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bullet journaling revision evestudies

Yes! It is officially exam period and I am back again with study updates. (Even though I am writing is while I probably should be working. The irony. OH WELL.) If you missed my last #evestudies post, I’m not taking public exams this year but I still have internal exams and I’m hoping to keep a record of how I revise for them. 🙂

It’s two weeks until half term, which is going to be my main revision week. But I’ve already been doing a bit of organisation and revision because some subjects *coughs* History *coughs* have a lot of stuff to learn.

The main thing that I have been doing is keeping a bullet journal. I’d heard of them before, but I after I spent an afternoon looking at pretty pictures of them I thought it might be fun to start one! I’ve always found to-do lists helpful, and basically my bullet journalling is just a slightly more formal and pretty to-do list.


As you can see in this picture: I mark off every new week with the date and week of the school term. Then I draw in things that I want to do each week; currently I’m trying to engage with the news at least four times a week, and I was also trying to do clarinet practice. For each day I write everything I have to do in colours corresponding to various themes (school, blog/online) and…well, tick them off as I go along.

I know it’s not very beautiful compared to some people’s, but I think I’d just spend so much time trying to make it look a way that isn’t achievable for me haha. And it’s still nice to look at! In general I do feel as though writing this has made me more able to manage my tasks, especially when I have a lot, and I feel a sense of achievement when I cross them off.

The other thing that I want to chat about today is revision techniques, and the various ways I revise  for different subjects. I’ve mainly so far been working on sciences, so I’ll probably be focusing on them more!

1. Note taking and adapting my notes style for the topic


My way of revising mainly consists of looking through my lesson notes and then making condensed notes from that, and this is the style I’ve gone with in the past. I use a colour scheme for each subject and write key words/equations in a colour that stands out, but otherwise I basically just adapt them for the topic and what I think works best. I might illustrate a diagram, draw a mind-map, and then for the next little chunk of information use a different style.


2. More mind-map-y notes style

Here I’ve got two different mind-maps. I used mindmapping for the poems we’ve studied in English because I think so many parts of them link together, and it makes it easier for me to look over the major themes of one poem. I’ve also started using more of a mind-map style of notes for sciences; I’m still writing similar things to before, but formatting it in smaller chunks of information. 🙂

3. Using Quizlet for vocab

Quizlet is my NUMBER ONE lifesaver for vocab during the year. I think I’d find it really difficult to work without it! It’s a great way for me to test myself and keep all the vocab I need to learn stored in one place. I’ve also used it to learn definitions and key words in the past.

I’ve also been reading some useful things online about revision which I’ll for sure using in the future: a guide for revising Maths by Megan @ Probability Reading (whichI definitely need!), how to study for the new linear A Levels by Em @ Adventures of a Lost Teen (not directly relevant to me but still some great general revision tips) and an alternative to flashcards for learning key vocab (I’m not a massive flashcard fan because I find them fiddly so this appeals to me). I enjoyed this A – Z study tips post by Nusha too. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading this update on my various school and revision things, and good luck to you if you’re doing any exams right now! ❤

do you have any revision tips to share? what techniques to you life to use?

14 thoughts on “Bullet Journalling & Revision Techniques // #evestudies

  1. I really love your bullet journal, Eve – the colour coding speaks to my soul and the sheer volume of notes you’ve got written there is exceptionally impressive. Are you managing to keep your music practice up while revising? I’ve always found it kind of impossible and then I feel really guilty about it. Yay for you juggling loads of hats at once, though!

    Good luck in your exams, my friend. Go smash it.

    1. Thanks so much! Colour coding is always excellent. *nods* I’ve actually just done my music exam so I won’t be doing nearly as much, but I’ll probably still play a little! I think it would be difficult to do both high levels of schoolwork and music practice, so.
      Thank you so much ❤

  2. Haha how typical, I’m reading this instead of studying 😛
    In my first year of university, I discovered the wonderful thing that is flash cards, and I’ve been using them ever since for learning key terms. It works wonderfully, even though it costs me a lot of time (especially when there are like 300 key terms I need to know). During the class, I keep up with the reading by making elaborate summaries over the weeks and in the end *all* I need to do to revise, is study the summary and the flashcards.

    1. Haha same.
      I’m really glad you’ve found something tat works for you! I’ve been trying to do notes for particular topic tests instead of doing them all at the end of the year but it hasn’t worked very well haha.

  3. Loved this post ! I never thought about making myself a bullet journal which makes me feel so stupid 😂 Thank you for including my post and good luck on those exams ❤

  4. Ooh your bullet journal is so pretty! I love the way you’ve written the days of the week (whenever I try that kind of font, it ends up like a scrawl XD)
    Ah yes, different colours for different subjects…I tried, but both Psychology and Lit wound up being purple which gets a bit confusing…I find that condensing notes down works well, as does using Quizlet!! Especially for scientific terms and quotes (with who said them)
    Good Luck with your exams! Xx

    1. Thank you! Haha I usually draw it on in pencil beforehand but it’s basically just my normal writing. I spend so much time looking at beautiful brush titles.
      Aw no, I can see a colour scheme doesn’t always work. YES Quizlet is excellent for scientific terms! Thank you 😀

  5. I never get very far with my bullet journals. They always end up lying abandoned in the dark corner of my room. But it’s fun looking at all the well organized and talented people out there with their beautiful designs. I hope you have more motivation than me lol
    And about revisions, wew. It’s been a long time since I did a proper one so I am not much help but I used to read my notes then make more notes etc. Someone above commented about flash cards and I do think it’s a nice thing to try!

    1. Haha I admit that I haven’t been great at filling mine out lately, but ah well. Hopefully it’ll continue?
      Aw thanks anyway; yep, note-taking is definitely one of my favourite revision techniques!

  6. that’s such a lovely bujo!!! ahhh my main tool for studying is rewriting my notes and quizlet. so. much. quizlet. my year has a quizlet that everyone’s in and i think i am probably the main supplier of study guides. good luck on your exams!!!

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