Playlist: sea creatures

I like mermaids. I love mermaids. All kinds of mermaid mythology. For my final art project at the end of last year, I even ended up doing a sort of mermaid self-portrait. (Even though I’m not very good at art, I actually really enjoyed painting that, and I also thought it was decent.) Our teacher let us listen to music, so I made an entire mermaid playlist for that. IT WAS AWESOME.

But that old playlist was also little disorganised. I realised when I was compiling this new one that I had two ways I wanted it to go, because there are two kinds of mermaid music I have: the soft guitars and ocean noises and relaxing vocals, and the dark electronic pulsing. In other words: the surface, and the seabed, which is a line I stole from lauren Aquilina’s Ocean. 😉

It turns out I actually had to narrow down songs to put on here. More songs than usual. I have sooo many ocean-themed songs! I hope you all enjoy this playlist, even if you’re not as mermaid-crazy as I am hehe.

sea creatures

sea creatures cover

i lost my head somewhere between the surface and the seabed. (a playlist in two parts: one for the lulling of the tides on the sand, and the other for the deathly quiet of the depths.)
listen on spotify / youtube

side a. seabed
merewif – willow beats
water me – fka twigs
drowning – banks
bloodflood – alt-j

side b. surface
the water – johnny flynn ft. laura marling
sailingsong – a fine frenzy
sea creatures – soak
ocean – lauren aquilina

Also, although it didn’t fit onto here, Siren Song by Bat For Lashes is a beautiful haunting mermaid-song. (I have so many other mermaid song recommendations, but that will have to do.)

do you make playlists for projects? what are your feelings on mermaids? what mythological figures fascinate you?

14 thoughts on “Playlist: sea creatures

  1. Ahh this is so cool! I love mermaids omg they intrigue me so much and I feel like there’s always more to learn about them and to write about especiallyyyyy. Really cool playlist. I’ll definitely check this out!

  2. I don’t make playlists for specific novels, but there are songs here and there that I find that I would think is a good song for the end credits or something, lol.

    1. YAY thank you so much! Yep, there’s so much mermaid-y mythology (even not specifically mermaids) and just ack so many things to explore.
      SELKIES ARE VERY COOL. (From what I know of them. I’m going to look them up now. A selkie playlist would be fabulous, I’m sure!)

  3. Omg this is so so cool!! I need to listen to these songs immediately. xD I don’t actually make playlists…ever. 😛 I’m terribly slack and I don’t even listen to music very much at all.

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

  4. OOH YES MERMAIDS. I must admit I am really a faerie-and-dragon person myself, but I don’t mind a good mermaid every now and then – and also this playlist is gorgeous, so that doesn’t hurt either. 😉 xx

    1. *nods solemnly* Faeries and dragons are wonderful as well. (Maybe I’ll have to make another playlist, hmm. :P) Oh, thank you so much — your playlists are always amazing so I’m very honoured!

  5. OH MY GOSH. I listened to this playlist in all it’s glory and I absolutely loved it! I don’t know if I sound silly saying this but ‘Water Me’ really reminded me of the depths of the ocean. Like, if there was one song that was playing at the bottom of the sea, it would be that one, you know? I HOPE I’M MAKING SENSE D: I absolutely love ‘ The Water’ as well! Gorgeous playlist, Eve!
    I’ve never created a playlist for any project before, but if I’m obsessed with anything in the future, I’ll be sure to do so *grins*
    As for mermaids, I LOVE THEM TOO! Although admittedly, not nearly as much as you HAHA 😀 For some reason, I loved them more after discovering the man-eating, evil side of them. Weird maybe, but it just makes more sense somehow. Like the mermaids from POTC and Harry Potter? THOSE ARE MERMAIDS.
    I loved the Sphinx in Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. It’s obsession with riddles is creepy as hell but argh they’re so cool!

    1. EEP thank you so much! I’m super glad you got to listen to it all, and it’s wonderful to hear you enjoyed it as well. 🙂 Haha yes, I think I get you! (FKA Twigs is great. Definitely deep sea aesthetic.) Ooh, I don’t know which one song I’d pick… I’ll have to think a little. 😛
      I’m DEFINITELY a playlist person. Even if I’m not actually creating a playlist, I’ll be choosing a different one to listen to as I work and mentally picking songs from that. Or something.
      YAY MERMAIDS! Vicious mermaids as well as sort of Disney ones make the, so interesting. I love looking at all the different sides to them!
      Ooh yes, that’s a great choice! I’m terrible at riddles *sighs* but if it’s in a book then I love to watch the characters figure them out. 🙂

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