Femslash February // i rec some things!!

February is not only LGBT History Month, but also the wonderful internet creation that is Femslash February. It’s essentially a month where people do prompts, write fic, art, whatever, celebrating f/f  and girls liking girls! It’s mostly for fandoms, since both m/m and even f/m fanworks are a lot more popular there, which kind of sucks. (I talk ENDLESSLY to my friends about how people just aren’t as interested in f/f. They’ve heard all the things.)

SO! I am here today to recommend some fun queer girl things for you to read. I thought about just doing fic recs, but I have a somewhat specific and obscure fandom tastes, and also sadly I don’t know loads of f/f fic. (I’m hoping to find some more this month.) (Literally? I’ve read about 2 novel-length f/f fics ever. Which is small compared to others. I feel distressed.) I know it’s Femslash February, but in general I think queer girls are left behind in the fandom so I’m also including some GENERAL QUEER GIRL THINGS.

Thus: I’m also going to be reccing some books and comics. I’ve tried to include some different ones to what I always recommend ahaha. Enjoy 😀


Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour I read this the other week and AAAH IT WAS SO WONDERFUL. I loved the setting, the characters, the soft & hopeful beauty of it. I know that I’ll be rereading it when I feel down. It was also cool to read because it’s about a girl who does film production and I’m currently doing some production for my school play. IT’S A SIGN AMIRITE.

Unbecoming by Jenny Downham I LOVE FINDING QUEER CONTENT WHERE I WASN’T EXPECTING ANY. This is about three generations of women in a family, and how their lives interact. And there is also a thing about sexuality.

Carol by Patricia Highsmith This one is also published under the title The Price of Salt, but my copy was Carol, so. It’s hella awesome! There are vintage lesbians in New York! The writing is lovely! And it’s also a super cool film. The soundtrack gives me a lot of emotions.

All of the Above by Juno Dawson Aaah!! Another queer girl UKYA! (I would also put Radio Silence here, but by now you guys have probably just accepted that I talk about it 24/7. I LOVE IT. READ IT.) Anyway: this is a funny, honest contemporary YA with a bunch of queer characters and it’s just generally cool.

The Last Beginning by Lauren James This is the second book in a series about science and time travel which I think is super cool! The MC is super gay, and I liked that it was less focused on a coming out narrative. (Those are very valid and important. But sometimes I want to read something where the character is also comfortable in their sexuality already and worries a lot about accidentally messing up the entirety of time.)


Following You, Following Me by lady_ragnell An Eponine/Cosette AU in which Cosette has a tumblr crush on Eponine, and also a new neighbour. A podfic (like an audiobook except of a fic) is also available here.

to be loved and to be in love by missandrogyny Eponine/Cosette, soulmate tattoo AU. (Where the first words your soulmate says to you are tattooed on your arm. Yeah, don’t ask, just suspend disbelief.) Eponine and Cosette are music people! They are hella cute and I love them!!

your passion, you take me home by knightinbrightfeathers Clary/Izzy, Hogwarts AU. Things heal after the Battle of Hogwarts. By an author who I think is very cool. *nods*

Here, Queer, Getting Used to It by azurish REMEMBER BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM. Remember that movie?!? Yeah, no, I like it a lot. One time I just stumbled across this fic and I was like…in retrospect, it was a pretty gay movie. I realise there was stuff about stereotypes of all girls who play sport being queer but also — I think it would have been really cool to consider how then do they find their place within that? (Because queer girls play sport too.) I am not articulating my feelings very well but anyway. YEAH.

Grazed Knees by montparnasse Ginny/Luna. Also healing after the Battle of Hogwarts. Except it’s different to the other one. *nods sagely*

I have read a miserable amount of Harry Potter f/f, which makes me sad because I SHIP ALL THE THINGS. I think that’s probably because a) there wasn’t loads of it to begin with but b) I don’t really look beyond AO3, and a lot of HP fic resides in other places like livejournal or ff.net. However, a quick internet search pointed me to this 2007 masterpost, if you so wish to browse it.


Rock and Riot by Chelsey Furedi It’s 50s except way cooler and lots of queer characters aah! his comic is about gangs at school except there is diversity and GIRLS LIKING GIRLS and AWESOME ART STYLE and it is just all round very wonderful. I may or may not have read it all in one day. Whoops…?

Always Human by walkingnorth This is still-running sci-fi webcomic about the cool peeps Austen and Sunati. Although there is cool future stuff, it’s more about their personal lives and how they develop as characters. There’s a diverse cast and lovely glowy art and the creator is also a complete cinnamon roll! The updates bring me a lot of joy. 🙂

Lumberjanes Sometimes I’m confused by this comic, but it’s fun to be surrounded by just a whole lot of pure joy and enthusiasm, hehe. IT’S SO CUTE AND THERE ARE CUTE GIRLS AND SMALL CUTE PEOPLE GAH. There’s also a trans character, and maybe some some other queer characters about from the confirmed ones, so…?

Anyway! I hope you liked these recs, and perhaps find some use for them. I’d love to hear if you have any suggestions! 😀

18 thoughts on “Femslash February // i rec some things!!

  1. This is the BEST. Ahhh, I’m so glad you read Everything Leads to You, it’s so cute and fluffy!! Those Eposette fics are the best and I love them, and I am reading that Linny one right now! f/f needs to be way more represented.

  2. Ahhhh I’ve been looking for (and scoured goodreads and wattpad for) f/f stories forever! It’s sad that there are so few of them compared to m/m or hetero ones, and so finding a really good one feels like winning the lottery :p. THANK YOU SO MUCH. *gives virtual hug and rushes off to devour everything*

  3. Lumberjanes & Carol are my favourite queer girl things of ever – but Eve, how on EARTH could you neglect to include Carmilla in this otherwise-lovely list?? It’s a webseries adaptation of the lesbian vampire novel (which is also fantastic, but slightly dense if you don’t read many classics) – now in its third season, with all the ships to ship & all the feels to feel. You really must watch it if you haven’t already. ❤

      1. ACCORDING TO RUMOURS I’M SO MAD I think it was because they thought it would be just one step too far in terms of diversity or some other nonsense which is very sad 😦 But this was like 15 years ago so

      2. Oh my god no that’s so sad 😦 It would’ve been so groundbreaking if it had been gay as well 😦 Yeah times were very different back then 😦

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