Who Am I? jean valjean.

who are you

I AM TWO-FOUR-SIX-OH-OOONNE. Come on, that was too easy. I was tagged for this by the wonderful Evi @ Adventuring Through Pages! I haven’t done a tag in a while, so. THIS ONE LOOKED FUN, plus I could make a fabulous Les Mis reference. How could I not?

what is the meaning of your name?

My name is Eve. (Yes, my actual name.) I have a nice calligraphy version on my bedroom wall which informs me it means ‘life or lively’. It even has its own Wikipedia article, look! My parents didn’t actually name me for biblical reasons, but I get a lot of Adam/Eve jokes, which sucks. Otherwise I think it is an excellent which is both a) not too common and b) not to crazy. It’s useful. *nods*

what is your myers briggs personality type?


I’m an INFP! (Same as Evi and Nirvana. Hi.) Apparently Shakespeare was also one, although I have zero idea how people figured that one out. Did you go back in time and ask him to take this quick personality test? WHERE IS YOUR TARDIS?! This means I am creative, idealistic, and dislike criticism. *coughs* Totally not me, right? Pfft. It’s totally me, if you didn’t get that.

I was actually reading an article on the train about Myers-Briggs. It was created by a lady called Isabel Briggs Myers and her mother. Apparently we shouldn’t be using them to choose people for jobs, and I’m like DUH. MBTI is not life, peoples.

what is your zodiac sign?

I’m a Libra, but I don’t hold too much faith in horoscopes. I’m supposed to be, like, balanced and social. WHICH IS SO NOT ME. Although some starsign things are me. It depends. *sighs*

what hogwarts house would you be in?


// take the quiz here //

Hufflepuff – 13
Ravenclaw – 12
Gryffindor – 10
Slytherin – 7

This quiz told me Hufflepuff. I think I could be a Hufflepuff — I’ve been sorted that way by quizzes, as you can see, and I do value loyalty and patience. But ultimately I feel more comfortable in Ravenclaw. It’s the house I’ve chosen for myself. I like to read books and memorise 70 digits of Pi and research Alexander Hamilton. RAVENCLAW HELL YEAH.

what are your learning styles?

// take the quiz here //

I’m pretty visual and practical. When I revise I like to draw little pictures to help me remember stuff! Or mnemonics, or to associate them with some silly unrelated thing. I usually recall pictures.

Visual – 8
Aural – 6
Read/Write – 3
Kinesthetic – 7

That’s kind of what the quiz told me! Except in way more fancy words. Apparently overall I’m a multimodal learner.

are you more of a left-brain or a right brain kind of person?

// take the quiz here //

According to this quiz, I’m super left-brained. But I took another one that said I was right-brained, so…? I don’t know.

what is your blood type?

I have no idea. The blood type of blood?

what career are you meant to be in?

// take the quiz here //

writer career result

Let’s hope so. Although I’m not sure I trust this strange dude with his pipe at a typewriter. Maybe he’s a method writer.

which divergent faction do you belong in?


// take the quiz here //

Apparently I’m an Erudite. But I don’t think this system works very well, because…um, weren’t the factions designed for people genetically altered to have one trait? Right? Yeah. (Also: why is intelligence always associated with blue? I wonder if it’s a product of Ravenclaw or existed before then. Hmm.)

what does your birth order say about you?

// find out here //

I’m an only child, so this doesn’t really work. Ha.

I had a lot of fun taking all these quizzes! Totally not procrastinating my homework. *coughs* I’m tagging:

Joan @ Fiddler Blue
Elly @ Hufflepuff Thoughts
Ash @ Teabears and Co.

Totally no pressure, though!

do you know which hogwarts house you’re in? mbti type? let me know!

11 thoughts on “Who Am I? jean valjean.

  1. Ah, this is so unique and would make a great introduction post for a blog. I’m not a huge fan of MBTI but I’m an ISTJ. They say ISTJs make up the majority of the world’s population but I have yet to meet one, haha. I’m also a visual learner and a Ravenpuff (my results for both houses were pretty close as well)! 😀

    1. Ooh yes, it would! I mean, I say this as someone doing the tag having had a blog for, like, two years. WHOOPS. It was fun anyway!
      I think MBTI is fun, but it’s not always 100% accurate. It seems to be a very ‘internet’ thing, since most people I know in real life don’t actually know their MBTI haha. 😛 Yay Ravenpuffs!

  2. OOOOH thanks for tagging meee!! I’ll try and get round to it at some point, but we all know I’m not very good at doing stuff, haha! (help me)
    I really loved this post – but then again, when do I NOT love your posts?! I now know ALL THE THINGS about you (well, not really, but I just wanted to be dramatic tbh).
    Also – how do you actually find out your Myers-Briggs personality type thingy? I remember my friend showed me a quiz one time and it was really detailed and, like, had jobs that you should do and everything, but I can’t remember the link or what I got (sad times)

    Elly xx

      1. (Do you mind if I reply all one comment?) (I’M SO SLOW AT REPLYING TO COMMENTS THAT THIS HAPPENS AAH sorry haha.)
        You’re very welcome! I’m SO BAD at doing tags and stuff, so no worries haha. YOU NOW KNOW THE DEEPEST SECRETS OF MY HEART. *nods* And thank you so much! ❤
        Yay for INFPs! I actually do think it's pretty accurate. Sometimes personality tests aren't ahaha.

      2. (No I don’t mind! I’m also relatively slow)
        I CAN NOW USE THESE THINGS AGAINST YOU MWAHAHAHA but I won’t, don’t you worry!
        And I totally get you about the inaccuracy. Most personality tests don’t get me at all!

  3. I love this tag! And yay to Ravenclaw and Erudite *high fives you* Thanks for the tag, Eve! I’ve been meaning to do this but the tests are so loooong, haha! and you are well on the right track, in terms of your career. Now you just need to focus so you can finish your story and I can read it 😉
    You don’t know your blood type??? 😮

    1. Ravenclaws and Erudite unite! Yeah, it does take quite a while. Although it was an extremely good price astigmatism method. (Don’t feel like you have to do it, by the way!) YES, I really do need to do some actual writing! HOPEFULLY SOON,
      No, I don’t! Not many people I know do, I think. 😛

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