2016 in Blogging // that yearly round up post

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Phew, 2016 has been a capital-Y Year. Last year I said that I was so young and innocent the year before… 2015 ME DID NOT KNOW WHAT I HAD COMING. I said in that post that I’d look back and laugh at myself, and I don’t really feel like laughing. I almost feel a little sad. UGH, WHY WORLD.

I mean, whilst I know we all joke about how much we want this year to be over, some good things actually have happened. The annoying thing is that this year has basically been really crap in terms of politics and wider-scale events, but it’s been pretty good for me as a person? Or as good as it could be, considering the whole situation. Let’s go through it all.

Looking back at 2016

  • Some pretty crap things happened in the world. The refugee crisis continues, acts of terror continue, dying continues. A bunch of famous people liek David Bowie and Alan Rickman also passed away. Trump was elected President and here in the UK we voted for Brexit. I guess right-wing nationalism including a loot of hatred is on the rise.
  • Yeah so…not wonderful overall. But I think I have learnt to be happier with myself this year. I feel a lot more able to do what I want, and to care less what people think of me. (I still care a little.) I know it’s a small thing, but I stopped shaving my legs since I was only doing it because people were always like ‘ew, hair’. I ACTUALLY DON’T CARE. I feel good about saying that. Now sometimes I can talk about queer things to my friends, and that feels nice.
  • My most popular posts from this year were Les Mis v Hamilton, an awesome fandom battle which I wrote with Evi @ Adventuring Through Pages, my original Les Mis Book Tag, and that one where I talked about webcomics. (I’m liking the Les Mis theme year. You guys obviously have good taste.) I think I’m supposed to get a round-up from WordPress, but I’m scheduling this post so hopefully I’ll add it in. THANK YOU TO EVERY ONE OF YOU WHO HAS READ AND/OR COMMENTED ON MY POSTS. I love you all. ❤
  • I did some Guides stuff! I went on a county trip to Slovenia & Croatia which was just AMAZING and I absolutely adore my team. *feels mushy and huggy* It felt pretty cool to have fundraised for my whole trip… We did a lot of cool stuff and the bants were real. (Ha.) Now I’m doing a campaign-y thing which is really cool!
  • I read some good books! Most notably Radio Silence, I think, which I still ADORE, but also: A Gathering of Shadows, Crooked Kingdom, Salt to the Sea, A Tale for the Time Being, This Savage Song, Wild Swans, The Handmaid’s Tale… A LOT OF GREAT BOOKS. I was using my Goodreads Year in Books for this so if you feel like checking it out then please do.
  • Just in general, I flailed about things a lot. See: the wonderful musical Fun Home, the Doctor Who spin off Class which I have talked about AT LENGTH, webcomics. (I know I linked that earlier, but.) OH AND HOLY MOLY I JUST REMEMBERED: Lauren Aquilina released her LP! (It was called Isn’t It Strange? and because I seem to be doing a fun linking thing there, here’s a co-review I did.) I’m still flailing about that, to be honest.
  • I went to more bookish events. This included the wonderful YA Shot literary festival, as well as some author panels and a VE Schwab signing. 😀 This was actually one of my goals from last year, so yay!
  • Once again, I didn’t finish a writing project, but I did take part in NaNoWriMo and get to work on my WIP. I still have a long way to go, but hopefully next year. (Probably not. But I’d like to try.)
  • I started a new year at school, and I’m actually…really enjoying it so far? Although the work is a step up, I’ve got some good teachers and I’m interesting in what we’re doing.
  • I did keep learning Japanese, although it’s been difficult to continue with school and I definitely need to work more at that.
  • Despite the Brexit result, the EU referendum got me a lot more interested in politics. I felt really passionately about that, and obviously the result was pretty crushing, especially considering it was the first political thing that I cared about a lot? But yeah, it has motivated me to learn more about politics and our world and to keep fighting against the bad stuff.

Looking forward to 2017

  • I want to care for myself more. Sometimes I feel liek I get swamped in all my commitments, so I really want to try and set more time aside for myself when I don’t have to do stuff. We did some meditation as an RS homework and I found it really nice, so…maybe that?
  • I want to keep writing. Maybe I won’t finish a project, but that’s okay! Just writing a little bit adds to my improvement, which is what really matter.
  • I just…really want to do something for Pride month next year? Like go to the London Pride parade, if I actually can. And in general I want to do more LGBTQ+ related things; the LGBTQ+ society at school just opened up to some younger years so if I can work up the courage I’ll hopefully go?
  • Earlier on in this post I talked a lot about bad stuff happening in the world, so I want to do something that will actually make a change. I don’t know what that is yet, but. Hopefully.
  • I want to get better at reading and commenting on other blogs. I feel like I did let this slip, especially over the last 6 months or so, and I miss knowing what’s happening in the blogging community and making new friends.
  • I also want to be more organised on my own blog, I guess — I was starting to get a bit stressed by needing to post and that wasn’t really fun. So that’s starting this holiday with me just writing some posts that I can schedule whenever I get swamped with schoolwork and can’t write something for the blog. 🙂

Phew, this post ended up being a lot longer than I was expecting it to be! But I do think I have grown a lot more as a person this year, and I did a lot of cool stuff, so I suppose it’s not that crazy. Once again, thanks to all of you who support me and my blog/ Hopefully 2017 will be a little brighter for all of us.

how was your year? do you write yearly goals? and do you have anything you want to do in 2017?

25 thoughts on “2016 in Blogging // that yearly round up post

  1. I agree 2016 was a hard year, I hope 2017 will be better and there’ll be more happiness for everyone generally. I think this year I grew a lot emotionally (which is great) and next year I want to come out of my shell more and be way more independent. loved your post xx

    1. Yeah, hopefully we can work to make 2017 better for everyone! I’m really happy to hear that — I think I’ve grown a lot emotionally too, though I’m sure there’ll be more to do in the future haha. Thank you for reading and commenting!

  2. My year…wasn’t the best. It was pretty bad overall, just like my 2015 was sadly. But my fingers are crossed so, so hard that my 2017 is great and not so crappy😂

    Nanowrimo was super fun! I competed and won (and wrote a few other books this year as well actually!) 2016 was my major turning point for writing posts, which was awesome!
    Have a great 2017 Eve, and I hope everything is ~just grand~ for you! Xx

    1. Thanks! AND YASS RADIO SILENCE I LOVE IT A LOT — I believe her new book is going to be about the darker side of boyband culture…? But WHATEVER IT IS, I AM EXCITED.
      Oh wow that’s amazing, congrats on your writing! I’m glad to hear that 🙂 Thanks again, here’s to a good 2017!

  4. Yay for everything on this list!! ❤ 2016 was definitely pretty sucky, but it's good to see all the nice things that happened this year too.

  5. Awesome!! I agree that many not cool things happened this year, hopefully the next one gets a little better!! I love your resolutions!! XD
    Btw I just found your blog and I really like it! Looking forward for more posts!! XD

  6. 2016 has been an abysmal year for everyone, but it made me smile when I came across “I think I have learnt to be happier with myself this year.” Self-care is so, so important, and I cannot stress it enough. Also, props to you for learning Japanese. That’s certain a language that I’d love to learn someday seeing that I love anime, manga, and the culture outside of the pop entertainment. Anyway, I just wanted to wish you happy new year, Eve. Cheers!

    1. I’m really glad that I did manage to do that despite the bad stuff, and hopefully I can keep doing so this year. I’m not very far with my Japanese at all haha but hopefully I’ll be decent at it someday! Thanks, and happy new year to you as well!

  7. It sounds like you had a great year! 2016 has been a difficult year for the entire world, shit happened (and a lot of it), but I’m happy you made it a great year despite all of it 🙂
    Have a wonderful 2017!

  8. I haven’t read any of your Les Mis things, so I better go stalk all of them! And your Guide trips sound like so much fun. I’m so glad you’re becoming more confident, that’s so important 🙂 And good luck if you do decide to join an LGBTQ+ group! I really like your goal of trying to change something, but right now I just don’t know how… If you get good ideas please let me know, I’d love to join you in some sort of project!

    1. Aw yay, I hope you enjoy them if you do read them! (I always love a good Les Mis post.) Guides has really been wonderful for me this year. I think one of my friends might also want to go so…HOPEFULLY. I don’t want to be too intimidated when I do want to go haha! Yeah, I still don’t really know what I want to do; I guess that’s the hardest part. I’ll let you know if I find something!

  9. I’m glad to hear that 2016 was a good year for you personally and that you care less about what other people think (YAY FOR NOT SHAVING YOUR LEGS. I do shave them, but that’s for me you know? I prefer my legs that way, but no one should tell us whether or not to shave them. They’re our legs not theirs). You have some amazing goals. I especially like the ones about doing more LGBTQ+ related things and trying to change something, cause same. And they’re just good things 😛

    1. Aaah thank you Michelle! Still working on it, but I think I’m getting better. (I’m totally cool if you do! It was just kinda stressful and unpleasant fr me, so.) Yay, hopefully I can at least partly achieve them in 2017 🙂

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