7 Languages I’d Like to Speak // struck by linguistic love

seven languages to learn2

I HAVE SO MANY LANGUAGES APART FROM ENGLISH THAT I WANT TO LEARN. Literally all of them. There are way too many languages in the world. And let’s remember that I’m still on my way to learn English. I just…LIKE LANGUAGES A LOT. ❤ I have such a busy summer ahead of me. Even though I probably won’t end up doing all the work I want, but hey!

1. Spanish This is probably my favourite language at school! I want to be able to read the Spanish copy of Eleanor & Park I bought. Don’t ask. There’s also a lot of Spanish literature I’d love to read in its original language, but… HOPEFULLY. Someday. I’m going to make this happen.

2. Old English The language of Beowulf, Merlin, and the maybe the basis for Elvish. (Which makes an appearance later.) I have basically no knowledge of this language at all, unlike most of the others on this list, but thank Maggie Stiefvater. The Raven Cycle inspires unknown language-learning, okay?

3. Japanese Yes. I am in theory learning this, but I’ve basically only learnt the hiragana and katakana so far. So I can read some things phonetically! But I can’t tell you what they mean. The hope and the dream is to watch a Ghibli film in its original language (and without subs). Because I am a nerd, and I like Studio Ghibli.

4. Latin The textbook we have is kind of silly — yeah it’s the Cambridge one with Caecilius and everything, hi to anyone else who knows what I’m talking about — but this would be awesome to be able to know it a bit better. I could be Ronan Lynch. With a bonus of obscure words definitions.

5. British Sign Language Obviously BSL is different to the other languages here! There are no opportunities at all to learn it at school, so I think I should at least learn some basic phrases. It’s really cool. And then you can speak in all sorts of situations where you can’t vocally say stuff.

6. French I just handed in my options to give this up next year. *sighs* I have to many subjects that I want to study and it’s awful. I still hold my Les Mis/living in Paris fantasies in my heart, though, and I AM GOING TO MAKE THEM HAPPEN. Even if it means visiting with another person who, you know, actually can communicate. I will not give this up.

7. Elvish I’m not going to lie here: I went through a phase of researching constructed languages (i.e. made up languages) and it was all very nerdy and academic. But being able to speak Elvish would be awesome, no?| IT WOULD BE LIKE A SECRET CODE. I wish I could learn Morse Code as well. I know it’s not really a language, but can we just put that as the honorary eighth? I don’t want to break the seven tradition, guys.

do you speak more than one language? which ones would you like to learn? are you torn in WAY too many different directions like me? 😛


76 thoughts on “7 Languages I’d Like to Speak // struck by linguistic love

  1. I’m with you on Japanese and Elvish. And I’m also kind of trying to learn the first one but I have no motivation. … Or rather someone to keep an eye on me and remind me to do it.
    I kind of wish I knew more Russian. The bits I used to learn in high school are long gone. The only thing left is the ability to recognize and read the letters. There are some pretty good Russian fantasy writers with far too few books translated even to Polish.

    1. I’m supposed to be learning it over the summer, but…I feel like I’m probably going to keep forgetting. WE CAN DO THIS.
      Oh, that’s so cool! I don’t even know the alphabet so you’re doing way better than me. Yeah, a big reason that I want to learn new languages is so that I can read more literature! But I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get that good haha.

  2. Gah same… I deperately need to learn ALL THE LANGUAGES OF EVER. Icelandic! Old Norse! Finish Spanish! Everything!

    yay BSL! I learn ASL (american sign language, which is different) off the internet and it’s one of my favorite languages! yay deaf culture!
    and CONLANGS!! i’ve always wanted to make one but they’re so hard T_T
    (right i’m a language geek) (nervous grin)

    1. It’s so sad when I realise that there are, like, hundreds of languages out there and HOW CAN I LEARN THEM ALL. Aah Icelandic and Old Norse would be awesome! My form teacher last year used to live in Iceland and it always sounded so cool. 🙂

      Ooh that’s so cool, I’m glad you enjoy it! Yeah from what I’ve heard, BSL and ASL are completely different.

      (aah no worries so am I, languages are seriously my jam yay)

  3. Ahhhhh yes to all of these! I’d like to learn French, which luckily I will be able to begin for high school next year (They offer up to French 7, or something, which is INSANE), and maybe finish learning my one year of Spanish so that I can do more than just say hello and talk about random foods and objects. Latin would be super cool to learn as well, and I’d like to learn some American Sign Language. And maybe Icelandic, just because I love Iceland a ridiculous amount for someone who has never actually been there.

    1. I’m actually so sad I’m quitting French, to be honest… *cries* I’ve vowed to myself that I’m going to keep learning somehow. (Um, I have to admit that I don’t actually know what French 7 is but YAY.)
      The vocab we have to learn for school is pretty stupid haha. I’m unsure when I’ll ever have to describe my physical appearance to someone…?
      Ooh you’re the second person who’s said Icelandic! YAY ICELAND IT’S SUPER AWESOME. *nods*

      1. (AHHH sorry! It’s like they pack parts of French in for each semester [which is how my county’s schools work] and each, like, pack of a language is numbered. So French 7 is like taking seven years worth of French. IT’S A LOT. I’m not *certain* that it goes that high, but either way you can take tons of a language. o.O)
        That’s so true ahaha!

      2. Ohh okay, thanks so much! Books may have slightly increased my knowledge of American schools, but, um, there are still lots of slightly different things. And WOAH 7 years in one is a lot of French! *eyes widen in awe*

        yes basically! I honestly should have just said that to start with…

  4. i speak some spanish and am partially fluent in arabic (and aim to be fully fluent by the time i finish college). i’d love to also learn farsi (which i hear is actually *easier* than arabic) and elvish would be so awesome! also, i wish that they’d create a trigedasleng dictionary from the show The 100–the language is really cool, but it’s close enough to english that you can *kinda* teach it to yourself from the subtitles…

    1. Woah that’s so cool! I’ve had a taster session of Arabic and I have to admit that the written alphabet barrier seemed kind of daunting to me.
      Ooh I’ve seen lots about The 100 but I didn’t know it had a new language! This sounds more and more interesting. *nods*

      1. ironically, learning the new alphabet is probably the easiest part of arabic! and the language for the 100 is pretty cool–it was created by the same linguists who worked on game of thrones!

    1. I was thinking of taking Ancient Greek next year, but in the end I just didn’t have enough subject options. Yes, I really do hope so, thanks! And best of luck to you in your language-learning. 🙂 (Sorry this is such a late reply. WordPress flagged your comment up as spam so I didn’t see it until know.)

      1. I’ve wanted to learn the Greek alphabet for a while now. And a few bloggers have told me about the spam thing already, and I contacted Akismet and they told me it should be fixed. Thanks for letting me know though! 🙂

    1. That’s so cool! Ooh I have a couple of friends who are learning Norwegian and they really enjoy it. But I have SO MANY languages that I think are awesome — hopefully I’ll just be able to learn a little one day!

  5. I’m currently studying French, and I love, love, LOVE it. Plus I desperately want an excuse to visit France, so, hopefully I can join an exchange program later. (I really love the ones that some colleges offer where you go for a MONTH.) Anyway, I pride myself in my fluency in Pig Latin. Iway amway osay oolcay- otnay.

    1. It’s wonderful to hear that you’re enjoying French so much! I adore Paris, so I think I’ll probably have to work a bit on my conversational skills if I want to achieve any dreams of staying there for a while. *nods* Sadly my own school doesn’t actually run a foreign exchange program but I hope you get to visit France! Ah, it’s been FOREVER since I used Pig Latin. 😛

  6. It’s so nice to see people who love learning languages. I speak three languages and I’m not fluent in any, so for me, being multilingual is a big head ache. But your wish list looks super cool. I didn’t even know elvish existed till I saw this.

    1. Yeah, I feel like where I live people aren’t really that interested in languages so I’m a bit alone haha. Aw I’m sorry to hear that! ❤ It's more than I speak, though. And yeah, JRR Tolkein created 2 Elvish languages — there are snippets in Lord of the Rings, but I think people now have created some stuff for them as well. *nods*

  7. I speak two languages (or two and a half?) — Chinese and English (and not so fluently, Taiwanese — it is sort of like a dialect of Chinese that sound very different and has no written words.) I don’t speak English often though so I’m quite insecure about my pronunciation. 😂
    I guess because I learn two very different languages growing up, learning languages and linguistics have always been interesting to me.
    I’m learning French and Swedish on Duolingo currently and they are so, so fun, even though I’m far from fluent. I’m also trying to teach myself Japanese by watching (way too much) anime. It should be a bit easier because I already know most of the kanji?? But ehh, the grammar is ridiculously complicated. Everyone tells me I’m too greedy, BUT EVERY SINGLE LANGUAGE IS AWESOME HOW DO I EVEN CHOOSE?! And there’s still so much more! Arabic and Hindi look so cool, and I really want to learn Finnish (just because it is difficult and, bonus, because Finland is such a lovely country.) There aren’t many resources for Finnish though, which is a problem.
    Yeah, I feel your pain. Too many languages, too little time. XD

    1. Aah that’s so cool! I always wish that I’d learnt a language when I was younger, but my parents only speak English fluently and I forgot any small amount of Japanese I learnt.
      Ooh, what’s Duolingo like? I’ve been using Memrise and I’m quite enjoying it. *nods* Haha I’m learning Japanese with some friends, and I’m the only one who doesn’t actually watch that much anime! I mean, I watch a bit of Studio Ghibli. But yeah. It seems like a very fun way to learn it!
      I KNOW RIGHT?!? So many languages, so little time. I feel like I once saw something about how a guy learnt Finnish in a week…? I don’t know where I’m getting this memory from, but IT’S MAKING ME FEEL INADEQUATE. *cries*

      1. Basically what Duolingo does is have you practice the language you want to learn every day. It has quite a gradual curriculum and helps you review vocabulary it taught you before, and it uses examples instead of giving the grammar rules straight up, which I really like. It still lacks listening and speaking practice in some languages (like Swedish) though, and if you use the mobile app then the voice comes from your TTS, which sounds robotic and somewhat unnatural. I use the app version of Duolingo on my phone, but studying the language on the website version is way better because you can get a better view of the comments and the grammar notes.
        I actually only watch one anime, haha. But I like it a lot, so what I do is listen to the audio on repeat, and try to decipher the meaning and learn phrases. It sure is fun!
        Learning a language in a week!? Wow, that’s insanely cool! (Is that really possible though???)

      2. Thank you ever so much for that! To me it sounds like Duolingo teaches you a bit more grammar stuff rather than focusing on vocab like Memrise.
        I’m pretty sure it was a video about, like, the people with the best memory in the world or something? *searches memory* It was definitely a bit of a ‘genius’ thing haha.

      3. Recently I *did* see a video of three dudes trying to learn French in a week, but I didn’t wait till the end to see if they succeeded or not.😂 I don’t really believe it is possible, but who knows! 😉

  8. I learned Spanish for a while, and it’s a really beautiful language! And I learned a tiny bit of Latin, which was so interesting to see how much it’s affected English. So many of our words come from Latin, it’s fascinating

    1. Yay Spanish! One of the great things about learning Latin is that very often you can make an educated guess of what words mean haha. And there are lots of patterns for derivatives! It makes learning vocab a lot easier. *nods*

  9. I do speak more than one language since Dutch is my first one! 😛 A few years ago I wanted to learn ALL THE LANGUAGES, but the way they taught languages at my school really made my love for for learning them die out :/ Right now I’m focussing on improving my English though! Maybe after that I’ll give another language a try again 🙂 I wanted to learn Japanese at some point, but got discouraged lol. I just kept forgetting the hiragana after a while which annoyed me. But if I could I would love to speak it, along with a bunch of other languages like Korean and French

    1. AAH everyone in the comments seems to know loads of languages, that’s awesome! Yeah, language teaching at my school isn’t wonderful either. (In general UK language education sucks. But we do have 2 awesome teachers, so I’m just praying that they’re teaching me next year.) Japanese is just SO different to English & other European languages, & the alphabet is rather a barrier. (Which I’m still struggling on.) But if you do want to learn the hiragana, then Learning the Kana by James Heisig is EXCELLENT. *nods* Good luck with all your languages! 🙂

      1. I hope those two will teach you then next year! My teachers weren’t necessarily bad (well not all of them anyway haha), but the method that is generally used in The Netherlands is just not that useful for learning a language :/ Ooh thanks for the tip! I’ll definitely check that one out! Thanks you too 🙂

  10. Interesting post! I’ve seen so many things in Old English because I used to be pretty curious about it and that stuff is insane, I can’t even guess what it says. So I think that would be cool to learn. Elvish would be totally awesome and I’m showing my nerd side here but I actually did learn a little bit of the Elvish from Dragon Age xD I’d love to learn most of these along with Korean.

    1. I admit that I basically have no knowledge of it other than a few sentences I’ve seen in other media, but it still seems quite cool. (Although I get the feeling it would also be really difficult to lean.)
      Ooh that’s awesome! I was thinking more of the Lord of the Rings languages when I wrote this, but it has since turned out that I NEEDED TO BE A LOT MORE SPECIFIC. There are many Elven languages out there! 😛
      Aah I don’t know much about Korean except for the alphabet, although that is VERY cool and works so efficiently eek. *nods*

  11. Nice list! I am currently learning Japanese all on my own and with the power of the internet. 🙂 I hope you learn more of Japanese it is an amazing language. Don’t be scared of all the kanji!:) They are easier than everyone thinks or even claims. And know katakana and hiragana is a good start!And I agree that Elvish and Morse code would be really cool to learn, I too have looked into artificial languages and have even tried inventing one myself.

    1. Oh, that’s great! If you don’t mind me asking, what resources are you using? I have some old textbooks from my parents, but I’ve struggled to find a good internet course. Yeah, I really hope to be able to continue in my Japanese!
      Wow, that’s so cool! Constructed languages are AWESOME. *nods*

  12. Do you mean elvish from lord of the rings? I speak Welsh and apparently that’s what Tolkein based it on.

    I’m learning French atm and *trying* to teach myself some spanish. Tbh I think languages are so cool and I wish I could speak them all!!

    1. Yeah! I was talking about Quenya and Sindarin. 🙂 Ooh that’s awesome, i didn’t know that’s what he based it on!

      SAME. There are so many languages but so little time. Good luck with your Spanish & French! ❤ I'm learning Spanish too right now but I'm not very far ahaha.

  13. I speak 2 languages: Afrikaans and English and I found this cool app for Android (duolingo) that is teaching me Spanish. I have always wanted to be fluent in Spanish. Elvish is another one, that would be awesome. Check that app out, it has French as well as Spanish and a bunch of other languages.

    1. That’s awesome! Yeah, a couple of people have mentioned Duolingo so I think I should give it a try. *nods* It seems like a really useful resource. Hopefully I can one day be fluent in Spanish — and maybe continue in my French. One day!

      1. I am currently 8% fluent in Spanish… According to the app haha. It is quite a cool app. You should definitely give it a try and let me know how it goes.

  14. I learnt British Sign Language and I am now learning Spanish. During the summer I took part in the Add1Challenge and learnt Mandarin Chinese. The challenge is to be able to have a chat with a native speaker of your chosen language in 3 months!

  15. Hey, I was looking for blogs on languages and linguistics and I came upon yours. I recently started blogging and I’d love for you to check out my blog and give it a follow if you like it.
    I speak French, Spanish and a teensy bit of Brazilian Portuguese apart from English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati (my mother tongue). I really want to learn Egyptian Arabic, Modern and Ancient Greek, Latin and Japanese and Morse Code. 😀

    1. Ooh yay, that’s cool! I’m a little behind with comment right now ahaha, as you might be able to tell from this late reply, but your blog sounds awesome so I’ll check it out ASAP. 😀
      Wow, all those languages — I am very much in awe!

  16. I am currently learning Latin, and is just amazing. I would love to learn Medieval Spanish. The language of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, the writer of Don Quixote de la Mancha.

  17. I feel the same about wanting to learn them all but so little time! At the moment, apart from mother tongue English, I have fluent Spanish (because it is the love of my life) then basic French, and smatterings, or more like splatterings, of Arabic and Basque.

    1. I need to find the time — hopefully, someday! I really hope that I can become at least more proficient in Spanish; it’s so wonderful. Ooh those are really interesting languages though, and it’s more than I know haha!

  18. Hello! In trying to speak another languages too! And i’ve been trying to find people that talk those languages to practice, spanish is my first languge and i would love to help you

  19. Learning Spanish has always been my only goal. I have thought about learning other languages, but the appeal is not there. I have found that it requires my full attention. It is an endless journey for me (but worth it.)

  20. I speak Danish, English and French. I’m currently working on Arabic, and the present top three of my future list is Algerian Arabic, Spanish and German. Do you study all of your languages in school?

  21. Hi Eve,

    I hear ya!
    I too just love languages and want to learn them all.
    Internet now gives you so many opportunities to learn what you want at a very low cost so I try to dabble in as many languages as possible.

    These opportunities weren’t available to us ‘oldies’ when we were younger. The resources that are available now for language learning on-line are amazing.

    ¡Vivan las nuevas tecnologías! (Long live new technologies!)
    Regards. Marie.

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