One Page More! E01: Politics & Government in YA

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One more book, one more page…one page more!

*punches the air in enthusiasm* I’m so excited to finally be sharing with you guys my new podcast. 😀 (Yes. Podcast. EXCITING TIMES.) One Page More! is a monthly podcast in which I  — along with various bookish and bloggerly guests — talk about YA, musicals, and social issues. Essentially, as I so eloquently put, all the things that I love. 😛 We’ll hopefully be covering all sorts from new releases to particular topics and random chatter. For the inaugural episode, I was joined by the wonderful Elly @ A Hufflepuff’s Thoughts and Victoria @ Doodles and Scraps to discuss politics & government in YA. Go forth and listen, my friends!

I do hope that you enjoy, and I also hope that this will continue to grow and develop as I work on it. I have a lot of things to learn — okay, next time I seriously do need to say ‘like’ and ‘um’ less — but I’m excited to be sharing flailings with you in a different format. (Also compose another jingle.

Also: I’m on the lookout for people to guest with me, so if you think that would be your cup of tea then do give a shout by commenting below; I’d love to hear from you! 😀

30 thoughts on “One Page More! E01: Politics & Government in YA

  1. AHH IT’S UPPPPP! And my awkwardness is exposed but AHH I AM SO HAPPY TO BE A PART OF THIS! It really was a great discussion! Also pls stop teasing me over young A it’s not my fault my head is weird SORRY

  2. I loved this so much! It’s such a great concept and works really well. It was really interesting to listen to my fave beans talk about government and politics, which is something I am very passionate about. You covered such a wide range of topics (even bake off lol) and I can’t wait to hear the next episodes! I’d love to join in the future if that’s okay 🙂 I don’t currently have a webcam but I’ll hopefully be getting one at some point in the next week or so (we need to have another #squadskype soon). Well done Eve for making this!! I really love the jingle lol. And I thought I was the only one who says ‘young a’ so I’m glad Elly does too. 🙂

    1. Yay, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! ❤ Haha I don't know loads about politics but it was super fun + interesting to discuss. *nods* (HA. That was not even all the irrelevant stuff. But GBBO is always relevant tbh.)
      It would be totally awesome for you to join! 😀 I'm sorta planning out future episodes right now so if it's alright, I'll probably send you some more updates on that!
      YES A #SQUADSKYPE. This is a fab hashtag. And yay glad you liked the jingle! (It was actually pretty fun to make. Hopefully some more will be appearing.) Thank you! 😀

  3. AHHHHHH THIS IS SO GREAT AND LOVELY?!?! And I love everything y’all talk about-there definitely should be more morally gray political worlds, and I feel that even in stories with incredibly built worlds, politics and economy is so often overlooked, which is honestly understandable since it’s REALLY HARD, but it would be so cool, especially since it’s literally how everything works.
    AND YESSS HAMILTON AND HP AND UMBRIDGE AND EVERYTHING. Honestly the American revolution is super long and complicated and you do get loads of info from Hamilton which is AMAZING but it’s such a crazy event that it’s practically the tip of the iceberg. THE US IS WEIRD AS HECK, MY FRIEND. (I am not looking forward to AP History…I think we have one that’s just for the US?? idk. We do get an AP European History class, though, so yAY)
    I’d love to see a fictional world that reflects social justice movements- like not necessarily feminism or sexism, anything that applies to the fictional world, like people against magic, or something like Hermione’s SPEW, but more serious- or that reflects things like the US 2016 Election, because it’s a mESS, or Brexit, which is also a mess. AHHH POLITICS.
    And we SO NEED MORE BOOKS ABOUT TEENS ON THE INTERNET. (okay now I’ve finished listening and kind of rambled in your comments. oops. also if you ever want another guest, I might be able too?? idk parents are weird)

    1. AAAH THANK YOU SO MUCH EVI I am so glad you enjoyed it!! Yep moral greyness (ooh gray and grey, I forgot abou that). I mean, I guess it depends on the focus on yoru story but I do really enjoy books that talk about political & economic systems even a little! And there’s so much opportunity to play around with things.
      YASS TO ALL THESE THINGS. I would probably completely fail in an American Revolution history class, to be quite honest. I shall just stay and lowkey read books until I have random trivia knowledge haha. (Once again I am a little stumped by the US school system/s. I AM SO SORRY IF I GET THINGS WRONG. We just have, like, one history A Level course I’m pretty sure so yep weird times. It’s nice to gradually do more history that isn’t just British though haha.)
      Ooh yes that would be totally awesome! I feel like these books maybe DO exist. Or if they do I really need to find them. Because, like…where in fiction are all the people stressing about elections and referendums? THIS IS ME AND ALL MY FRIENDS.
      10/10 MORE TEENS ON THE INTERNET BOOKS. There are so many teens on the internet & this should def be more of a thing, (Obviously depends on whether you feel like it & are able to! Because yep parents are weird. The vague topics I currently have written down are Six of Crows/heist things,Harry Potter/various additions/Cursed Child/Fantastic Beasts when it comes out haha. Also probably I will just flail about Les Mis and Rent and Fun Home and other musicals at some point because I am Official Trash. Yep. *nods*)

        (ohmygoodness flailing about musicals is the BEST THING)

      1. Eep, currently it’s only available on soundcloud, sorry for any inconvenience! But I’ll definitely look into putting it up on different platforms like Podcast Addict for the next episodes 🙂

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