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I was tagged to do this tag absolutely AGES ago — back in September, I think — by Engie @ Musings From Neville’s Navel, and it was originally created by Chloe Lauren @ Diary of a Lonely Girl.  NaNoWriMo is slightly eating up my time so I thought it would be a good idea to do a fun post like this! (Although all my posts are fun, obvs, sometimes my brain needs a bit of a break.) (I’m also listening to Leslie Odom Jr’s Christmas album as I write this. It’s beautiful. Don’t judge me.)

radio silence alice oseman


a book that has two characters who equal perfection

I think this was supposed to be, like, a romantic couple, but I’m going to go ahead and say FRANCES AND ALED FROM RADIO SILENCE. I know I talk about this book basically every other post but it is awesome and you should all definitely read it. (I think I’ve written this sentence a lot in this post, haha.) Aled and Frances are basically just friend goals and I love them. They have problems but they’re asdfjkl so cute and great and nerdy.

miseducation of cameron post


a book I would like to dissect

Science was originally just one category — a book you found hard to get into — but I decided to add a couple of my own because I AM ACTUALLY A REALLY BIG SCIENCE NERD. I like busting science stereotypes, and I also like more sciences, so here we are. (I do hope that’s okay!)

Anyway! I’m going to go with The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily M Danforth. I have been thinking a lot about this book lately since I somehow persuaded my friends that it was super cool and now their school English book group is reading it? But it reminded me HOW MUCH I FREAKING LOVE IT. It’s literally an amazing book. The reason I chose it for this option, which was kinda supposed to be a book that you love to pick apart, turn over, and analyse, is because IT HAS SO MANY PARTS. It’s super well-written, and it has such circular kind of narrative. (That’s probably the wrong word. Maybe I should say it comes full circle. Oh well.) Whilst still being a coming out book of sorts, it subverts so many tropes that I don’t like to read in traditional coming out-y books… It’s just an incredibly nuanced and beautiful story. YOU ALL SHOULD READ IT ASAP.



a book with a lot of potential

This one is supposed to be an unreleased/unread book that sounds super cool. I’m choosin Barefoot on the Wind by Zoe Marriott! I saw Zoe at YA Shot and that basically rekindled my intense love for her books. THEY ARE ALL GREAT AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. This is the sequel to Shadow on the Moon, a fantasy Cinderella retelling in Japan. (Also includes the first trans character I ever read, I think…? Which I only realised like super recently.) Barefoot on the Wind is a Beauty and the Beast retelling in the same world, with feminism and cool original spins. She talked about it a bunch at the fantasy/women/power panel I attended and it just made me really hyped.



a book I really bonded to

#sorrynotsorry for my extremely bad science jokes. We’ve been learning bonding in Chemistry at schools so it is really on my mind. For this one I’m picking The Next Together by Lauren James, which was an incredibly enjoyable read for me because it just HAD SO MANY THINGS I LIKE. Time travel! Humour! Science! History! Cute people being cute! Reincarnation! The premise was just amazing. It fits me so well. (I am also very excited for its sequel which also has QUEER GIRLS which is EVEN MORE MEEEE.)

aristotle and dante


a book that should be a modern classic

Ooh there are SO MANY books I could have gone with here, but I really love Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. I think it get quits a lot of recommendations, but it really does deserve it — it’s such a beautifully written, nuanced, and complex book. (But also really readable.) Literally just everything I want to read? It should definitely be a modern classic. And also more people should read Benjamin Alire Saenz’s other books too, because they are also excellent. *nods*



a book that I raced to the finish with

I recently read Gena/Finn by Hannah Moskowitz and Kat Helgeson and it was very cool. 😀 It’s written in like, messages and journal entries? So it was a pretty fast read — and also the story was just page-turning in itself. (Exceedingly-beautiful-page turning. The physical edition of this book is literally SO BEAUTIFUL, guys.)

carry on uk cover


a book that reminds me of a song

I feel like this post is basically just me repeating all the books that I always talk about but…Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. I was already listening to Rainbow’s Carry On playlist before the book actually came out. Every time I open the book I just think of all the songs with Carry On. (Carry On My Wayward Son, Carry On, Bohemian Rhapsody.) All Rainbow’s books have music things in them, actually, but this one in particular for me.

I’m tagging Lia @ Lost in a Story, Michelle @ The Writing Hufflepuff and absolutely anyone else who wants to give this a try! Although, as ever, please don’t feel pressured to do this tag; it’s totally up to you. 🙂

what’s YOUR favourite school subject? what do you think of science? are you doing nanowrimo/shrieking incessantly like me?

24 thoughts on “The School Book Tag

  1. Thank you for tagging me!! All the books you mentioned sound so good! I’m going to read Radio Silence soon, it’s currently on it’s way to my house and I’m so excited 😁

  2. The Next Together has been on my TBR since the summer, but I haven’t had the time to read it because of coursework and the crazy chaos of this semester. Still, it’s good to know that you enjoyed it!
    P.S. Leslie Odom Jr.’s new christmas album is AMAZING ❤

    1. If you do get the chance to read it then I do hope you enjoy! Alas, work often gets in the way of my reading. But CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS ARE NEARING which is nice! Ahaha and yes it is thoroughly excellent; I know what I’ll be playing everyone on Christmas day! 😛

  3. This is such a cool tag! I loved your science puns as well, although I’m more of a humanities and languages person myself. I might have to take you up on the offer of anyone doing this tag, because it looks like a lot of fun 🙂

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed reading it! HUMANITIES AND LANGUAGES ARE ALSO VERY COOL. *nods* I’m just a slightly weird person who enjoys lots of school, tbh. (Languages! History! Yay!) Haha if you do feel like doing it then please feel free 🙂

      1. i admit to judging a book by it’s cover. IT’S NOT MY FAULT THEY’RE SO PRETTY AND ENTICING-LOOKING.
        *high fives back* i haven’t gotten over my carry on feels either. THE FANART HAS BEEN SLOWLY KILLING ME.

  4. Ohhh, I really like this tag. Even though I am 100% not in school any more, I still have a large desire to do this *laughs* In school, drama was probably my favourite subject? Although I didn’t get to do it in my last two years of high school. I did love doing the creative writing assignments for English, but we only got to do ONE of those a year, and that’s not enough for me to say it was my fave subject. I did Bio and Chemistry, as well, but that’s because they were per-requisites for my uni degree, not because I actually loved them. Although bio was fun sometimes. (And there you have my history with classes, lol. Why @ me?)

    Okay so I have a copy of The Miseducation of Cameron Post, and now because you have written about how awesome it is I REALLY WANT TO READ IT. I also have Radio Silence and Carry On. I don’t know why I haven’t read these yet D:

    I have heard NOTHING about a trans character in Shadow on the Moon and W H Y? This immediately needs to be on my TBR now. RIGHT. NOW.

    Also: Ari & Dante deserves everything ❤

    1. (Sorry this comment is rather late; everything has just been catching up with me recently.) Ahaha thank you! Pfft, it’s never too late to do a tag. No worries, I’m always happy to hear about classes. Same, although I really enjoy creative writing we barely do it in English anymore.

      OOH YAY all those books are excellent and it fills me with joy to hear that! Haha, I also talk about them a lot. *nods* I do hope if you read them then you enjoy them?

      I read Shadows on the Moon some time so, like, I can’t accurately remember the representation, but I’m about 98% sure that it does.

      Yass Ari & Dante! ❤

  5. Thanks for the tag! 😀 I’ll get around to it eventually – it seems like a really fun tag. My favourite secondary school subjects were history, social sciences and art (I didn’t like the way English was thought at my school). I think science is really cool, but I was really bad at all the science subjects in secondary school unfortunately. Also I NEED to read Shadow on the Moon it sounds AWESOME

    1. That’s okay, don’t feel like you need to do it haha! Usually I just end up forgetting to do tags, whoops. *sweats* Ooh we don’t have social sciences?!? But yay for history; art was fun when I did it but GCSE is just too much coursework fr me haha. And YAY SHADOWS ON THE MOON 😀

      1. Haha saaame. I do have a list of tags I still need to do, but that doesn’t mean I’ll end up doing all of them lol. But this one seems fun though! Aah I have no idea what it’s like in the UK, but yep art is a lot of work. All those late nights trying to finish my art work rip

      2. Yeah, it’s super cool to be tagged but sometimes it just like doesn’t fit in with my schedule or I don’t quite feel like it! From what I know & hear from others taking art, it’s great if you’re passionate about it but you have to spend LOADS of time just, like, arting. RIP I feel ya, I’m not sure I could do that

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