Playlist: starcross (my camp nano project!!)

YES. This Camp NaNoWriMo, I’m working on a new writing project! I’ve been planning it for a few months now, and I’m super excited to get started. The current pitch is lesbian Henry V in space — which I know sounds slightly crazy, but I am slightly crazy. I’m not keeping strictly to the plot — Shakespeare buffs, please don’t kill me, I seriously chose to swoop in on this on a whim. IT WORKS IN MY HEAD, at least. 😛

Pretty soon I realised I was going to actually need to plan this project. ME, a pantser. The very thought made me want to cry.  But I’ve…actually rather enjoyed it? Hopefully it means I can get down to actual writing this April!

My first line of development with any writing project is picking music. I find it extremely difficult to write without songs. They help me to get into the mindset of my writing infinitely better. Within this playlist I have songs for all my main characters, whom I have briefly described below. (my smol children) Bonus points if you can figure out which song goes to which character! 😛

-> Eleanor Lin, a volatile young space queen/general/queen sounds way better though right. Newly ascended to the leader of her system after somewhat manic teenage years.
-> Neus Felices, self-loathing angsty heir to the bustling interstellar empire.
-> Jem, an excitable small mechanic with a lot of enthusiasm for flying.
-> Junjie, angsty son of a general with secret illegal doings he has yet to inform his mother of.

And also there is idolisation of a universe-wide Wikipedia, travel at the speed of light, and artificial intelligence. *dances in excitement*


starcross v2
cross me and i’ll cross the stars to get my revenge.
listen on spotify / youtube

judge and jury (paul dinletir remix) – audiomachine
can’t kill us – the glitch mob
radioactive – imagine dragons
gasoline – halsey
dance anthem of the 80s – regina spektor
elastic heart – sia
glory and gore – lorde
born to die – lana del rey

I know it starts off with very scary electronic songs. It gets less scary and electronic as you progress. (Although scary and electronic is probably quite an accurate aesthetic description of my WIP.)

are you participating in camp nano? are you a plotter or a pantser? do you make playlists for your writing?

17 thoughts on “Playlist: starcross (my camp nano project!!)

  1. Why yes I am participating in Camp NaNo this year. And I really need to plot, except I probably won’t and then I will have no idea how to start when the time comes. Fuuuuun.
    This playlist seems really cool! I love to make playlists for my writing, except they are usually very long, like 60 songs.

    1. Camp is so soon eep. I feel like my plan is probably going to go out of the window, but ah well.
      I have a much longer playlist that I actually write to! On that there’s a lot more mood songs. Sometimes I just go through 8tracks playlists on a tag and add my favourites from there haha.

  2. I might to Camp? I D K I think I might have time, but honestly I’ve no clue. I’ve had an idea, and my head is definitely going places with it…but anyhow. Your novel idea sounds so, so awesome! I don’t know much any Shakespeare, but it sounds amazing and your characters sound lovely! I feel like I connect with Jem, probably. 😀

    1. If you do end up doing it, let me know! I mean, I am slightly freaking out because TOMORROW. But I feel as though Camp is a lot more flexible, so.
      Thanks, I’m super glad you think so! Apart from compulsory school reading I don’t really know any Shakespeare haha. I felt so educated reading Henry V, even though I didn’t really understand it. Jem is…probably also the most similar to me. I’m just gonna project my space and flying feels onto them. 😛

      1. I think I might be? AHHH. I’ve had an idea and I want to do it (ghosty dads and smol children and things) but I have no idea if I’ll have time. OKAY WAIT I’M SIGNING UP. Done.
        Haha, my school for some reason doesn’t read any “classic” books- we’re reading To Kill a Mockingbird right now, but other than that.

      2. AAAH YAY that’s awesome to hear! Sorry I’m so late in replying. But I hope Camp’s going well for you so far, since that sounds fabulous.
        Ooh, we do a novel + Shakespeare + modern play a year currently. We did TKAM at the start of the year!

  3. !!!!!

    Like, the premise of this is fantastic enough. Henry V. SPAAAAACE. A Chinese warrior queen regnant. I was already flailing. And then GASOLINE and GLORY AND GORE and basically if you need betas you have convinced me by sheer power of this post. Just!!!!!!

    1. AAAH I’m so glad you think so!! (All my excited exclamation marks are coming out now.) Hopefully it will be as exciting when I start writing! And with luck I WILL ACTUALLY FINISH THIS PROJECT. I seriously hope so. 😛

  4. I’m participating too!

    Last November I was a pantser, but I don’t think it turned as as well as I hoped. So this time, I’m plotting hardcore and I really like where it’s heading 🙂

    I like your character names, btw!

    1. Ooh yay, good luck! I’ve always pantsed in the past, but I end up with an utter mess that it can’t even edit. I’m hoping this approach works a bit better? And that’s great!
      Thank you! I spend a rather ridiculous amount of time trying to find the write ones haha.

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