Summer Favourites!

You may have noticed that my monthly favourites just sort of…disappeared from the blog. I know it didn’t have much of an explanation. BUT! Although it might sound hard to believe (I mean, this is me) I actually did have a master plan. 😛 From now on I’m going to be doing round-ups every three months — that is, quarterly. Except it’s going to run from December – February, March – May etc. because seasons and cohesion. Yeah. DON’T ASK. Doing a round-up every month was just becoming a bit of a chore for me, but I still wanted to be able to check in and share the great posts I’ve been reading. Hopefully I’ll start being more organised with keeping track of posts haha!


1. Nothing’s Real by Shura YAY, I have listening to a bunch of great queer music lately! I first came across Shura when I found her video What’s It Gonna Be? on Tumblr, which to be honest STILL makes me sigh in happiness. It is so wonderful and cute and excellently aesthetic and you all need to click on that link right now…(No, seriously: KEEP WATCHING TO THE END. It’s fab.) Anyway, I bought her full album and it’s awesome and now I might have a tiny crush…? Erm. Anyway.

2. Japanese Woah, guys. I ACTUALLY LEARNT SOME JAPANESE. (I’m attempting to learn some for my trip next year.) I feel so proud of myself. I’ve only done the first few lessons in my textbook (an old edition of Japanese For Busy People) and a bit of a Memrise but I feel very productive. I’ve also signed up to an online course on Minato, so let’s see how that goes.

3. This Savage Song by VE Schwab Let’s be real: it’s a Schwab book. It was always going to end up in my favourites. The writing was beautiful as I per usual and I adored all of the characters! It was also completely awesome to be able to go to one of her events, asdfjkl. (In a subtle bit of self-promotion: here! check out the post where I wrote about it! :P)

4. Isn’t It Strange? by Lauren Aquilina *shrieks* A NEW LOZZA AQ FULL LENGTH ALBUM, WHAT IS LIIIFE. I’ve listened to it in full about 3 times already and…honestly. I think my life is complete. IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL. Expect more flailing in the future. 😉

5. Mr Robot Another programme I finally got round to watching. I find it a bit intense and occasionally a bit of a downer, but it’s a seriously awesome programme. I have 2 episodes left of the first series to watch. (Yes. I know. I watch TV programmes pretty rarely and if I do it’s with the pace of a snail. This is impressive for me.)

6. Serial I downloaded this podcast to my ancient iPod some time ago, but I only recently got round to listening to it. And woah, it’s so gripping! I’d definitely recommend it.

7. Alexander Hamilton  by Ron Chernow I am very proud of myself for finishing this brick of a book. It evens rivals The Brick (aka Les Mis) for historical density. Despite its length, though, I actually found it super readable! And…well. My Hamilton obsession is only increasing, to be honest. I’d recommend it to anyone with an interest in the American Revolution! (Because history actually is as crazy as the musical.)

8. Slovenia and Croatia So, my big trip this summer was travelling with Guides around Slovenia and Croatia! I’d been fundraising and working together with 13 other girls from my area for just under a year and the trip was absolutely AMAZING. I mean…Girlguides is a little weird for me, because obviously everyone assumes you’re a girl. But it was so nice and asadfjkl I AM FILLED WITH JOY FOR GUIDING & SCOUTING. If you guys ever get the chance to go on an international trip with a scouting organisation I’d definitely recommend it! ❤

stuff from around the internet:

  • I wrote about the Unforgivable Curses for #PotterheadJuly and I am still quite proud of that post. I just…enjoy fun Harry Potter things ahaha.
  • Well, er, Brexit happened. I talked about it just beforehand and just after. You’ll probably see some difference… -_-
  • I talked about all the languages I really want to learn! For some reason this post was super popular…? I have no idea hy, but YAY. It’s been wonderful flailing about languages with everyone! ❤
  • The Finding Our Feet project is finally live! I’ve been working this in collaboration with Em @ Adventures of a Lost Teen and Victoria @ Addlepates and Book Nerds. I do hope you enjoy it. 🙂
  • Chiara @ Delicate Eternity wrote a guest post on The Daily Prophecy about the importance of LGBTQ+ retellings, along with many recommendations.
  • Both alwaysopinionatedgirl and Alicia @ A Kernel of Nonsense wrote about the wonderfulness of Ginny Weasley and why she is more than just a love interest. *coughs* like the movies made her out to be *coughs*
  • Michelle @ The Writing Hufflepuff created the Amsterdam Book Tag, which is SERIOUSLY cool. And I definitely need to do it. Everyone: PLEASE REMIND ME TO DO THIS.
  • The world has been blessed with new Hayley Kiyoko music and a video! Mmm, the song is called Gravel to Tempo seriously wonderful.
  • Look! The cast of Class! Only the new Doctor Who spin off written by Patrick Ness. I am…actually really excited for this ahaha. *nods* It’s due to air around October, which will hopefully keep me surviving through school.
  • Ayy, the BBC is making a Les Mis miniseries. I AM SO HYPED. I was so hyped that I even wrote about all the things I want to see in it. I will doubtless be nattering to you all about this in the future, because HELLO I am still very much a Les Mis nerd haha.

in the diary:

  • Well. June was a little dominated by a) internal exams over the first half and b) Brexit over the second. I mean…I don’t want to write a massive thing about Brexit now because that’s a whole post in itself. I think it’s fair to say that whilst I am feeling a lot better about it, it’s always a jolt in my mind when I remember. :/ I just finished reading Ron Chernow’s biography of Alexander Hamilton and he’s all like tryign to create a system with a balance of government and people. And I do feel like this is an example of something popular but not good… Like, WHY ARE WE MAKING THINGS SO DIFFICULT ON PURPOSE. But yeah. Anyways. British politics is crazy right now ahaha.
  • However, June was also Pride month! This was my first time actually reading & participating slightly more in stuff so that rocked. I am still sad that I couldn’t make it to London Pride, but I swear to you: NEXT YEAR.
  • I went to Wimbledon and saw Serena & Venus Williams, which I am STILL VERY IN AWE ABOUT. Asdfjkl it was a pretty insane day.
  • I was so excited to do a swap box with the lovely Em @ Adventures of a Lost Teen! I mean, the internet is great and all but sometimes it’s awesome to get something real in the post. There were loads of wonderful things in it besides the ones pictured as well! (But THAT BOOKMARK THO.) You can check out Em’s post with my swap box here.


  • I learnt how to make lemon curd and subsequently made it several times. IT’S SO FREAKING TASTY. And it’s really easy to make! (Which is good for me considering I’m not the best cook ever.)
  • I’ve just generally be hanging out and doing fun things over the summer: meeting friends, making ice cream, going into town. Writing. Reading. It’s wonderful to have some time on my hands. 🙂
  • I head back to school today — well, I’m writing this a little earlier, but on the first — and although school and work and stress…I’m also pretty excited to be starting another year. 🙂 I’ve dropped a bunch of subjects this year and we’re getting entirely new classes so it should be good! And I am weirdly excited for the History syllabus, to be honest haha.

I hope you all had a good summer! And if any of you guys got your exam results back then congrats, and I hope you’re pleased.

how was your summer? are you back at school (or not)? listened to any good music lately?

25 thoughts on “Summer Favourites!

  1. I would love to learn japanese!!! i can say a few random phrases that i’ve picked up from anime but it would be so nice to know the language!! + ‘I mean…Girlguides is a little weird for me, because obviously everyone assumes you’re a girl.’ I FEEL YOU SO HARD BRO, i go to a girls school and yeah being trans in a girls school is not the easiest thing!!

    1. Yeah, I am seriously living in hope that I can actually do this. I WANT TO LEARN IT SO BAD, but it’s crazy difficult argh. Mm, Guides is frustrating because on one hand YAY ALL THE DISCUSSION AND NICE PEOPLE. But I can’t really see it as like, a long term thing. I don’t know. :/ *sighs*

  2. Ahhh congrats with Japanese! I’ve heard that it’s really hard to learn. AND AHHH I LOVE “WHAT’S IT GONNA BE” SO SO SO MUCH. (I found a cute eposette fanfic based off of it if you want me to send it to you?) And I’m so excited for Class, oh my word. It’s so cool that your guide troop got to go out of country! I’ve had to quite Girl Scouts last year due to school craziness and life stuff and just no more time, but it was funny because for us a big trip would still be in state ahaha! But that sounds like such a fun trip! And oooh, swap boxes seem like so much fun, I’d love to do one someday! ❤

    1. Aah thanks! Er, yeah, it;s very different to other languages I’m learning and I haven’t got very far yet. But hopefully at some point I’ll be vaguely able to have a conversation…?
      YAY WHAT’S IT GONNA BE I AM SO HAPPY PEOPLE LIKE THIS TOO. (*flails* oh wow yes that sounds wonderful, how did I not know this existed — I’d love to read it if you don’t mind!)
      And CLASS EEK EXCITEMENT. Yep, my unit usually goes on camps more nearby haha but there are some awesome regional & country tips. *nods* Aw no, I’m sorry to hear you had to quit — I’m having so many problems trying to get there on time since public transport does not coordinate well.
      Doing the swap box was super awesome — I really hope that I can do another one at some point! 😀

      1. The In The Heights AU one is actually what helped me understand the actual soundtrack? And it’s cute, so. Basically I stalk the Eposette tag once a week in hopes of new fanfic.

      2. AAH YAY THANKS SO MUCH. Eek such a cute fic, honestly the video works so well with the Amis. I have yet to actually read the ITH one but eah, the plot is a bit more difficult to discern from the soundtrack. I…have not actually been on AO3 in ages. But I am endlessly sad that there are not nearly enough Eposette fics. *sighs*

  3. aaah i NEED to listen to serial soon (i’ve already finished the first ep but left it after exams) it sounds so good! sounds like you had a great summer (postcard is lovely btw) like you i’m SO excited for the history syllabus for my a levels this year, and i dropped maths so *happy dance*. all in all it’s been the busiest one yet, i did two summer schools, an internship, coursework, AND still had a social life somehow xD – will say i’m glad to be back at school next week though

    1. If you do listen to Serial I really hope you enjoy it! I listened to the first few episodes very sporadically but once I got into it I adored it. Aah thanks! YAY HISTORY — we’ve gone through the syllabus and eek I am just so excited. All the history feels. 😀 Wow, your summer does sound so busy — I am in awe! And I hope your return to school is good. 🙂

  4. I tried to learn Japanese once and failed tragically so yay you! Go! Meet Japanese people and have weird conversations! *glitter*
    also I HAVE FOUND ANOTHER QUEER BAND 😀 called PWR BTTM and THEY’RE AMAZING and I think quite possibly you shall like it?

    aaandd my life has been tragic due to large amounts of math homework, not enough sleep, and not enough time to write arrrghghhhh. Though having a purpose of life is quite lovely. Also I finally got my hands on Les Mis and am halfway through and vaguely confused as to what is happening (help i don’t do well with musicals *nervous laughter*). HURRRAAAAAAAAAAHHH

    1. I seriously hope that I can actually continue with this… My current tactic is just to shout JUST DO THE THING UNTIL THE TRIP at myself mentally, many times.

      AAH THANK YOU! *immediately leaves to find them on Spotify because yay all the queer music*

      Ah, maths homework, I AM SORRY. I was attacked with prime factor questions in my first lesson back and my brain cannot remember how to do things. *winces* And I am…basically failing at all attempts to write. Hopefully things shall improve soon!

      *whispers* Les Mis! Is this the book or the movie (or a various other incarnation). I’m guessing the movie since, like, music. Yeah, erm…it’s perhaps not the easiest thing to figure out, since basically everything that happens is insane and improbable. But if you ever need, like, explanations then I am happy to provide them!

      1. I believe I’m listening to the cast recording on a CD. I think it’s different from what’s on Spotify so T___T *runs off to Wikipedia*
        I like Epoinine’s voice though.

      2. Ohhh I see now! Yes there are SO MANY cast recordings. And, like, even as someone who enjoys musicals cast recordings are not the easiest to listen to haha.
        Glad t hear you like Eponine’s voice though, yay! 🙂

    I’m so glad you had fun on your Guides trip! And this was such a great post! I need to now listen to All Of The Music (Hayley Kiyoko’s new song is so good though omg)!

    1. ASDFJKL SAME YAY I JUST CANNOT IT’S FINALLY HERE AND IT’S SO GOOD! Do you have a favourite song on the album? 😀
      YAY yes a Doctor Who spinoff! (Written by Patrick Ness and with confirmed queer charaters, no less.) Yay, thanks so much! Ahaha I do hope you enjoy All The Music (and omg yes I love Hayley Kiyoko she is fab)

      1. AHH I LOVE THEM ALLLLL! I do love How Would You Like It? and Way Too Good tho. V v good songs.
        And YAAAY THAT SOUNDS SO BRILLIANT I need to watch it omg.
        You’re welcome and YAS

      2. YES those are two of my favs too, probably along with Wicked Games. How Would You Like It? just has so much emotion and asdfjkl and WAY TOO GOOD. THE LYRICS. Actually the lyrics are even… way too good 😉 omg the terrible puns ah well

  6. I need to listen to more queer music! And music in general. I tend to listen to my faves over and over, and never really get around to discovering anyone new because I already have faves. No sense made, but hey. So I will definitely have a listen to Shura! And the other artist, too, because I am 99% sure you have flailed about them before 😀

    I did Japanese in school for a very long time, and the only thing I can say is: My name is Chiara, and I like cats. Which, really, all there is to know about me *laughs*

    I loved This Savage Song, too! I am glad you liked it 😀 I cannot wait to read the sequel. My greatest hope is that Kate and August remain friends *crosses fingers*

    Thank youuuuu for sharing my LGBTQIA+ retellings post! ❤ ❤

    It's awesome that you're excited to go back to school. That was never the case with me. I wanted the holidays to be ENDLESS. So I really hope that school is awesome and kind to you!

    1. Ah yay queer music! If you ever want recommendations then I’m always happy to supply some haha. (Although I do frequently flail about Lauren Aquilina.

      I like cats is an extremely important phrase. *nods solemnly* I…might be able to say that, if I think hard about it? But I am still endlessly sad that my school doesn’t offer Japanese.

      Yay, I’m so glad you liked This Savage Song as well! I eagerly await the next instalment. Well…from what VE Schwab has said, I’m like almost certain there isn’t going to be romance between them. Less certain on whether they will accidentally kill each other, but. I LIVE IN HOPE.

      Aaah you’re welcome, it was an absolutely wonderful post!

      Haha although it’s been a bit of an adjustment to the workload, I’m enjoying my subjects a lot. 😀 Although I do kind of wish for the days when I couldn’t even remember what school was like at the end of the holidays.

  7. It feels a bit odd to be reading about your Summer favourites in January but ssh let’s ignore that. Thank you for sharing my tag 😀 Okay so since this is January of course Gravel to Tempo came out ages ago but I don’t care I need to flail about it BECAUSE I LOVE IT SO MUCH. IT’S SO CATCHY AND THE MUSIC VIDEO AND JUST EVERYTHING AFBJHSZGVFRS

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