Poetry: lemonade lies


So. It has been a LONG time since I posted any poetry. This is not to say that I haven’t been writing any — over the summer I did in fact do a lot of writing. The thing that makes it difficult is I go through phases with poetry, and it takes me a long time to warm my mind back up into it. So mostly that time is just writing and discarding. But THAT’S HOW WE IMPROVE, right? Or at least I hope haha.

This poem was written sometime in early summer, I think? I’m not entirely sure, but it’s not very recent. I just realised that I’d never shared it, so. (Summer is probably my favourite poetry writing time. For some reason it gets me super in the mood.) I was trying out some different styles, and I don’t know if I’d go back to this one, but I hope that you enjoy reading anyway. 🙂

lemonade lies

the sandstone wind is an arid, brittle heat that carves
through the canyons of your body. you are steeped

in the parched gold of grasses. the earth
is thirsty for more plum-perfumed words to

slip from your tongue like a bruise, like the way
your mother looks at you and your lungs crumple inside:

breathless, stormclouds flowering across eyes & hands
& hips. every place you have traced

the syntax of her skin.
(but that is a language she does not speak.)


at night your body entangles itself in sheets
like a feverish wasp, fingers locked
in the honey of
a sticky caesura.

quenched with chlorine, your thighs scale
into miniature maps

of your sins; of hair half undone
in a promise you cannot keep. but

the cool drains quickly. her eyes trickle elsewhere as
clouded insects catch the evening sun.
your structure hums in readiness of the snap.

24 thoughts on “Poetry: lemonade lies

    1. Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed! To be honest, I probably won’t be posting a lot more soon since I haven’t really been writing much due to ~school things~ but I might post some older poems at some point! (This was a longer answer than I was expecting to write.)

  1. SO GOOD! So beautifully and intricately worded, I had to read it several times just to take it all in!! Love it 😀

  2. I really enjoyed this. I know how you feel about writing poetry. It’s so satisfying when you finish one you’re proud of, but it can certainly take a lot out of you getting the job done!

  3. Oh – how gorgeous. I always adore how every time you post a new poem, it seems you have grown leaps & bounds in your style. There are so many golden lines here, but I think perhaps my favourite stanza is the first one in the second part. So beautifully flowing & honey-sharp. Thank you for sharing, my love. xo

  4. This was so incredibly beautiful to read, Eve. You should share more of your writing 😀

    I totally feel you on your relationship with poetry, though. When I was in high school (oh so many years ago *hides* I actually can’t believe I’ll have a ten year reunion in three years? :’) ) I was absolutely in love with poetry, especially dark poetry. It was, like, a way to get all that dark stuff out so that I didn’t have to carry the weight of it. And then I hardly wrote any poetry for years.

    Slowly, though, I’ve been catching up, and I actually wrote a poem yesterday and really liked it.

    I hope I can read more of your stuff soon ❤

    1. Thank you so much! Aah I would like to, but I never feel like writing much during school time so I don’t have loads to share. (Alas, work calls.)
      Ooh it’s interesting to hear that you have a similar experience! I don’t know, I have really intense feelings about poetry, but only in small bursts. I’m glad that you’re getting back into it though, that’s awesome! 🙂

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