7 Things I Love About BBC Class

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This week has been long for me and for many others, I know. I was going to write a whole post about it, but to be honest I’m just a bit tired. Instead, I decided the best thing for me was to keep loving things and talking about the things I love.

So, in case you have missed my copious twitter flailings… I AM REALLY LOVING THE NEW DOCTOR SPIN OFF CLASS. It’s about some students at Coal Hill School and the aliens which appear there, in varying combinations. I believe it’s only showing on BBC Three for the UK at the moment but it appears there! Every Saturday! SUCH JOY. Because I’m enjoying it so much, and because I basically never talk about TV shows,  here is a post about all the things I think are cool in it.

(Also: before I finished drafting this, Michelle @ The Writing Hufflepuff also wrote about the awesomeness of Class… so shout out to her, go read her fabulous post!)

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1. Complex and diverse characters

Characters are one of the most important things to me in media — however good the plot is, the characters are what anchors me to that world and keeps me reading/watching/etc. I am just so in love with all the characters here; they each have their flaws and strengths and hidden attributes and ASDFJKL CINNAMON ROLLS IT IS UNFAIR I ADORE THEM ALL. It’s wonderful to see diversity on the show, especially since it’s something that has frustrated me about Doctor Who in the past. The characters aren’t defined by their gender or race or sexuality.

2. Also, the cast are all super cute

Admittedly, this is not actually a part of the show itself. But ALL THE CAST ARE SO LOVELY AND COOL????? I went to their panel at MCM London and it was just SO GOOD. And then Vivian (Tanya) and Fady (Ram) did an ask thing ad they were so cute and funny just. Overall I basically have a crush on the ENTIRE CAST. They are UNFAIRLY ATTRACTIVE AND NICE PEOPLE.

bbc class sophie gif.gif

3. It’s very different from Doctor Who

Don’t get me wrong, I love Doctor Who! But I think it would have been a mistake to try and be exactly the same, and it’s cool that it’s not. I was also not a massive fan of the extremely confuddling plot lines which have appeared over recent Doctor Who series, to be honest, so… Yeah. Arcs and hints for teh whole series are cool! Yes! But it was just refreshing to see more of a return to the general overarching things but ALSO new monsters to fight every week.

4. The one liners tho

That’s definitely a sentence, pfft. There are just SO MANY hilarious lines and comebacks and it is amazing. Tanya is so savage. Although Miss Quill has to be the queen of awesome liens, which leads me to my next point…

bbc class tanya.gif

5. Miss Quill

I adore every single person in Class, to be honest, and I CANNOT CHOOSE BETWEEN THEM. (Except the evil guys.) But it’s safe to say that I’ve really fallen in love with Miss Quill… She’s definitely mean, and kind of scary, but her character just seems so complex and original to me. She DOES WHAT SHE WANTS. She has a BADASS HAIRCUT. She DOESN’T CARE ABOUT YE MORTAL PEASANTS. Yes.

bbc class miss quill.gif

6. Awesome friendship AND romantic relationship dynamics

Ships are cool. But you know what’s also cool? FRIENDSHIP. Romance can be great, but I hate when it’s placed above everything else in a show… I want ALL THE THINGS. Complex friendships and group dynamics are so important, and here they’re just beautiful. Plus, GIRL-BOY FRIENDSHIPS. We need more of these. Because, guess what folks? Girls and boys actually can be friends. Goodness me. But yes, I’m so looking forward to seeing how everyone develops!

7. One BADASS opening sequence

I will confess that I had slightly mixed feelings about it when I first saw the opening sequence, but now when it comes on I’m like YAS. The song (Up All Night, apparently) is such a jam and the graphics aah! I haven’t been able to find a really high quality video for it,  but here’s the best one I could get.

are you watching bbc class? what do you think of it so far? or would you now like to?!? (i hope so!)

17 thoughts on “7 Things I Love About BBC Class

  1. AAAAH YES TO ALL OF THESE BJSHF OMG YOU SAW THE CAST IN REAL LIFE UP CLOSE SO JEALOUS BUT ALSO HAPPY FOR YOU AND YES THEY’RE ALL SO CUTE AND FUNNY AND YES THE ONE LINERS ESPECIALLY THE ONE YOU USED AS AN EXAMPLE I LAUGHED SO HARD TANYA YOU SAVAGE. Okay I’ll calm down now lol. I agree with you on more recent Who; I still haven’t finished season 9 woops. I kind of can’t wait for Moffat to leave. I did enjoy his earlier seasons, but around season 7 and 8 I just started to lose interest in a series I used to love :/

    1. YES I DID I WAS LIKE 10 ROWS BACK LOL BUT SOMEHOW ASDFHFEWOPOEWR I CANNOT DEAL MY TINY KIDS. Tanya is such a babe tbh. Everyone has so many great one-liners.
      Mm yeah, I’ve kind of preferred watching the older New Who episodes when I watched them on Netflix… I just found it more difficult to get into the plot haha. Same, he’s also not my favourite person ever as I say to a lot of people, but eh. Aw no *hugs*

    1. Yay, glad you think so! And yep it is, although sometimes they’re marketing themselves as BBC Class or Class DW to avoid confusion with other things. I don’t believe it’s available in the US yet but I think there are plans to release it in spring! 🙂

  2. I haven’t had a chance to watch the first episodes yet, but from the things I’ve seen on tumblr and Twitter (trying not to catch too many spoilers #aaahhh), it sounds really good — and your review definitely makes me want to start watching right now! 😀 Buuut it’s Sunday night, and I can’t. (Not if I want to go to work early in the morning.) I’m just finishing watching S9 of Who and getting my thoughts down onto paper, so then I’ll be all caught up in time for the Christmas Special. I guess that’ll be a good time to start Class, so it’ll tie in properly ^-^

    1. Aw yay, I’m glad you thought so! Oh no avoiding spoilers is the worst, sorryy — I’m pretty sure the episodes will be on BBC 3 for a good while though if you do get time to check it out after S9. I’ve been a bit confused about the Doctor Who release dates this year but I just looked up the Christmas special, aah! That sounds like a good plan *nods*

    – Sarah ☽

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