! Each essay was different, but each one brought something different, and made me think hard.

6. Las Chicas del Cable Both me & my mum are learning Spanish, so we decided to watch this show on Netflix about women in 1920s Madrid. (It is dubbed, but I’m watching in Spanish with English subtitles.) The production is just gorgeous, and although at times it feels a bit melodramatic there is feminism and queer women and so much to love!!

7. Hidden Figures Aaah! This was awesome! It was great to see the stories of these super smart & inspiring black women told, and I also feel like a learnt History Stuff. *nods*

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in the diary:

  • Well, I had a music exam… It didn’t go quite to plan, but I think I still passed, so fingers crossed! I might even get my results by the time this post is actually published. *winces a little at the thought*
  • We had a big family gathering for my aunt’s 60th birthday over the bank holiday, which was super nice because we rarely ever get together — my mum is one of 7 — and I got to see my super cute little cousins!
  • Exams are coming up so, erm, I have some fun revision to look forward to. -_-
  • I managed to survive my overnight walk for cadets at school, which I’m pretty pleased about! I’m rather ache-y now, but we did walk 35k, and our team only got super lost once which I think is impressive haha.
  • I went to a Witch, Please meetup! *screams a bit* Although I had to leave early, it was SO COOL AND WONDERFUL.
  • ALSO IT WAS EUROVISION. IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL AND EXCELLENT and basically just a nice thing in the not-great world. Plus, I managed to convince my friends to be Eurovision fans, hehe 😉
  • Probably some other stuff happened, but quite frankly I can’t remember it at this point. I’m off to see the new Studio Ghibli movie The Red Turtle tomorrow, which I’m rather excited for.

how have you been? seen any good movies recently? are you taking any exams?

17 thoughts on “Spring Favourites!

  1. I have been on Summer Break since I finished my last exam on May 11th. I do remember this: that over Easter Break, one of mom’s friends took me to see the movie, Beauty and the Beast. This semester, managed to pass all my classes. I was house manager for the two shows GW did over the summer: one musical and one play. Since May 13th, I actually managed to finish two books: Oliver Twist and A Clearing in the Forest. Now about to start my third book

    1. Oh, wow, your school breaks up really early! I’m so happy to hear you passed all your classes, and being house manager sounds great. I helped on the technical team for my school play in February but I’d love to do more shows. Awesome, congrats on finishing those books, especially Oliver Twist!

      1. Colleges tend to get out off break sometime in May and honestly depends. When I get off just depends on when my last final is scheduled for.

        Oliver Twist, that book took me about two weeks to finish. It was actually the easiest of all the classics I actually have chosen to read. A Clearing in the Forest, an easier book, only took like three days. Now reading The Hundred Story Home and might finish it by the end of this week or next week

  2. Ooh, I really want to watch Hidden Figures, it sounds really good!! Ey, good job with the cadets walk, I remember the aching from the (few) scout hikes that I did – nowhere near as long as yours!
    Hope your revising is going well xx 🙂

    1. Aah, I love it, I hope you do enjoy it if you watch it! And thanks so much — it was rather painful but I’m proud that I finished it. Revision is going okay, although as you can see I’m not super up to date with blogging haha.

  3. Good luck for your exams Eve!! Thankfully I have finished mine! Hidden Figures was such a good movie! I felt so motivated after watching it!! Such inspirational women! Talking about movies, I really want to watch Everything Everything! Have you read the book/watched the movie yet? – A x

    1. Thank you! I’m currently a bit drowning in revision (especially History) but hopefully it’ll be okay. YAY HIDDEN FIGURES. Oh, I’ve read the book but I don’t know if I’ll see the movie — I’m not very good at seeing movies haha and since I’ve read it, I’ve been reading some pieces about its (negative) representation of disability, so.

  4. Hidden Figures is such an epic movie. 🙂 And the Twelfth Night you saw sounds fascinating. I’ve never thought about how Malvolia might change things—I’d love to see a production that makes the same choice.

    1. Yay Hidden Figures! I think that some of it might have gone over my head, but it was very interesting to see how it changed the production — I think the way the actress chose to play her made her more sympathetic character than she might have been.

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