Playlist: Hey April

I haven’t made a new playlist in what feels like absolutely ages — okay, I just looked it up and AUGUST; I need to find a playlist prompts thing — and I have also been listening to some rad new music lately. This is a bit of a mixed playlist, but I suppose it’s just a collection of songs that make me think of April! I hope you enjoy 😀

hey april playlist cover

Hey April

for the of threading daisy chains on the damp grass. for the ripening citrus summer. for the sun through the clouds as it rains, splintered but bright.
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i love you (but i’m leaving) – rusty clanton

absolutely smitten – dodie

past lives – børns

don’t take the money – bleachers

happy with me – holychild

bwu – tegan and sara

don’t kill my vibe – sigrid

feel it still – portugal. the man

the wire – haim

edge of town – middle kids

I KNOW. TEN SONGS. More than usual, right? But what can I say, I’ve been hearing some good tunes. Last month was pretty cool for me because I got to go see Dodie on tour with some of my friends which I am STILL SCREAMING ABOUT. Rusty Clanton was the opening act, and I hadn’t heard of him before but I really liked his music, so!

I actually sincerely want to find a music playlist prompts thing, because I used to love doing the one that went around this corner of the blogosphere. MAYBE I SHOULD JUST MAKE ONE. Hmm. *strokes beard*

14 thoughts on “Playlist: Hey April

  1. YES MAKE A MUSIC PLAYLIST PROMPT EVE I’D LOVE TO PARTICIPATE! You always come up with such great theme’s 😀 I love the name of this playlist – it’s so cute and just really fits the month April and Spring aah (also reminds me of our wife :P)

  2. I think Dodie did a Rusty Clanton song on her channel with Tessa? *checks*
    Yep, it’s called Taking Back My Heart, and it’s so, so good! Ahhh I love Dodie so much.

  3. Coolio. I’d happily do a music playlist thing, ESPECIALLY with a prompt. 🙂 I meant to listen to Haim years ago, but somehow forgot to, so hey, nice reminder. 🙂
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  4. OOOH THIS SEEMS REALLY GREAT. and ahh that’s so cool that you got to see Dodie!! also: I’ve actually been thinking about starting up another musical playlist prompt-y thing as well- would you maybe like to do one together? it’s totally cool if you don’t, though!

    1. Aah thanks! yEP IT WAS SO COOL I am flailing a lot!! Ooh, I’d love to, that would be awesome. I sort of remember a music prompt thing that I used to do and I was thinking something similar — kind of just like a loose prompt and link up for playlist but I AM TOTALLY OPEN TO IDEAS. All the music is good. *nods*

      1. Ahh yay!! I can email you, if you’d like, just so we’re not going back and forth down here?? no rush though !

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