General Election 2017

As you might know, here in the UK there is due to be a snap General Election in June. The next one was due to be held in 2020, but the PM and then Parliament have called for an election early. Thus: an election we have.

So, this is all very new and a bit of a surprise. It seems pretty crazy that there’s going to be an election in under two months from now; I haven’t had all the time to mentally prepare for it as I might have. To be quite honest with you, politics over the last year has made me feel a little numb. But I don’t think switching off is something that I personally should do, because so many can’t.

I’m a little sad because this means I probably won’t be able to vote until 2022 — I would have been able to vote in the 2020 election — but I still want to be engaged and form an opinion of my own. 🙂 To be honest, the only thing I know right now is that I don’t want a Conservative majority, although currently it does look like it might be that way. I don’t yet know which I’d vote for out of the other major political parties. (UKIP is discounted because it is gross and also currently is not really a major party.)

Alas, I cannot vote due to still being a Child™, but I can still choose someone to support. Even if I’m not really too keen on any of the options. My own constituency has been Labour for AGES, and also they seem like they have the best chance of keeping the Conservatives out….? But I am also not a very big fan of Jeremy Corbyn and some of the current stuff the party. :/ I didn’t really have an opinion when he was elected but now I’m just???? annoyed at his actions?? Yeah. Lib Dems seem okay, but I don’t know much about them. I need to research that. I NEED TO RESEARCH EVERYONE. Please don’t hate on me for my vague unformed thoughts haha.

Yeah. One of the things that I would really like to do more this election is GET INFORMED. Having been comparativrly quite politically aware in the run up to the EU Referendum, I didn’t read the news much after that because of feeling sad and also doing stuff over summer. But I would like to have an opinion based on fact which isn’t just looking at social media trends, because I’ve slipped into that and it’s not great. So, I’m going to try and read the news at least three times a week! Hopefully more, but I also don’t want to start checking the news 24/7 and feeling crap about everything, so.

Frankly, I don’t feel great about the current state of the UK, but the only thing I can do is to keep learning and keep talking to people. With that in mind: if you are over 18 and eligible to vote, PLEASE REGISTER TO VOTE. Especially if you’re a young person, since the EU referendum turnout wasn’t great for the younger age group. The last date for voter registration is 22 May, which is only a month away. Of course I would hope that you would vote for something I support but I know that loads of people won’t. Above everything: get informed and make a choice. USE YOUR DEMOCRATIC POWER.

I am eternally sad that I can’t yet vote, but that is our current system. I’m so passionate about people using their ability to vote — you have the option to have a say! Please take it! I’ll probably be posting again about the election, whether during or after, so stay tuned.

12 thoughts on “General Election 2017

  1. Argh this post pretty much sums up my thoughts too! I can vote but I’m struggling to find a party that represents my views! To top it all off we don’t have a lot of time to make a decision… thanks Theresa May! 😬😬 But this was a great post!! -A xo

    1. Aw, I do hope you find a party that represents you — to be honest, I really think I would be struggling if I would vote, but all I can do is listen to what people are saying I suppose. And thanks!

  2. Given I’m currently writing a daily blog of the election, campaigning, etc., it’s interesting to see what others think of it. But I’m voting Tory-they’re the only ones who’ve ever done well for my family. (Just wrote a post explaining why, actually.:))
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    1. Wow, a daily blog is super interesting! Haha, obviously from this post I’m not very keen on the Tories, but I’m glad that they’ve done positive stuff for you and I’d be interested to read why you’re voting for them. (I shall definitely go and check up on your election blog soon!)

  3. Why have all of the elections recently been so stressful? I just feel like maybe the world should calm down and stop trying to start an apocalypse.
    It’s really too bad you can’t vote this year. 😦

  4. I can relate about not really knowing which party to support. Like, I’m not a very strongly opinionated person, and I’m not one to hold a grudge against a party for past failures so I honestly don’t know 😂 I think when I can vote, I’ll probably be a floating voter and change my vote each election according to who I think would be the best MP for my constituency and which party I’d want to form the government. I did a quiz thingy on a website called “I side with” and apparently I’m most aligned with Plaid Cymru’s policies for the 2017 election, with Green in second and Labour in third, but like, I don’t live in Wales so can’t vote for Plaid Cymru, Green wouldn’t stand a chance in my constituency as we’re like a Conservative safe seat and I feel like Corbyn is a bit wishy-washy. In a way I’m kind of glad that I don’t have to vote this time because I’d be stuck for choice (but I’m still v annoyed by the fact that when I turn 18 in November I’ll have to wait 4.5 years until I can actually vote in a general election, but I plan to get involved in politics in other ways, as I want to do it at uni).

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