Why is My Blog Like This? // my aversion to niches & stats

I am a very jealous person. It’s my least favourite trait of mine. It comes on fairly randomly and can stop me reading a blog or being in a fandom for months. (I’m trying to get better at that. I think I am, a little. It’s disgusting.) I hate that it can make me feel so awful; so that I feel awful for feeling awful. If you know what I mean.

I try not to look too much at views and followers and likes… I do look at the topics that are most popular. And of course I love to go and read the blogs of people who follow me. But I don’t really promote my blog that much. (First of all, I’m quite embarrassed by my own self-promotion.) I tend to just use my social media as — well, social media. I’m not a big Twitter person anyway, but it’s not like my Tumblr is actually that blog-oriented either. Instead it’s full of all my fandom and writing and visual edits stuff. I talk to people not necessarily about books and blog things. I might talk about Hamilton and social justice and my displeasure at the English syllabus instead. (Not that I don’t necessarily talk about these on the blog instead. Because I absolutely do.)

It’s weird to see how assuming a different writing style feels like slipping on another identity. The more I feel talking to you, the more I’ll abandon spelling and grammar to the depths of my brain. There is blog-me, blog-comments-me, lower-caps-with-capitalised-I-me, all-lower-caps-internet-slang-me. It’s just like how I speak to people! (I totally speak in different ways to different people. Irritating acquaintances get monotone sarcasm, for instance.)

I’m sure many of use read the ‘you need to find a niche’ tip for new bloggers. I went through an INSANE period of blogging research where I found all these useless things. To be honest, I think it’s just easier to practice rather than all of that. I always say that, though, and I’m still a crazy researcher.

I should probably make myself more of a niche. I don’t feel like my writing style is individual enough for that to be a connecting theme? It changes all the time; recently I have caught myself using a ridiculous amount of ellipses. I just want to write ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, because I am an indecisive person and also I am a person with changing interests. Objectively, I do realise it would be more efficient to focus on one thing and then another. But I have so many directions I want to spread myself in. And I am just disorganised. I want to blog AND write books AND write poetry AND record podfic AND play the clarinet AND sing AND make cosplays AND learn languages. (Phew. That was a lot of ands.) I’m not very good at any of those things — but I still enjoy them enormously, and hopefully that counts at least for a little bit. I’m still building them up slowly.

I can’t be completely sure how my blog comes across. I do write some sensible and structured posts. But very often I will just sit down and randomly wail about things. There are super blogs with all kinds of styles! But I know I could never completely rely on spontaneous blogging about my life. I would be TERRIBLE. My life just isn’t very interesting. I know I could never be a completely writing or books blog, because a) I am quite frankly a terribly inconsistent writer and b) I have an intense dislike of writing book reviews. I just…I CAN’T. I have too many things I want to talk about.

Yes. I suppose what I am trying to say is: I AM DIVERGENT. I cannot be contained. My blog has changed and will probably change and that is absolutely okay. I have a lot of different interests that are all fighting for my time, which is both silly and exhilarating. Also, I am a jealous little special snowflake who needs to not spend all her time thinking about success. hi

10 thoughts on “Why is My Blog Like This? // my aversion to niches & stats

  1. I think your blog is showing exactly who you are: a young lady who is passionate about many things! I think it’s a great thing that you have so many interests and can talk about so many things! You don’t have to fit yourself into a category when you are obviously BIGGER than that box šŸ˜€ I think that’s why your blog is fantastic to read and follow, Eve, so just keep doing YOU and the rest will follow šŸ˜€

  2. I am such a jealous person, too, and I think that’s one of the reasons I stopped my book blog. I didn’t gain lots of followers or views and I was constantly comparing myself to other bloggers who’d been blogging for much longer than I was. It’s so unhealthy and I still do it with Tumblr and my fanfic.
    I happen to love your blog. It honestly doesn’t matter if you’ve found a niche yet! You’re still young and you’ll find something that really sticks down the line. And even if you don’t then, that’s okay. You can still do 7,000 different things. šŸ™‚

    1. Yeah, I sometimes have to take breaks from stuff because it’s just really distressing me. And I do it with my Tumblr too. With EVERYTHING. I feel like I’m always reminding myself to think of happy things and not measure myself in achievements. *sighs*
      Aah thanks so much! I think it’s particularly difficult, like, as a teenager, because change is happening so much in my life anyway. I’ll probably still be doing 7,000 different things in ten years’ time though, haha XD

  3. You’re Eve! Rambler of thoughts, poster of music, wordy nerdy extraordinare, fellow fanperson. And sure, your blog may be a jumble of all that, but it’s a happy, fun place to read and explore. Heck, my blog is the oddest mess of things- books and music and odd ramblings about gosh knows what.
    I do feel you though on the jealousy thing- moreso just wishing I had more of everything- more followers, more comments, more likes, more traffic on my Instagram. But we’re young! We’re excited about stuff! Who cares if we don’t want to stick to just one thing all the time! I think what I need to remember is that sure, I don’t have a lot of commenters or a thousand followers, but I do have people like you, and Jupe, and Nirvana and Michelle and Elly and others who are what makes this whole blogging thing worthwhile, because I get to talk and excitedly ramble and flail over stuff we all enjoy with y’all. IT’S AMAZING.
    (I just realized that I actually had that whole “find your niche” thing in a blog building tutorial page I have up…oops. Considering I’m strongly against that now.)

    1. Omg aah thank you so much. ā¤ *blushes* I totally didn't write this post for people to come and compliment me, I SWEAR. It was just my crazy thoughts as per usual. And I ADORE your blog, if you didn't already know. šŸ˜€
      Whenever I feel like I'm not being successful, I remember all the wonderful people I've met and that makes it feel 100% better. EVERYONE IS SO LOVELY and I don't know what I would do without the blogging community. ā¤ I just like to chat to everyone!
      I feel like I didn't make this very clear in my post, but I'm not, like, AGAINST niches. I just personally find it difficult to consciously find one for myself ahaha.

      1. I FEEL YOU ON THAT. Thank you so much! *also blushes*
        Like, I’ve never met or even heard of a toxic blogger/commenter, which makes me really happy. I mean, I know they’re out there, but they haven’t found me yet. So. šŸ˜€
        Yeah…I kinda realize that I did the same thing with my comment? There really isn’t anything wrong with it. But there’s just no point in stressing over it. *shrug*

  4. Interesting that you posted this just a couple days after I talked about finding a book blogging niche XD But Eve, I think you have the most fantastic blogging quirks! Like your blog name = super unique. And I know you love Rainbow Rowell, and I can expect to find list posts and social justice discussions here. Kind of like a bookish lifestyle blog? The way I see it, even though it seems difficult for you to narrow down a niche according to other people’s definitions, you’ve manage to develop a wonderful blogging style organically šŸ˜€

    PS: I know just what you mean about different writing styles! I have my novel writing style, my poetry writing style, my blog post writing style, my blog comment style, my replying to blog comment style, my Tweeting style … it seems reasonable to use appropriate tone for different circumstances!

    1. I SWEAR, it was a coincidence! I’d already drafted this when I saw your post, so. WHOOPS.
      Wow, thank you! ā¤ I suppose I, um, do talk quite a lot about Rainbow Rowell. I feel like I didn't say this very clearly in my post, in retrospect, but — I feel as if I'm not very good at consciously putting myself into a niche. I’d like to try and create some features and themes original to my blog. (HOPEFULLY.)
      Yeah — I mean, we switch styles of writing and speaking all the time! It’s very weird. *nods*

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