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fictional crushes tag

I was tagged for this by Engie @ Musings From Neville’s Navel — thanks so much! And also sorry that this is, um, pretty late haha. I’m basically terrible at doing tags, but today I am rewarding myself for essay writing with a post of me flailing about characters that I love. 😛

the paranormal crush.

…Am I allowed to choose Baz Pitch? I don’t read that many paranormal books. And I like Baz a lot, even if he is stupidly in love with Simon. He’s the only paranormal character I can currently think of. If witches are allowed, then I choose my favourite violent cold-hearted witch Manon Blackbeak. Who would hate me. (This seems like a recurring theme among characters I like.)

les mis deluxe cover
THIS IS (one of) MY COPIES OF LES MIS. I love this edition aah.

the dark and moody crush who has a good side.

Eponine Thenardier. I KNOW I’M PUTTING LIKE 3 LES MIS CHARACTERS IN HERE. I just have an intense love of Les Mis and to be quite honest all of the characters are wonderful precious cinnamon rolls. Eponine is the-coolest-girl ever-slash-secret-nerd. She could probably kill you with a glare. Enough said.

the most badass crush.

I am currently watching How to Get Away With Murder. And admittedly I’m not even through the first season, but LAUREL CASTILLO OH MY GOODNESS. Everyone else was so shaked by the murder but, like… She found herself. AND SHE’S SO BADASS. She speaks Spanish. She has amazing eyebrows. Okay, I think I need to stop talking now.

the crush i’d venture anywhere with.

Linh Cinder. We can fly off into the galaxy together as I talk excitedly about space and Cinder does mechanic things (about which I know a terrible amount).

the crush i’d want to be stranded on a desert island with.

Penelope Bunce, obviously. She’d get me out of there in no time. Although if we were actually stranded she would also be great because overall Penny is just a very sensible person. We could discuss social justice, spells, and the stupidness of Simon and Baz together.

the crush i want to tame.

…This seems like a kind of weird question? Because I don’t want to tame anyone per se. I would immensely like Adelina Amouterou to stop causing herself so much pain and become the villain. Also Kaz Brekker. Please stop torturing yourself, Kaz.

the crush i friendzoned.

Like Engie, for this one I’m going with ‘the character I super want to be best friends with’. (I mean, which kind of is all these crushes because that is basically what my crushes are. but anyway.) I’d love to be friends with Jean Prouvaire, aka Jehan! Also a Les Mis character, just to let you all know. Ahem. *looks sideways* He and I are one and the same. I, too, blush at everything and am in love with poetry and revolutions.

the most romantic crush.

Oh my god, Cosette Fauchelevent. I think a lot of people see her as a bit drippy because the musical simplifies her character a bit. But Cosette is A Literal Goddess, simultaneously lovely to everyone and slightly fighting you. Especially if you’re *cough*Marius*couch* keeping the secret that her father is an ex-criminal. But I think she’d be super sweet and romantic but in a very cool way. I would be sappy and embarrassed.

a gathering of shadowsthe crush i want to elope with.

Lila Bard. I was going to put her as ‘dark and moody’ because…well, she is pretty dark and moody but with a bad side. Also very brash, foolish, and in denial of her emotions/never ever talking about them ever. She says things like: I’d rather die on an adventure than live standing still. *swoons* And then I decided NOPE I LOVE HER TOO MUCH. She would probably hate me or forget my name instantly. Whatever. Let me indulge in my fantasy.

my soulmate.

Hahaha… I DON’T KNOW. My soulmate is all my bookshelves!

I’m not going to tag anyone directly for this one but IF YOU’RE READING THIS THEN FEEL FREE. I had a lot of fun. *nods*

which fictional characters do you love? is it nice weather where you are? (apparently it’ll be 24 degrees at the weekend here!!)

13 thoughts on “The Fictional Crushes Tag

  1. I have to admit that I had to look up all these characters because I haven’t read any of these books (even Les Mis *gasp*). It seems like I will need to read at least a few of these if I can get a copy! But it was interesting to read your crushes and why! Which book of the characters you’ve mentioned here would you most recommend, except Les Mis? It’s very nice weather here, about 27 degrees today.

    1. Ah, I’m afraid I have a bit of a specific taste in books and things I love! And then I end up talking at length about a select few of them. Usually including Les Mis.
      I’d probably most recommend VE Schwab’s A Darker Shade of Magic (which is where Lila Bard’s from). VE Schwab’s one of my favourite authors in general, and I think it’s a superb fantasy series!
      Ooh, that’s nice to here. Sadly it’s back to rain for me, but we had a lovely weekend!

    1. YESSS COSETTEEEEE EEEP. ALL THE FICTIONAL LOVES. *nods* I confess I had to go convert that into Celsius, but I’m glad it’s been generally warm for you at least? We’ve had weird alternating hot/cold days recently. (Although I think that’d be a warm day for me ahaha.)

  2. I love your choices and I love this tag! I definitely have a bunch of new novels I need to read, especially Les Mis because I, too, haven’t read it (le sigh!) Also, I totally want to do this tag on my blog, if that’s alright! 🙂 I’m currently reading Fangirl and you’ve made me really motivated to read Carry On afterwards! Also, there’s supposed to be a high of 20 this week but like a low of 8, so the weather’s not the best 😛

    1. YAY NEW BOOKS AND LES MIS. It is pretty daunting, but the musical is also an excellent option too. Ooh, I hope you enjoy Fangirl! Rainbow Rowell’s one of my favourite authors. 🙂 Ah no, I hope the weather improves for you! We’re back to rain and cold again haha.

    2. I hope you get around to reading Les Mis. It is such a masterpiece and an inspiring book.

  3. hahaha I loved this! My idea of a date-worthy ficitonal characters is different than yours, since I prefer my crushes less turbulent than Lila and more mysterious like Mr. Darcy. I love Magnus Bane, Damianos from Captive Prince and for girl crush I’d say Mada from Soul Eaters. She’s just so interesting and funny.

    1. Haha yeah I do have a bit of a weakness for scary turbulent characters. Alas, I think most of them would hate me in real life. AAH how did I forget TMI in this?! There are so many characters I love in that. *nods*

    1. YAY LES MIS. I feel like at some point I’ll just have bugged everyone enough about it that they’ll either a) snap and go crazy or b) read/listen to it. I mean, personally I was super motivated by wanting to get to the part with Les Amis! So maybe you could read up about them. Or join a (re)-read group. I’m hoping to do that over the summer. *nods* Les Mis is basically the only super long book I’ve read though haha.

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